27 Nov 16:41 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 6a2ca3: Do not set a limit on the length of commands when
26 Nov 00:35 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 3b83bd: Add to TODO.
25 Nov 17:51 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] a1bc33: log_open() isn't conditional on proctitle
25 Nov 17:48 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 260de2: Remove logfile()
25 Nov 17:37 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 4ec61b: Fix usage of detach-client.
24 Nov 19:50 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 7b0851: -sys/queue.h in proc.c, and nuke the unnecessary C
24 Nov 11:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] b32ce3: Don't allow options in table without scope set.
24 Nov 01:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 2adf3f: Partly revert previous, it is harmless to keep sup
23 Nov 22:21 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 4fcc02: If display-time is set to 0, show status messages
21 Nov 15:25 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 374e27: Only assume pasting with at least two characters,
21 Nov 09:03 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 2c4829: Move tmux.h below system includes.
19 Nov 17:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 98967c: The activity flag could already be set, so queue t
18 Nov 19:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 82760a: Use format_expand_time for display-message.
18 Nov 17:45 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] c15487: unused -> __unused.
18 Nov 17:42 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 8b4b3f: Add __unused, will be needed shortly.
18 Nov 17:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 5a5b95: Add s/foo/bar/: prefix for formats to substitute b
18 Nov 15:11 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 9bba26: Add reallocarray prototype.
18 Nov 15:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 645713: Sync the entire xmalloc.[ch] with the other users,
18 Nov 13:55 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] a77960: Add reallocarray to compat.
18 Nov 11:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] ca5e6b: Don't update activity time twice for new sessions,
17 Nov 21:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] d0505f: Merge xmalloc.[ch] files across base, skipping Ope
17 Nov 01:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 775fb5: 0x7f is a valid key.
14 Nov 15:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 3db0d5: The private use area at U+E000 to U+F8FF is not ve
14 Nov 13:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] f40179: Rename a variable in utf8_combine for consistency
14 Nov 12:38 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 908e6b: Log more of UTF-8 input.
14 Nov 10:43 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux-tests] 37c2c4: Remove old UTF-8 tests.
14 Nov 10:04 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 31d880: Update the TODO file.
13 Nov 19:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] c4893d: Log option names in fatal() for missing option.
13 Nov 17:06 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] b7397b: utf8 option is gone.
13 Nov 15:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 88aa1c: Two spacing and spelling nits.
13 Nov 11:43 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] c5689a: Long overdue change to the way we store cells in t
13 Nov 01:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] e71a91: Rename overly-long utf8data to ud throughout.
12 Nov 17:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] f2d03f: grid_put_utf8 is unused, remove it.
12 Nov 15:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] d6daf3: Tidy utf8.c a little: build table on first use, an
12 Nov 13:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 69e0b8: Support UTF-8 key bindings by expanding the key ty
12 Nov 11:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 7062b0: Default history-file should be "" not NULL, from G
12 Nov 01:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 00c34d: Drop mouse-utf8 option and always turn on UTF-8 mo
11 Nov 09:14 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] e9b58d: Update the internal wcwidth(3) table of tmux(1) to
5 Nov 13:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 557753: Pass through right click if mouse is on, from Patr
3 Nov 17:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 455284: Detach the client we are looping over, from Thomas
1 Nov 00:56 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] abb4e9: The output log is only useful once and it means cr
31 Oct 11:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 01defc: Because pledge(2) does not allow us to pass direct
29 Oct 11:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 45f3ce: Break version check into a separate function, and
28 Oct 13:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] bf9c93: Like options, move the environ struct into environ
