26 Apr 22:06 2012Joe Stroud
*Char Sui
21 Feb 15:14 2012Joe Stroud
*Roast pork loin, brown rice pilaf and Sauce buerre-Catawba
19 Feb 17:57 2012recipes
*New job vacancy - see details
12 Feb 21:07 2012Joe Stroud
*Better goulash
12 Dec 13:11 2011Joe Stroud
3 Oct 02:03 2011Joe Stroud
*Homemade pastrami
21 Sep 02:13 2011Joe Stroud
*By request: Little Greek Shoes (stuffed eggplant)
23 Aug 05:54 2011recipes
*Vacancy - apply online
1 Aug 08:14 2011Joe Stroud
16 Jul 09:54 2011Joe Stroud
*Highland Park BBQ sauce
8 Jul 06:32 2011Joe Stroud
*Hawaiian BBQ sauce
9 Dec 13:48 2010Joe Stroud
*South Carolina Gold chicken, broiled
23 Nov 04:53 2010Joe Stroud
*Stovetop mac n' cheese
14 Nov 04:24 2010Joe Stroud
*North Carolina chicken, broiled
7 Nov 00:40 2010Joe Stroud
*Big butt burritos
18 Oct 20:49 2010Joe Stroud
*Smoked rib gumbo
10 Sep 06:15 2010Joe Stroud
*Bratwurst with mustard risotto
1 Sep 07:05 2010Joe Stroud
*Kota Kapama
2 Jul 01:32 2010Joe Stroud
*Dijon risotto rice
30 May 01:39 2010Joe Stroud
*Garlic potato gratin
18 May 10:35 2010Joe Stroud
*New chicken in cream sauce with risotto rice
4 May 12:41 2010Joe Stroud
*High end Jambalaya
16 Apr 00:57 2010Joe Stroud
*Texas Table sauce
25 Mar 03:35 2010Joe Stroud
*Southside Chili
29 Jan 14:42 2010Joe Stroud
*Boeuf a la Bourguignonne (updated)
19 Jan 12:43 2010Joe Stroud
*Rump tips in a beefy-cream gravy!
13 Jan 20:12 2010Joe Stroud
*Swedish meatballs!
7 Jan 18:53 2010Joe Stroud
*"Dive chops"
22 Dec 19:11 2009Joe Stroud
*Boneless pork loin chops with "expedited" Sauce Charcutiere
16 Dec 10:10 2009Joe Stroud
*Basic roast chicken, "sawmill gravy" and rice
11 Nov 17:55 2009Joe Stroud
*A rich, tomatoey chicken dish with pasta
22 Oct 15:19 2009Joe Stroud
*Pork in Sauce Piquant with pasta
16 Oct 13:06 2009Joe Stroud
*New hamburger "bar-b-que"
22 Jul 20:39 2009Joe Stroud
*More baked pasta: a rich sausage, basil and cheese dish
7 Jul 18:08 2009Joe Stroud
*Baked pasta: a tried and true dish with sausage, tomatoes and nutmeg
4 Jul 15:03 2009Joe Stroud
*Southern Italian "gravy"
19 Jun 04:00 2009Joe Stroud
*Port wine chicken
30 May 22:24 2009Joe Stroud
*Squirrel Sauce Piquant
26 May 04:07 2009Joe Stroud
*Italian beef sandwiches
21 May 03:28 2009Joe Stroud
*Hamburger "barbeque"
16 Apr 21:53 2009Joe Stroud
*Baked pasta: a one pan, Pastitio-like dish
1 Apr 16:48 2009Joe Stroud
*Baked pasta: Parmigiano, chicken and tomatoes
6 Mar 16:06 2009Joe Stroud
*Cajun Jambalaya (a nice revision)
22 Feb 07:26 2009Joe Stroud
*A classic: Masterchef Gerard Crozier's French onion soup
19 Jan 14:49 2009Joe Stroud
*Pan-fried pork chops with Sauce Robert!
13 Jan 08:49 2009Joe Stroud
*SouthWestern fried chicken, gravy and pasta
27 Dec 12:01 2008Joe Stroud
*Tangy/tender fried chicken: the Colonel on crack with cream gravy
11 Dec 22:54 2008Joe Stroud
*Poulet de la flammes avec la Sauce Charcutiere
6 Dec 09:53 2008Joe Stroud
*Poulet dans la Sauce Bretonne
7 Nov 10:55 2008Joe Stroud
*Pasta cooked like rice with chicken and goat cheese
26 Oct 05:10 2008Joe Stroud
*Justin Wilson's classic New Orleans gumbo recipe
17 Oct 02:00 2008Joe Stroud
*Pasta con puerco hachazo
8 Oct 21:25 2008Joe Stroud
*You baked your goat? Goat cheesey, tomatoey chops with pasta, baked
1 Oct 23:09 2008Joe Stroud
*You call this dish "macaroni soup"? Are you on drugs?
