25 Jul 11:19 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 0e1103: Add to .mailmap.
15 Jul 13:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 68b1fd: Wrap some long lines and apply some static.
15 Jul 05:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 1fd6ca: Instead of representing colours in several differe
7 Jul 13:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] fc118e: tmux: only consider ACCESSPERMS for setting mode o
27 Jun 11:57 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 25e128: Remove duplicate daemon.c and time.h.
16 Jun 15:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 325cbe: Allow a command to be specified to display-panes,
16 Jun 12:44 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] d35a9a: Linux: <time.h>
15 Jun 19:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 0c7dda: Add missing buffer_name format, from Awal Garg.
15 Jun 13:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 068b8b: Add -F to list-commands.
15 Jun 10:52 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 150c9f: Add *.dSYM for OS X.
10 Jun 17:39 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] b9c959: Add to TODO.
10 Jun 15:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 17e474: Spelling error (incrased -> increased), from Josh
10 Jun 13:47 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] c84ed3: Spelling, from Josh Soref.
6 Jun 13:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] d9450b: Much faster (and smaller) method of mapping RGB co
6 Jun 11:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 3c10df: Allow #[] in window-status-separator.
6 Jun 10:30 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 1f75c9: Note how to subscribe to ML.
1 Jun 01:06 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 89c17e: Updated link for bash(1) completions.
31 May 23:13 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 20d2a3: Update TODO.
30 May 13:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 7d1057: Send two cub1 instead of using cub for moving the
30 May 11:02 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 5e9412: No longer set __progname, we have getprogname().
28 May 03:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 9892d8: Most of the utf8_data is fixed so simplify utf8_se
27 May 21:12 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] c10d83: __progname -> getprogname()
27 May 21:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] fcb00a: Use getprogname() instead of __progname to make po
27 May 19:04 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] f2ec81: Add flag for -pg.
27 May 19:04 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] cfef0c: getprogname() and setproctitle() on Linux.
26 May 19:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] ec7f53: Extend 0x1234 keys form to more bits so that Unico
24 May 01:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 95a4cc: Use a fixed buffer for strftime() because there is
23 May 23:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] e81a92: Remove unused variable, from Ben Boeckel.
20 May 08:57 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 7411f2: Use osdep_event_init() so that LIBEVENT_NOEPOLL an
13 May 09:32 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] af25ca: Fix a typo, issue 406.
12 May 19:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] fdd368: - Rework load_cfg() error handling a little.
12 May 17:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 9715c6: set-hook needs CANFAIL like the other set commands
12 May 01:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 373b13: Add on alerts rather than ignoring them if the eve
5 May 16:19 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] fe4e94: Add --static to PKG_CONFIG rather than replacing i
5 May 14:09 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 29763d: Do not mention OpenBSD FAQ.
5 May 01:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 9f0457: Fix up a couple of long lines.
3 May 17:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 28e065: Some tidying of copy mode search functions, based
1 May 17:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 4a6eca: Use the same code for half page scrolling as full,
1 May 15:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 88bd5b: tty_client_ready can not be internal to tty.c agai
30 Apr 21:04 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 2b9f8a: Update TODO.
30 Apr 01:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 0c7895: tweak previous;
29 Apr 21:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 975aa3: Expand client formats (like run-shell), from Steph
29 Apr 19:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 0509be: Add option to include status text in the pane bord
28 Apr 11:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 36976c: After unlock, Update activity time after recalcula
27 Apr 21:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] fc70ac: Apply backspace check after working out the actual
27 Apr 14:11 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 61f231: Add to TODO.
27 Apr 13:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 23fdbc: Loads of platforms appear to have old or broken Un
27 Apr 01:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] d3546c: Simplify next key matching and fix problems with m