28 Oct 09:23 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 1caeba: Add to TODO.
28 Oct 00:27 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 07b0ea: Break the common process set up, event loop and im
27 Oct 11:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 3fc001: Use copy-mode -et= in WheelUpPane binding, from Pa
27 Oct 01:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] b85be3: Handle unknown keys more gracefully, return a stri
26 Oct 19:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] a22fe3: Some extra logging of where keys are actually goin
26 Oct 03:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] c582f7: space before punctuation;
26 Oct 01:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] e65306: Extend the modifiers allowed before formats: as we
25 Oct 10:38 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] c14fb5: -sys/types.h
25 Oct 10:36 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] ad437f: Add missing headers for getpid()
25 Oct 10:34 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 91f53d: __OpenBSD__ around pledge()
25 Oct 10:32 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 7930cb: ifdef __OpenBSD__ around pledge().
25 Oct 10:22 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 63a3fd: Use tty_term_flag not _has for XT, and make -2 for
22 Oct 15:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 515dfe: This should not be changed.
22 Oct 13:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 31fd07: Rename shutdown to exit.
21 Oct 17:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 60ca29: client_key_table was missing.
21 Oct 15:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] ddbc4a: By popular demand add a default binding for mouse
21 Oct 01:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 076034: Use client pointer not file descriptor in logging.
21 Oct 00:09 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux-tests] 78758f: Fix splits with -b.
20 Oct 17:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 8c8cdd: The table could change when retrying so don't save
18 Oct 23:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 174a2a: Pass current directory as a string rather than a f
18 Oct 19:20 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 7c78b2: Start working on tmux 2.2
18 Oct 19:19 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux.github.io] 59ad3a: Release tmux 2.1
18 Oct 19:12 2015GitHub
18 Oct 19:12 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 310f0a: Update for 2.1 release.
17 Oct 21:16 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 6c3ade: __OpenBSD__ around pledge().
17 Oct 21:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 9c601e: Add pledge "stdio unix sendfd proc exec tty" to tm
17 Oct 19:48 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] e0527d: time.h is not needed now tzset() is not in log.c.
16 Oct 11:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] cf89ab: Don't free after calling paste_set but do after ev
15 Oct 22:42 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] c06c14: Some header fixes.
15 Oct 10:25 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] f199fb: Fix available_fds when there is no AF_INET, report
11 Oct 03:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 241fd7: Userspace doesn't need to use SUN_LEN(): connect()
7 Oct 13:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 7340d5: Couple of memory leaks in error paths, from Freder
26 Sep 03:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 03d7db: If the terminal has colors=256, only try to use se
25 Sep 19:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 28f23f: Free the history when it is cleared, based on a di
24 Sep 15:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 69ea6b: Do not leak log file descriptor.
24 Sep 11:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] ddb2d1: Assign flag not number for flag types (we got away
23 Sep 15:29 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 1caeba: Add to TODO.
23 Sep 15:22 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 6b709e: -l should apply to the new not the old pane with -
23 Sep 01:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] dc6679: Don't update last session when the session is unch
21 Sep 13:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] d5f223: Reset the alerts timer always on activity, from Th
18 Sep 13:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 6b709e: -l should apply to the new not the old pane with -
17 Sep 17:11 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 8b5d5d: Redraw both src and dst sessions in break-pane.
17 Sep 17:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 8b5d5d: Redraw both src and dst sessions in break-pane.
17 Sep 16:04 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] e43f1a: This code has moved.
17 Sep 16:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] f95ba8: Shorten some long lines by using a temporary.
17 Sep 15:59 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 4135a2: Move notify bits out into a separate branch.
17 Sep 15:53 2015GitHub
17 Sep 15:52 2015GitHub
17 Sep 15:52 2015GitHub
17 Sep 15:51 2015GitHub
17 Sep 15:44 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 62bb6e: Should add buffer if no -b.
17 Sep 15:34 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 59e4f4: Enable hooks
17 Sep 12:11 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] 044471: Enable hooks
17 Sep 01:55 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] ca9137: cmd_set_state_[st]_flag: unify functions
17 Sep 01:40 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] e9a795: selectp: fix previous merge
17 Sep 01:01 2015GitHub
*[tmux/tmux] a4b4b2: Rename cmd_q dead flag to a general flags bitmask