22 Sep 10:55 2014gerrit
*fix yellow
22 Sep 10:20 2014gerrit
*metadata: Add cuesheet embedded in ape tags.
22 Sep 10:16 2014gerrit
*iPod Classic: Fix several ATA driver bugs.
21 Sep 13:29 2014gerrit
*YH8xx,YH9xx: Keymap Improvement
21 Sep 07:58 2014gerrit
*Added Nial Shui (nialv7) to CREDITS
21 Sep 07:42 2014gerrit
*unicode: Fix getle16 and getbe16
19 Sep 12:38 2014gerrit
*regtools: reg-rk27xx.xml description file rework and cleanup
19 Sep 11:00 2014gerrit
*qeditor: Implement clock analyzer for rk27xx
19 Sep 10:58 2014gerrit
*qeditor: rework modified indicator, register tab names depend on conte
19 Sep 10:58 2014gerrit
*qeditor: implement usb device list refresh (if supported)
19 Sep 10:58 2014gerrit
*qeditor: fix UI to update register/analyser view on each tree/list cli
19 Sep 10:58 2014gerrit
*qeditor: fix horrible out of bound bug
19 Sep 10:57 2014gerrit
*qeditor: when switching type tab, automagically switch view, implement
19 Sep 10:57 2014gerrit
*qeditor: avoid memory leak in RegTab
19 Sep 10:57 2014gerrit
*qeditor: move backend selector to its own class, that's cleaner
19 Sep 10:56 2014gerrit
*qeditor: initialise libusb once in a static ctor
18 Sep 19:17 2014gerrit
*Add Ilia Sergachev to credits for his work on the DX50 port.
18 Sep 18:19 2014gerrit
*Introducing Targets iBasso DX50 & iBasso DX90
18 Sep 10:09 2014gerrit
*regtoools: Enhance rk27xx description file
16 Sep 21:29 2014gerrit
*Remove long-obsolete note about different 32MB/64MB ipod video builds.
16 Sep 12:16 2014gerrit
*regtools/soc_desc: fix libxml2 misinit
16 Sep 05:14 2014gerrit
*Fix path_trim_whitespace() sign extension.
15 Sep 14:11 2014gerrit
*rk27xx: Fill UDC block description in regs-rk27xx.xml
15 Sep 02:25 2014gerrit
*Disable periodic table plugin until all the compilation issues are sor
15 Sep 01:49 2014gerrit
*hopefully fix the warnings
15 Sep 01:07 2014gerrit
*ifdef out lcd_set_bg call
15 Sep 00:53 2014gerrit
*Fix building on clip
15 Sep 00:47 2014gerrit
*FS#9583 - periodic table - original rockbox port: Yifu Huang - origina
14 Sep 05:17 2014gerrit
*Superdom: Silence warning.
14 Sep 04:17 2014gerrit
*Superdom: rewrote help text
14 Sep 04:17 2014gerrit
*Superdom: some AI improvements and other minor changes
14 Sep 04:17 2014gerrit
*Superdom: added option for persistent units
14 Sep 04:16 2014gerrit
*[WIP] Superdom: AI can now use nukes
14 Sep 03:58 2014gerrit
*[WIP] Superdom: game improvements
14 Sep 03:48 2014gerrit
*Superdom: code cleanup
14 Sep 03:48 2014gerrit
*Superdom: whitespace cleanup
11 Sep 18:48 2014gerrit
*Rockbox Manual - Gigabeat FX and Fuze+ Touchpad Config Appendix
11 Sep 12:32 2014gerrit
*hwstub: small fixup in rk27xx usb driver
9 Sep 10:16 2014gerrit
*Manual: add images for 128x96x16 resolution (YH-820).
8 Sep 22:11 2014gerrit
*Fix typo in fuze+ deadzone manual entry
8 Sep 20:01 2014gerrit
*Manual: Delete another three duplicated and unused files. Fix one file
8 Sep 16:48 2014gerrit
*Manual: delete unnecessary image.
8 Sep 12:54 2014gerrit
*Add touchpad deadzone entry in Rockbox manual
8 Sep 11:21 2014gerrit
*Fuze+: add a configurable deadzone area for touchpad buttons
8 Sep 11:14 2014gerrit
*hwstub: add support for jump/call in library
5 Sep 09:14 2014gerrit
*optimize WSPLL work for iriver h100 and h300 series
4 Sep 14:30 2014gerrit
*Updated pictures of the YH's for the manual.
