29 Mar 14:08 2015gerrit
*Add jz4760 tool
28 Mar 13:37 2015gerrit
*Portuguese language update (FS#13039)
28 Mar 13:35 2015gerrit
*Add some missing names from recent translation patches to CREDITS
27 Mar 20:01 2015gerrit
*Update Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese translations
20 Mar 13:41 2015gerrit
*SVG image of the Sandisk Sansa m200 and other formats for the manual.
16 Mar 09:47 2015gerrit
*Fix a race condition in as3525 I2C driver caused by stacked ISRs.
8 Mar 22:57 2015gerrit
*mkimxboot: fix usage message
6 Mar 22:18 2015gerrit
*Mini 2440: make the SVG brighter.
5 Mar 15:48 2015gerrit
*SVG image for the Mini 2440.
4 Mar 22:46 2015gerrit
*qeditor: Add external static libraries to build dependecies
4 Mar 17:21 2015gerrit
*Bulgarian language update (FS#13035)
1 Mar 18:25 2015gerrit
*Revert "PictureFlow: Add move callback for buflib allocations"
24 Feb 23:02 2015gerrit
*Fix warnings in firmware/screendump.c
24 Feb 23:01 2015gerrit
*Fix whitespace in firmware/screendump.c
24 Feb 22:40 2015gerrit
*Fix warning in firmware/common/structec.c
22 Feb 13:41 2015gerrit
*German language update (FS#13024)
22 Feb 13:31 2015gerrit
*Update Russian and French rbutil translations.
22 Feb 13:22 2015gerrit
*Romanian language update (FS#13021)
22 Feb 12:23 2015gerrit
*Lamp plugin: Allow toggling the button light using "select".
21 Feb 15:18 2015gerrit
*iBasso DX50/DX90 added as "unstable" to builds.pm
16 Feb 14:07 2015gerrit
*Revert "usb_storage: make it a bit more correct"
16 Feb 11:32 2015gerrit
*zen*: fix yes/no dialog string
15 Feb 21:03 2015gerrit
*Prevent configure from being run in the root of the tree, fix a typo i
15 Feb 18:59 2015gerrit
*Creative ZEN: context menu now accessible with 'menu' key
14 Feb 21:27 2015gerrit
*iBasso DX90 sound enabling fix
7 Feb 13:49 2015gerrit
*iBasso DX50: Digital filter roll off setting.
3 Feb 22:41 2015gerrit
*Enhancement of the metronome plugin:
2 Feb 22:58 2015gerrit
*iBasso DX50/DX90: User selectable USB mode.
2 Feb 22:21 2015gerrit
*iBasso DX50/DX90: User selectable freq scaling governor.
2 Feb 22:11 2015gerrit
*iBasso DX50/DX90: Major code cleanup and reorganization.
2 Feb 21:24 2015gerrit
*iBasso DX50/DX90: Rockbox loader, replacement for original firmware Ma
30 Jan 20:16 2015gerrit
*CPUFreq scaling governor interface for Linux/Android hosted devices.
30 Jan 20:15 2015gerrit
*iBasso DX50/DX90: CPU info enhancements.
30 Jan 20:06 2015gerrit
*fix surround & pbe dsp crash
29 Jan 20:29 2015gerrit
*ypr0/ypr1: GPIO handling API refactoring
29 Jan 20:28 2015gerrit
*yp-r0: improve the charging code
23 Jan 11:04 2015gerrit
*atj213x: Fix DMAC block in description file
22 Jan 13:38 2015gerrit
*atj213x: fix desc file errors
22 Jan 06:14 2015gerrit
*Fix some language in the sound settings manual.
22 Jan 05:38 2015gerrit
*fix pbe/haas surround dsps: surround_enabled, redo flush functions.
20 Jan 10:21 2015gerrit
*Fix typo in zxbox.tex that broke the manual builds for some targets
19 Jan 22:38 2015gerrit
*Bypass the AS3543 audio mixer at higher volumes.
19 Jan 22:33 2015gerrit
*Enable buflib and core_alloc for warble.
19 Jan 19:34 2015gerrit
*three new DSPs
15 Jan 10:25 2015gerrit
*hwstub: implement read/write data abort recovery
13 Jan 22:00 2015gerrit
*Fix crash on uninitialized variable
13 Jan 21:41 2015gerrit
*Don't return pointer to array allocated on the stack
12 Jan 21:13 2015gerrit
*Clean up bogus 'make compiler happy' code
12 Jan 20:48 2015gerrit
*ARM unwinder for thumb: Fix broken MOV opcode
12 Jan 19:31 2015gerrit
*Fix red
12 Jan 19:27 2015gerrit
*ARM unwinder for thumb: Fix broken SUB opcode
12 Jan 19:16 2015gerrit
*ARM unwinder: Add missing 'register' variable in debug output
12 Jan 19:11 2015gerrit
*ARM unwinder: Add missing va_end() call.
