30 Jul 14:29 2014gerrit
*Make crosstool-ng build with gnu make 4.0
28 Jul 22:13 2014gerrit
*Support for remote on Samsung YH920/YH925.
27 Jul 18:31 2014gerrit
*Slovak language update
27 Jul 12:09 2014gerrit
*Samsung YH-820: enable battery monitoring
26 Jul 15:47 2014gerrit
*SA9200: Implement clicker.
23 Jul 22:12 2014gerrit
*rk27load: stage1 dram config fix #2
23 Jul 12:32 2014gerrit
*rk27load: fix stage1 dram config bug
21 Jul 04:54 2014gerrit
*add supports for x,y value in percentage to several tags.
17 Jul 18:03 2014gerrit
*SVG image of the Creative Zen Mozaic and other formats for the manual.
17 Jul 10:43 2014gerrit
*zen/zenxfi/zenxfistyle/zenmozaic: implement plugin keymaps and enable
13 Jul 16:19 2014gerrit
*libopus: use iram for more constants
13 Jul 13:53 2014gerrit
*libopus: asm C_MUL for coldfire
13 Jul 13:17 2014gerrit
*Sync to upstream libopus
7 Jul 12:54 2014gerrit
*crc-mi4: use const lookup table for crc
2 Jul 15:36 2014gerrit
*Finished SVG Image for Sansa Clip Zip.
2 Jul 10:57 2014gerrit
*SVG image of the Sony NWZ-E360 and other formats for the manual.
1 Jul 17:26 2014gerrit
*Sony NWZ: calibrate discharge curves
1 Jul 09:20 2014gerrit
*rolo: fix crc calculation for mi4
30 Jun 21:20 2014gerrit
*Introduce plugin keymaps for the Sony NWZ Series
30 Jun 20:59 2014gerrit
*sonynwz: fix backlight
30 Jun 20:35 2014gerrit
*Plugins: remove defined keys which are never used
30 Jun 18:14 2014gerrit
*Compile imxtools as gnu99 standard.
29 Jun 12:25 2014gerrit
*open_utf8: Actually use the result of read/write.
29 Jun 11:48 2014gerrit
*skin_engine: kill scrolling if the buffer moves
28 Jun 23:12 2014gerrit
*Fix one more spot in the manual where the number of bands was not upda
25 Jun 09:57 2014gerrit
*Remove empty files
24 Jun 18:08 2014gerrit
*Introduce hwpatcher, a tool to patch binaries
23 Jun 23:48 2014gerrit
*fix sdlapp and ypr0 builds
21 Jun 00:49 2014gerrit
*Fix some build errors and warnings.
21 Jun 00:21 2014gerrit
*lcd-24bit: fix up previous commit a1842c0
21 Jun 00:18 2014gerrit
*lcd-24bit: Introduce a 24-bit mid-level LCD driver
20 Jun 20:42 2014gerrit
*Fix bad path.
20 Jun 20:35 2014gerrit
*Add Q factor graphic to EQ settins in the manual.
20 Jun 20:18 2014gerrit
*Explain the EQ settings in the manual more carefully. Also, fix a lef
20 Jun 11:11 2014gerrit
*Fix a playback bug in shink_callback()
18 Jun 22:35 2014gerrit
*Update dutch (nederlands) translation
18 Jun 18:07 2014gerrit
*Radio and radio recording for Samsung YH-920.
15 Jun 12:54 2014gerrit
*hwstub: load rk27xx specific bits
15 Jun 12:50 2014gerrit
*Rework reg description file for rk27xx
3 Dec 01:39 2013gerrit
*hstub: add Sansa Express lcd code
2 Dec 20:48 2013gerrit
*Initial commit for the YP-Z5 port
2 Dec 20:22 2013gerrit
*regtools: update xml format documentation
2 Dec 20:10 2013gerrit
*imx233: don't compile fm tuner code in bootloader
2 Dec 19:59 2013gerrit
*imx233: fix red on stmp3600
1 Dec 23:59 2013gerrit
*imx233: rework power management for work on stmp3700
30 Nov 17:18 2013gerrit
*Revert "imx233: always keep cards in TRAN mode"
26 Nov 16:59 2013gerrit
*zen: rework lcd enable
26 Nov 00:29 2013gerrit
*regtools: add shortcut notation for simple register in the desc files
25 Nov 23:54 2013gerrit
*regtools/qeditor: fix url
25 Nov 20:17 2013gerrit
*imx233: add the possibility to choose audio output coupling mode via t
25 Nov 13:50 2013gerrit
*utils/regtools/qeditor: fix compilation by avoiding g++ specific synta
23 Nov 22:43 2013gerrit
*rk27xx: fix typo in comment about SCU_ID values
24 Nov 00:14 2013gerrit
*hwstub rk27xx port
21 Nov 14:26 2013gerrit
*tea5767: properly power up the tuner during detect
20 Nov 21:34 2013gerrit
*Introduce volume_{present,removable} and fix invalid calls in apps/
20 Nov 21:20 2013gerrit
*Add IAP support to iPod Mini 1G.