2 Sep 22:35 2014gerrit
*hwpatcher: add generic RKW file patching script
2 Sep 22:07 2014gerrit
*Clean up a bit and get switch statement out of loop in walk_path()
1 Sep 06:06 2014gerrit
*Fix a small late creep-in goof in path parsing on native targets
30 Aug 20:06 2014gerrit
*Remove I/O priority. It is harmful when used with the new file code.
30 Aug 07:51 2014gerrit
*Fix last warning for Warble
30 Aug 07:30 2014gerrit
*Get the last errors I hope!
30 Aug 05:37 2014gerrit
*Hopefully fix most of the errors and warnings from the last push
30 Aug 04:08 2014gerrit
*Add normal alloca() definition and implement a strdupa and friends
30 Aug 03:48 2014gerrit
*Rewrite filesystem code (WIP)
28 Aug 16:45 2014gerrit
*Fix up the bootloaders
28 Aug 15:48 2014gerrit
*Prevent spurious recompiles on account of changed version.
26 Aug 23:02 2014gerrit
*Patch up rbendian.h for Win32 cross-compile
26 Aug 07:21 2014gerrit
*hwpatcher: add framework for CRC computation
25 Aug 20:17 2014gerrit
*Remove unused return value variable in lib/unwarminder/backtrace.c
25 Aug 20:00 2014gerrit
*panicf doesn't return so why not tell GCC and $AVE :
25 Aug 18:21 2014gerrit
*Do a better endian.h setup that isn't as fragile
25 Aug 09:44 2014gerrit
*Fuze+: fixed brightness settings: previously there were 81 settings fo
24 Aug 00:06 2014gerrit
*Ukrainian language update
23 Aug 00:40 2014gerrit
*One last missing !defined(SIMULATOR) for chip8
23 Aug 00:25 2014gerrit
*Hope this works...
22 Aug 23:53 2014gerrit
*Yellow go bye-bye
22 Aug 23:36 2014gerrit
*Fixed a chip8 bug
20 Aug 12:08 2014gerrit
*Make sure load_context is the last thing in switch_thread.
19 Aug 23:04 2014gerrit
*Added Clip/+ to 2048 targets
19 Aug 22:37 2014gerrit
*2048: service pack 1 :) - fixed some bugs - added 1-bit LCD support
18 Aug 16:44 2014gerrit
*thread-unix patchup!
18 Aug 04:12 2014gerrit
*Always unboost at exit
16 Aug 12:41 2014gerrit
*Oops. Broke an egg. Restore wrongly removed code in mutex.c.
16 Aug 12:02 2014gerrit
*Fix warnings from 6ed0087
16 Aug 11:19 2014gerrit
*Base scheduler queues off linked lists and do cleanup/consolidation
13 Aug 12:45 2014gerrit
*hwpatcher: fix horrible typo in the makefile
12 Aug 18:25 2014gerrit
*Added highscore highlight to xobox game
12 Aug 00:01 2014gerrit
*Added 2048 game
8 Aug 09:28 2014gerrit
*Fix some more straggling stuff
8 Aug 08:30 2014gerrit
*Bootloaders need the reacharound to get at the internal goods
8 Aug 08:05 2014gerrit
*Do some kernel cleanup
7 Aug 19:15 2014gerrit
*rkwtool: The tool to inspect and extract update RKW files
6 Aug 09:21 2014gerrit
*Fix some stuff for no priority and
6 Aug 04:20 2014gerrit
*One more shot; errno.h needs to be in the ARM one too :)
6 Aug 04:07 2014gerrit
*Hosted builds using thread.c have errno as thread context.
6 Aug 03:34 2014gerrit
*Fix up some more red
6 Aug 03:01 2014gerrit
*Oops. Somehow lost the track of the new files last push.
6 Aug 02:47 2014gerrit
*Add multi-reader, single-writer locks to kernel.
5 Aug 19:09 2014gerrit
*Russian language update
30 Jul 14:29 2014gerrit
*Make crosstool-ng build with gnu make 4.0
28 Jul 22:13 2014gerrit
*Support for remote on Samsung YH920/YH925.
27 Jul 18:31 2014gerrit
*Slovak language update
27 Jul 12:09 2014gerrit
*Samsung YH-820: enable battery monitoring
26 Jul 15:47 2014gerrit
*SA9200: Implement clicker.
23 Jul 22:12 2014gerrit
*rk27load: stage1 dram config fix #2
23 Jul 12:32 2014gerrit
*rk27load: fix stage1 dram config bug
21 Jul 04:54 2014gerrit
*add supports for x,y value in percentage to several tags.
17 Jul 18:03 2014gerrit
*SVG image of the Creative Zen Mozaic and other formats for the manual.