26 Apr 13:06 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 447ead: No more array.h.
26 Apr 13:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] fb1c92: Remove last uses of array.h.
26 Apr 11:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] d303e5: Log wcwidth() and mbtowc() failure to make it easi
25 Apr 21:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 6bf2a4: Don't overwrite modifiers in the buffer when makin
11 Apr 02:08 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux.github.io] 57ec4e: Release tmux 2.2
11 Apr 02:07 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 9a4b45: Add CHANGES notes for 2.2 release
11 Apr 02:04 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 9a4b45: Add CHANGES notes for 2.2 release
4 Apr 19:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 075c08: fatalx() not fatal().
4 Apr 00:57 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 3dfc79: Tweak a comment.
4 Apr 00:56 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 75b2c1: Add --disable-utempter to build without it.
2 Apr 17:19 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux.github.io] f90db3: Fix the other man link, from Ustun Ozgur
1 Apr 00:39 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux.github.io] 2aafdb: Update manual link.
30 Mar 17:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] ec82fc: Bump the listen() backlog up, some people have scr
26 Mar 21:18 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 5658b6: Look for utempter_add_record to be sure we have th
20 Mar 09:14 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] b429a0: Add to TODO.
18 Mar 17:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 312a7a: Make scrolling behaviour more sensible and maintai
18 Mar 09:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] fa97b0: Instead of reusing MouseUp at the finish of a drag
17 Mar 16:11 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 3dfc79: Tweak a comment.
17 Mar 15:48 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 995af0: I no longer use my SourceForge address so replace
17 Mar 15:42 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 96029d: Tweak style of command_hooked format.
17 Mar 15:39 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] a33bb3: Link to the bash(1) completion file from README ra
5 Mar 18:58 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 0d6de4: If setlocale("en_US.UTF-8") succeeds, then don't d
5 Mar 11:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 1f0b31: Although we always have en_US.UTF-8 on OpenBSD, so
3 Mar 17:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] fa81d8: Accept clients as sessions in cmd_find_get_session
3 Mar 15:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] bcb41a: RGB colours shouldn't be mixed up with aixterm col
2 Mar 19:19 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 9e2fbb: +wchar.h
2 Mar 19:17 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] acc109: Use system wcwidth() instead of carrying around UT
2 Mar 19:17 2016GitHub
2 Mar 19:11 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] c7851e: Fix break-pane synopsis and some other tmux.1 bits
19 Feb 17:45 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] a011b6: Remove unused variables.
19 Feb 17:45 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] c3f93e: Add to TODO.
19 Feb 14:37 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] e9d369: Fixed fgetln(3) implementation (from Joerg Jung) w
19 Feb 14:37 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] e9d369: Fixed fgetln(3) implementation (from Joerg Jung) w
19 Feb 14:30 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 6adf56: Redraw status on mode entry and exit.
19 Feb 14:28 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 95adc0: When a mouse drag is finished, fire a MouseUp key
19 Feb 14:16 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] acc109: Use system wcwidth() instead of carrying around UT
19 Feb 14:11 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] fc8645: Remove malloc_options debug bit (already gone from
18 Feb 00:22 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 782dd9: Fire SIGCHLD after utempter_add_record since it pr
12 Feb 15:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 4f6bc0: Expand client formats in run-shell.
7 Feb 01:08 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] f7c8f1: xmalloc: define __bounded__ where necessary
6 Feb 20:07 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] ba97ae: EXTRA_DIST: add example_tmux.conf / xmalloc.h
5 Feb 13:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] bc0c9c: Do not wrap cursor at start or end of history, fro
5 Feb 11:09 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 2130a0: Add to TODO.
4 Feb 17:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] bdb8bb: Set up -t flag properly when passing new-session -
31 Jan 17:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 97882f: Clear RGB flags during selection.
31 Jan 13:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 225a38: Fix new-session with -t after command flags change
29 Jan 16:45 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 404379: examples/ has gone, so delete some text about it.
29 Jan 15:53 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 2a1bb9: Remove old examples in favour of one example confi
29 Jan 15:41 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] a33bb3: Link to the bash(1) completion file from README ra
29 Jan 14:53 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 1d6bd5: libevent.org URL.
29 Jan 13:01 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 427b82: Support for RGB colour, using the extended cell me
29 Jan 11:58 2016GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 1d6bd5: libevent.org URL.