24 May 12:48 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] f7b115: Remove old code from ac
23 May 11:56 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] f3ab14: Use correct function na
23 May 09:56 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] fa4f79: Localisation updates fr
23 May 09:11 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] e69937: Enhance access level di
21 May 10:20 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 6e4449: Consistently push query
19 May 04:39 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 053a27: Fix broken text in poli
16 May 14:09 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] b8d5d8: Correct variable name i
15 May 18:28 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 67ee7b: Add missing 'email_due_
15 May 17:50 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] e98a8f: Improve documentation f
15 May 15:58 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] a11f41: Travis: restore all bui
15 May 15:55 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] b433e7: Don't cache users in pr
15 May 15:53 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] cd81b0: Travis: only install pu
14 May 19:29 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] aa9187: Add link target options
14 May 18:45 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 9e532d: Dont use serialization
14 May 18:30 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] ac8939: Create a token type for
14 May 18:15 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 1b8427: pgsql: integer vs boole
14 May 18:09 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 040cde: Add email notifications
14 May 16:10 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] f18505: Do not add a space befo
12 May 13:55 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] f8ea0a: Use ':' as separator in
9 May 17:41 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 046e87: Do not enable compress
3 May 17:11 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 45ed88: Fix error when category
3 May 04:49 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 13bda6: Actions for edit/clone
3 May 04:37 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] f5a278: Fix FILTER_TYPE_MULTI_S
1 May 11:17 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 6b9bf0: PHP7: Remove old-style
1 May 11:17 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] db98d8: PHP7: Remove old-style
30 Apr 19:37 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] fcd493: Add tags to email notif
30 Apr 18:41 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 672a25: Require user pref API i
30 Apr 18:32 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 6abac2: Consistency in PHPUnit
30 Apr 14:01 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 8107ea: Parse complex configs u
28 Apr 17:25 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] a5a08a: Place history after not
28 Apr 16:28 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 0fd3ba: Add due_date to email n
28 Apr 16:21 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 59970d: Support @ mentions
26 Apr 13:36 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] fe73a9: Documentation: review &
26 Apr 12:51 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] da3d2b: Only cache visible plug
22 Apr 12:18 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 7335fd: Removed one more hr_siz
22 Apr 12:14 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] c1b463: Remove unused $g_hr_siz
22 Apr 04:50 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 4853bd: Re-use user exists chec
21 Apr 17:32 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 341e1b: Rendering avatars for d
21 Apr 16:09 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] f008b8: Fix error on reporting
20 Apr 00:32 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] e3956c: Use ':' as separator in
18 Apr 01:58 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] b51783: Include plugin api even
11 Apr 01:36 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 9ee632: Allow administrators to
9 Apr 06:16 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 97fd55: Remove redundant access
8 Apr 11:51 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 88f252: Localisation updates fr
8 Apr 05:44 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] c67c88: Add category field to t
8 Apr 05:42 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 2e0e14: Honor allow signup conf
29 Mar 23:26 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] f5cd39: Do not print inline err
28 Mar 00:30 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] fdbbf6: Fix deletion of default
27 Mar 17:13 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] f44b1e: Fix deletion of default
27 Mar 13:30 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] e18a9c: Status legend doesn't s
27 Mar 13:29 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 7137b7: Status legend doesn't s
25 Mar 05:14 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 272624: Support tags column in
25 Mar 02:08 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] f67ec4: Support tagging from re
24 Mar 15:38 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] b3d2d8: Tag with description ar
22 Mar 14:23 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 7e842e: Fix typos in developers
21 Mar 16:20 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 15d60d: Rename 'javascript' fol
21 Mar 14:41 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] fdf869: Correct PHPDoc return v
21 Mar 14:27 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 419756: Fix form_security_param
20 Mar 17:04 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] f2d6a6: Don't allow deletion of
19 Mar 23:46 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 00d2fd: Fix access of undefined
19 Mar 23:23 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] a05fca: Don't show avatar when
19 Mar 22:48 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 4b66b5: Fix #19929: Support 'du
19 Mar 22:27 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 3d6513: Support default value f
19 Mar 18:19 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] ed5263: Remove obsolete informa
19 Mar 18:14 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 41428f: Minor documentation cor
12 Mar 07:52 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 45fcf1: $g_path already include
9 Mar 13:42 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] d064b9: Localisation updates fr
7 Mar 17:00 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 120d45: Fix unicode encoding fo
7 Mar 12:04 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] bd49dc: Prevent custom field va
7 Mar 11:50 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] c5e995: CSS add outline to fiel
7 Mar 11:44 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] b499d5: Remove call to project_
7 Mar 11:27 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 633294: Pre-generate form secur
7 Mar 09:57 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] b694c1: Allow adding ', ' or '|
7 Mar 09:03 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] f8fd3f: CSS clean up: remove re
3 Mar 18:06 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 937974: Fix defaulting of issue
1 Mar 09:53 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 8e0a71: Correct default value f
1 Mar 09:49 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] b78d3e: Update summary.xml
29 Feb 20:24 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] a79503: Don't return value in v
28 Feb 11:59 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 3f8a07: Code cleanup: remove us
28 Feb 11:47 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] be4677: PHPDoc corrections
28 Feb 06:42 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] f28e25: Support avatar plugins
26 Feb 14:01 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 810599: Fix system notice on lo
22 Feb 15:41 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 2a92f0: Missing fieldset end ta
19 Feb 15:21 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 6b82f2: Localisation updates fr
13 Feb 08:18 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 48f93f: Don't show additional i
13 Feb 08:09 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] a57d77: Fix due date check on b
10 Feb 14:47 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 40cf35: Russian translations bu
6 Feb 23:02 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt]
6 Feb 00:27 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] ccdaf5: Fix SQL error in user_s
5 Feb 23:05 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] f1d5a8: Insert file attachments
4 Feb 18:36 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 66f735: Check access for every
4 Feb 17:36 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 7a0334: Support login by email
4 Feb 17:35 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 7a0334: Support login by email
31 Jan 01:38 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 455c49: Add filename + line num
31 Jan 00:51 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 5dc823: Partial revert: helper
31 Jan 00:47 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] ed72e4: Fix PHP notice in loggi
30 Jan 21:55 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 8503a2: Add plugin events for u
27 Jan 10:34 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 727903: Localisation updates fr
24 Jan 22:57 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt]
24 Jan 22:53 2016GitHub
*[mantisbt-commits] [mantisbt/mantisbt] 04f185: Add plugin events for u