28 Dec 02:48 2014gerrit
*XWorld: cleanup
27 Dec 17:48 2014gerrit
*More standard conforming codec_realloc()
27 Dec 02:00 2014gerrit
*Two more typo fixes
27 Dec 01:38 2014gerrit
*Fix typos in documentation
24 Dec 12:00 2014gerrit
*Fix for DX50 xworld keymaps.h
24 Dec 11:45 2014gerrit
*Fixes more red for xworlds keymaps
24 Dec 09:27 2014gerrit
*Xworld - Fixes warnings for cowond2, hifimanhm60x, ibassodx50, and ond
24 Dec 03:15 2014gerrit
*Fixes xworld keymaps for ondavx747, hifimanhm60x, and cowond2
24 Dec 03:12 2014gerrit
*fix xworld building with 24-bit lcd also fix a couple unused vars
24 Dec 00:06 2014gerrit
*Fix compilation error.
23 Dec 23:48 2014gerrit
*Xworld - Another World interpreter for Rockbox
22 Dec 22:36 2014gerrit
*mikmod plugin: Remove bogus doubled return statement Stick to the safe
22 Dec 21:52 2014gerrit
*zxbox: Add missing break; statement
22 Dec 21:31 2014gerrit
*Fix red (pass pointer of 'item')
22 Dec 21:13 2014gerrit
*Always initialize "item"
21 Dec 17:23 2014gerrit
*wavrecord plugin: Add harmless sanity check
20 Dec 15:53 2014gerrit
*Remove useless assignment of 'len'
20 Dec 15:33 2014gerrit
*sb1: fix buggy comparison
20 Dec 15:19 2014gerrit
*mkzenboot: Fix double close of bootfd on error
20 Dec 15:05 2014gerrit
*DX 50: Fix file descriptor leak on error
20 Dec 14:52 2014gerrit
*mini2440: Fix bogus buffer access in LCD backlight driver
20 Dec 14:15 2014gerrit
*vibe 500: Fix ide_powered() always returning false
20 Dec 13:59 2014gerrit
*Add missing va_end() call when the log is full
20 Dec 13:41 2014gerrit
*Prevent theoretical out-of-bounds access in STM_Load()
20 Dec 13:15 2014gerrit
*m3u playlist parser: Check size limit before using buffer
20 Dec 13:01 2014gerrit
*text_viewer plugin: Fix two out-of-bounds buffer accesses
20 Dec 12:35 2014gerrit
*Fix broken buflib_handle check in backdrop settings loader
20 Dec 02:28 2014gerrit
*maemo port: Fix startup crash exposed by audio thread refactoring
17 Dec 23:36 2014gerrit
*Add newlines at the end of the file
15 Dec 22:57 2014gerrit
*regtools/qeditor: use the new model, drop unused code
15 Dec 22:54 2014gerrit
*regtools/qeditor: introduce custom table model for reg fields
15 Dec 22:54 2014gerrit
*regtoosl/qeditor: remove unused code
15 Dec 22:54 2014gerrit
*regtools/qeditor: fix field editor not updating the validator on chang
15 Dec 22:54 2014gerrit
*regtools/qeditor: fix backend dump bug, be more correct on read
15 Dec 22:54 2014gerrit
*regtools/socdesc: update library with a field useful functions
15 Dec 22:53 2014gerrit
*qeditor: message widget now supports IDs, useful to clear messages
15 Dec 22:53 2014gerrit
*qeditor: change setting names, they were inconsistent
15 Dec 22:53 2014gerrit
*qeditor: rework register dump to be more general and flexible
15 Dec 22:53 2014gerrit
*qeditor: introduce a new "RAM" backend, and refactor file backend
15 Dec 22:53 2014gerrit
*qeditor: display message on "Nothing" backend selection
15 Dec 22:52 2014gerrit
*qeditor: backends can now report validity status
15 Dec 22:52 2014gerrit
*qeditor: introduce a message widget to display non-interactive message
15 Dec 22:52 2014gerrit
*qeditor: rework mainwindow tab names handling
15 Dec 22:52 2014gerrit
*qeditor: add copyright
15 Dec 22:44 2014gerrit
*Revert "regtools/qeditor: use the new model, drop unused code"
15 Dec 22:42 2014gerrit
*regtools/qeditor: use the new model, drop unused code
13 Dec 12:58 2014gerrit
*MTP: put libs after files in the Makefile, to please old gcc versions
10 Dec 20:39 2014gerrit
*iPod Classic: YUV to RGB optimizations for ARM v5+
9 Dec 23:27 2014gerrit
*ypr0: Get it up and running again
8 Dec 04:57 2014gerrit
*iPod Classic: configure piezo GPIO ports
29 Nov 20:01 2014gerrit
*rk27xx: sd: properly align buffer used for DMA transfers.