12 Sep 21:15 2008Joe Stroud
*Parmigiano cheese, chicken, tomatoes and pasta, baked
29 Aug 20:28 2008Joe Stroud
*Please, don't goat my pasta!
20 Aug 04:24 2008Joe Stroud
24 Jul 19:05 2008Joe Stroud
*A new, tomatoey BBQ sauce blended perfectly to complement chicken
17 Jul 20:23 2008Joe Stroud
*New Texas pit sauce
6 Jul 20:41 2008Joe Stroud
*CATTLEMEN'S Classic BBQ sauce (a slight revision)
4 Jul 17:55 2008Joe Stroud
*CATTLEMEN'S Classic BBQ sauce (another replication)
10 Jun 03:25 2008Joe Stroud
*Kansas City pit sauce
1 Jun 21:08 2008Joe Stroud
*Authentic Cajun gumbo (Gumbo de Savoy)
28 May 16:48 2008Joe Stroud
*Succulent pork roast with a sauce fit for a king!
19 May 12:40 2008Joe Stroud
*Roast pork burritos, onion compote and a honey-mustard-sesame sauce
2 May 11:03 2008Joe Stroud
*Blow torch burgers
21 Apr 12:14 2008Joe Stroud
*Will the obsession never end? Another stew of chicken, cheese and brea
16 Apr 04:55 2008Joe Stroud
*Rabbit Chasseur (Lapin a la Chasseur)
9 Apr 20:52 2008Joe Stroud
*A hearty stew of chicken, rice and cheese (a variation)
5 Apr 20:33 2008Joe Stroud
*A hearty stew of chicken, onions, bread and cheese...
19 Mar 06:21 2008Joe Stroud
*Fish n' Chips
13 Mar 20:14 2008Joe Stroud
*Pork chops in a rich, malty, mustard sauce
15 Feb 12:45 2008Joe Stroud
*Real horrorshow chicken and pasta! Skorry chicken-stock!
2 Feb 17:08 2008Joe Stroud
*Pasta cooked liked rice with chicken
31 Jan 11:07 2008Joe Stroud
*Pasta cooked like rice
11 Jan 06:10 2008Joe Stroud
*French onion stew with beef
7 Jan 21:25 2008Joe Stroud
*By requst: Deer Stroganoff
2 Jan 08:28 2008Joe Stroud
*Cornish game hen Bordelaise
31 Dec 09:56 2007Joe Stroud
*Chicken, creme fraiche, and morel mushrooms
5 Dec 20:40 2007Joe Stroud
*Pasta con pollo de tortura (pasta with chicken, tortured)
30 Nov 15:22 2007Joe Stroud
*Italian Pastitio
16 Nov 18:49 2007Joe Stroud
*Pasta con carne Colorado
3 Nov 23:55 2007Joe Stroud
*Super Chicken!
21 Oct 01:21 2007Joe Stroud
*Arroz con carnitas (2)
7 Oct 02:05 2007Joe Stroud
*Arroz con carnitas (1)
30 Sep 18:54 2007Joe Stroud
*Fricasse de la Bordelaise!
24 Sep 14:45 2007Joe Stroud
*Texas Best BBQ sauce (yet another revision!)
18 Sep 15:40 2007Joe Stroud
*The Declaration of American Chicken: A Jeffersonian fricassee!
12 Sep 14:01 2007Joe Stroud
*Accommodations of the fire: Lemon-buttermilk chicken with cheeses, mel
8 Sep 14:11 2007Joe Stroud
*Rhinoerotic nights in ol' Culiacan: Arroz con pollo, my darling...
4 Sep 01:58 2007Joe Stroud
*Rhinoceros chops preceding the imminent arrival of the conical anamorp
31 Aug 23:13 2007Joe Stroud
*Ballotine de poulet!
25 Aug 00:23 2007Joe Stroud
*Sopapillas, carnitas, and red chile sauce (The art of the taco!)
18 Aug 22:19 2007Joe Stroud
*CORRECTION: A hybrid: chicken and French onion stew
15 Aug 11:32 2007Joe Stroud
*A hybrid: chicken and French onion stew
8 Aug 22:03 2007Joe Stroud
*Grilling Machine madness!
4 Aug 01:59 2007Joe Stroud
27 Jul 20:18 2007Joe Stroud
*Foreman nation (grilled chorizo taquitos)
17 Jul 22:26 2007Joe Stroud
*Deep-fried chicken and a Cajun rice pilaf
10 Jul 11:24 2007Joe Stroud
*Classic french chicken! (newly revised)