12 Jan 14:41 2015gerrit
*SVG image of the Samsung YP-R1 and other formats for the manual.
12 Jan 13:25 2015gerrit
*Fix red/yellow round #2
12 Jan 12:18 2015gerrit
*Set latex input to /dev/null to avoid blocking on errors
12 Jan 12:02 2015gerrit
*Fix red/yellow
12 Jan 11:09 2015gerrit
*Get rid of stupid _backlight_* function names
11 Jan 21:41 2015gerrit
*Limit more variables to file scope
11 Jan 18:20 2015gerrit
*Improve readability by adding parenthesis
11 Jan 18:03 2015gerrit
*Make a few local variables static
8 Jan 23:45 2015gerrit
*Remove playback control from XWorld, fix comments a bit
8 Jan 22:34 2015gerrit
*usb: finally get rid of USE_ROCKBOX_USB in Sansa bootloader, use bootl
8 Jan 22:18 2015gerrit
*imx233: add a comment in the bootloader
8 Jan 18:32 2015gerrit
*Include scrreprt.4ht from http://tug.org/svn/texlive/trunk/Master/texm
8 Jan 16:45 2015gerrit
*Clarify usb_powered() and fix some code.
8 Jan 16:45 2015gerrit
*usb: document usb states, powering and detection
8 Jan 16:45 2015gerrit
*usb: document usb_status_event and #ifdef it with USB_STATUS_BY_EVENT
8 Jan 16:45 2015gerrit
*usb: make usb_release_exclusive_storage private
8 Jan 16:44 2015gerrit
*usb: move usb charging function prototype from usb_core.h to usb.h
8 Jan 16:07 2015gerrit
5 Jan 19:10 2015gerrit
*Fix yellow
5 Jan 18:50 2015gerrit
*Make thirty functions static to reduce binary size
4 Jan 18:17 2015gerrit
*jz4740 usbtool: Fix undefined behavior in set_reg()
4 Jan 17:40 2015gerrit
*mktime(): Remove redundant assignment of 'result'
4 Jan 13:56 2015gerrit
*hosted target: Fix uninitialized variable in dirinfo.attribute
4 Jan 13:36 2015gerrit
*Fix uninitialized variable (should fix libusb retry handling)
4 Jan 12:34 2015gerrit
*Remove unneeded std::string .c_str() call
4 Jan 05:23 2015gerrit
*Fix a tiny whitespace error in CREDITS
3 Jan 18:27 2015gerrit
*Add buflib tests to .gitignore
3 Jan 16:02 2015gerrit
*Fix up some DEBUGF statements
3 Jan 15:27 2015gerrit
*Multiple variables for 'my' need to be in parenthesis
3 Jan 15:21 2015gerrit
*Don't build sims twice
3 Jan 15:03 2015gerrit
*Fix syntax error (missing semicolon)
2 Jan 19:28 2015gerrit
*buflib: Switch from term "cookie" to "metadata"
2 Jan 18:57 2015gerrit
*Improve core_alloc() / buflib_alloc() documentation
2 Jan 01:13 2015gerrit
*Shortcuts: Add move callback for buflib allocations
1 Jan 23:50 2015gerrit
*PictureFlow: Add move callback for buflib allocations
1 Jan 17:28 2015gerrit
*XWorld: fix some typos in keymaps.h
1 Jan 13:52 2015gerrit
*Limit "struct dircache_runinfo" to file scope
30 Dec 00:29 2014gerrit
*Add missing newline in debug output
30 Dec 00:01 2014gerrit
*Document 'union buflib_data'
28 Dec 02:48 2014gerrit
*XWorld: cleanup
27 Dec 17:48 2014gerrit
*More standard conforming codec_realloc()
27 Dec 02:00 2014gerrit
*Two more typo fixes
27 Dec 01:38 2014gerrit
*Fix typos in documentation
24 Dec 12:00 2014gerrit
*Fix for DX50 xworld keymaps.h
24 Dec 11:45 2014gerrit
*Fixes more red for xworlds keymaps
24 Dec 09:27 2014gerrit
*Xworld - Fixes warnings for cowond2, hifimanhm60x, ibassodx50, and ond
24 Dec 03:15 2014gerrit
*Fixes xworld keymaps for ondavx747, hifimanhm60x, and cowond2