28 Nov 23:05 2014gerrit
*Fix warning in WMA Pro and remove a c++ comment.
28 Nov 22:30 2014gerrit
*Fix FS#13009.
28 Nov 19:39 2014gerrit
*hwstub/atj213x: add clock setup to crt0.S
28 Nov 19:39 2014gerrit
*qeditor: add clock analyser for ATJ213x
28 Nov 19:38 2014gerrit
*hwstub_shell: add support for call and jump
28 Nov 19:37 2014gerrit
*hwstub: lua functions for atj213x/irivere150
18 Nov 23:30 2014gerrit
*regs-atj213x.xml upadte
18 Nov 06:28 2014gerrit
*iPod Classic: fix HW_FREQ_32
16 Nov 14:18 2014gerrit
*iPod Classic: update timer API using 32-bit timers.
15 Nov 13:01 2014gerrit
*adfuload: fix argument parsing
15 Nov 13:01 2014gerrit
*hwstub_shell: add atj target
13 Nov 23:00 2014gerrit
*iPod Classic: fix s5l8702 cache line length.
10 Nov 21:52 2014gerrit
*HDD1630/HDD6330/SA9200: Integration of the clicker with the "Keyclick"
10 Nov 20:30 2014gerrit
*zen: typo
10 Nov 14:15 2014gerrit
*Fix remaining errors in Polish translation.
10 Nov 12:36 2014gerrit
*Polish translation update.
6 Nov 10:31 2014gerrit
*regtools: ATJ213x description file
6 Nov 07:56 2014gerrit
*adfuload: Improve arguments parsing
5 Nov 08:20 2014gerrit
*hwstub: Add atj213x support
31 Oct 18:02 2014gerrit
*atjbootool: fix date printing
22 Oct 15:34 2014gerrit
*Manual: add missing actions in Sokoban for the Packard Bell Vibe 500.
22 Oct 10:02 2014gerrit
*Manual for the Samsung YH820.
18 Oct 20:18 2014gerrit
*atj213x: e100/150 lcd test binary
18 Oct 05:31 2014gerrit
*Enable battery charging detection for iBasso DX50/DX90.
18 Oct 05:29 2014gerrit
*Update of the Serbian translation
9 Oct 09:43 2014gerrit
*Fixed disktidy bug and added a couple of new features to disktidy.
8 Oct 16:50 2014gerrit
*YH820: Add a forgotten define in aa8ba60.
8 Oct 16:33 2014gerrit
*YH820/YH92X: Properly enable morse input.
8 Oct 16:28 2014gerrit
*regtools/socdesc: fix red
4 Oct 11:57 2014gerrit
*Fix USB speed detection
3 Oct 10:05 2014gerrit
*Manual: add missing calendar image for M:Robe 100.
3 Oct 00:21 2014gerrit
*Samsung yh820/yh92x: add HID keymaps.
2 Oct 20:59 2014gerrit
*YH920: fix the battery capacity.
2 Oct 20:42 2014gerrit
*Manual: add default battery capacity for M:Robe 100.
2 Oct 19:52 2014gerrit
*Manual: add M:Robe 100 to the appendices.
2 Oct 16:15 2014gerrit
*Manual: add M:Robe 100 to "Using ROLO" subsection.
2 Oct 14:25 2014gerrit
*Manual: Unify and simplify manual uninstallation for couple targets.
2 Oct 12:59 2014gerrit
*ipod6g, ata: Fix audio drop off while waiting for ata not busy
2 Oct 12:56 2014gerrit
*iPod Classic: Fix bidirectional clickwheel communication.
29 Sep 01:11 2014gerrit
*Fix compilation on amsv1.
29 Sep 00:56 2014gerrit
*New Rockblox features
28 Sep 21:36 2014gerrit
*Add various additional AS3525v2 SOC voltages to the debug screen.
28 Sep 21:07 2014gerrit
*Don't enable the current sink for the Clip Zip backlight until its act
28 Sep 21:07 2014gerrit
*Make sure the USB PHY is disabled after use. Patch by Mihail Zenkov wh
25 Sep 00:44 2014gerrit
*Add ptable to SOURCES
25 Sep 00:26 2014gerrit
*Don't require a specific BUILD_TOOLS_VERSION.
25 Sep 00:15 2014gerrit
*Ptable: hopefully fix all the warnings, modify actinide/lanthanide beh
22 Sep 10:55 2014gerrit
*fix yellow
22 Sep 10:20 2014gerrit
*metadata: Add cuesheet embedded in ape tags.