20 Nov 17:42 2013gerrit
*hwstub: only load stmp files on stmp targets
20 Nov 14:47 2013gerrit
*sonynwz: rework keymap based on lebellium's work and enable volume in
20 Nov 00:00 2013gerrit
*Finally fix yellow
19 Nov 23:33 2013gerrit
*Fix yellow
19 Nov 23:14 2013gerrit
*Fix sim red
19 Nov 22:31 2013gerrit
*Fix red
19 Nov 22:09 2013gerrit
*Forgot lcd driver of the ZEN V !
18 Nov 22:46 2013gerrit
*hwstub: use a more reasonable hclk frequency
18 Nov 07:46 2013gerrit
*flac: fix seeking.
17 Nov 21:27 2013gerrit
*Fix typo in apps/plugins/lib/pluginlib_actions.c
14 Nov 17:44 2013gerrit
*sonynwz: add pluginlib keymap
13 Nov 22:42 2013gerrit
*sims.pl: add a few unusable targets
12 Nov 22:55 2013gerrit
*Add missing entry to changelog.
12 Nov 17:39 2013gerrit
*Add Creative Zen, X-Fi and Mozaic to builds.pm
11 Nov 21:37 2013gerrit
*mkzenboot: add Zen X-Fi firmware 1.04.08
11 Nov 03:04 2013gerrit
*imx233/creative: workaround stupid Creative partition table
10 Nov 18:41 2013gerrit
*Updated IAP commands.
10 Nov 12:39 2013gerrit
*playback: Fix build with LOGF_ENABLE.
8 Nov 14:57 2013gerrit
*zenmozaic: add keymap and bitmap for simulator
8 Nov 14:36 2013gerrit
*zenxfi: add simulator keymap and bitmap
7 Nov 19:42 2013gerrit
*Add Creative ZEN simulator bitmap and button map
5 Nov 10:41 2013gerrit
*ma8/ma9: Cleanup - fix tabs, remove unused defines.
5 Nov 07:01 2013gerrit
*Introduce HiFi E.T. MA8/MA8C ports.
4 Nov 23:47 2013gerrit
*Update changelog.
4 Nov 23:07 2013gerrit
*Add support for the ZEN X-Fi3 to rbutil
4 Nov 23:00 2013gerrit
*Add support for CAB archives to rbutil
4 Nov 22:15 2013gerrit
*Fix libmspack to compile with rbutil
4 Nov 22:14 2013gerrit
*Add libmspack to rbutil
26 Oct 17:35 2013gerrit
*hwstub: fix stmp3600
26 Oct 13:23 2013gerrit
*Forgot the config files for ZEN, ZEN Mozaic and ZEN X-Fi
23 Oct 13:33 2013gerrit
*imx233: rework vdd5v shared irq handling
22 Oct 15:57 2013gerrit
*imx233: fix partition window computation
22 Oct 00:57 2013gerrit
*zenxfi2: fix red by adding partition style
22 Oct 00:55 2013gerrit
*utils/regtools: add a bunch of regdumps for various sources
22 Oct 00:43 2013gerrit
*tools/configure: add the Creative targets to selector
21 Oct 01:23 2013gerrit
*imx233: fix power irq storm
20 Oct 21:15 2013gerrit
*Switch back to kernel.org.
20 Oct 16:52 2013gerrit
*Add missing #include statements.
19 Oct 13:06 2013gerrit
*Include 60s timeout for wget commands in rockboxdev.sh
18 Oct 22:58 2013gerrit
*Disable LCD_FLIP and MORSE_INPUT on recorder to make it build.
18 Oct 03:40 2013gerrit
*Do not compile with "-ldl" on FreeBSD.
10 Oct 00:12 2013gerrit
*imxtools/scsitools: document some of the SCSI vendor commands
9 Oct 13:07 2013gerrit
*imxtools/sbloader: rewrite hid code
5 Oct 12:25 2013gerrit
*Simulator - encoders can now be loaded