24 Apr 22:40 2014Stevphen Shukaitis
*29/4 Essex Seminar: The Politics of Common Ground
24 Apr 20:41 2014Women Make Movies Educate
*ESTHER BRONER: A WEAVE OF WOMEN | A Women Make Movies New Release
24 Apr 13:37 2014Corey Dzenko
*CFP- Making and Being Made: Visual Representations and/of Citizenship
23 Apr 18:33 2014Gareth Millington
*"Marxism with Soul": Marxist Humanism after Marshall Berman- 2nd May-
23 Apr 22:46 2014Robert Drew
**"Marxism with Soul": Marxist Humanism after Marshall Berman- 2nd May-
23 Apr 03:49 2014Eric Gordon
*RFP: Case Studies for Civic Media Reader (MIT Press)
22 Apr 16:45 2014Debra Shaw
*CCSR Mark Fisher Hauntology event Thursday 24th - REMINDER
21 Apr 23:35 2014Cristina Albu
*CFP: Seeing Others Seeing: Interpersonal Experience in Contemporary Ar
21 Apr 17:07 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – Pixar
20 Apr 22:23 2014Dulce Maria Scott
*CALL FOR PAPERS - Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences Annual Confer
20 Apr 21:31 2014stefanie snider
*RESEARCH STUDY: Marginalization experiences faced by transgender indiv
17 Apr 15:00 2014Nicholas Hanford
*CFP: Journal of Games Criticism
16 Apr 22:18 2014Alisa Perren
*Flow Conference - Call for Responses, deadline 5/5
16 Apr 21:03 2014William Force
*CFP -- Critical Television Studies
16 Apr 17:26 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – Representations of College
16 Apr 07:37 2014Melanie Swalwell
*Conference: Born Digital and Cultural Heritage
15 Apr 18:21 2014Kate Miltner (Populus Group LL
*CFP: Studying Selfies: Evidence, Affect, Ethics, and the Internet’s
15 Apr 14:29 2014Desiree Rowe
*Tenure track position in critical org and/or interpersonal comm
15 Apr 08:59 2014DANIEL LEWIS
*Deletions CFP
14 Apr 15:52 2014Alerts and digests
*Postponed - Space/Place/Culture seminar #6, Simon Faulkner, Thurs 17 A
14 Apr 13:06 2014Contemporary Fiction Seminar C
*Researching Contemporary Culture summer workshops 2014 (London)
11 Apr 20:28 2014Debra Shaw
*Call for Book Proposals - Radical Cultural Studies
11 Apr 13:45 2014Neil McCrae
*Sound Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal Launching in 2015
11 Apr 00:22 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
**liquid blackness* Publication Announcement and Symposium Reminder
10 Apr 11:08 2014Sam McBean
*Flying: A Conference on Kate Millett (Registration Open)
9 Apr 19:35 2014Greg Wise
*Surveillance on Films
9 Apr 20:41 2014Lori Way
**Surveillance on Films
9 Apr 17:05 2014Peter Decherney
*UPenn Conference | Film Diplomacy in the Digital Age (April 18)
9 Apr 11:18 2014Ben Pitcher
*Consuming Race - new book
8 Apr 22:10 2014Megan Farnel
*CF Participation: Crowdsourced Book Review Project of danah boy'd's It
8 Apr 15:10 2014Jez Collins
*Media for Social Change Unconference
8 Apr 14:02 2014laurence raw
*Call for Papers
15 Apr 16:45 2014Darrell Newton
**Call for Papers - PCA
8 Apr 11:40 2014Bertha Chin
*CFP: Fan Studies Network 2014 conference
7 Apr 18:50 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – TV Acting
7 Apr 13:39 2014Jeremy Gilbert
*New Formations next general issue deadline April 30th
6 Apr 03:33 2014Stevphen Shukaitis
*Precarious Communism Release Party April 11th NYC
5 Apr 17:56 2014Pamela Wojcik
*CFP: Gender and Childhood conference
5 Apr 11:15 2014Matthew Chambers
*Call of Articles: "Hearts and Minds": US Cultural Management in Foreig
4 Apr 01:52 2014stefanie snider
*Cover art needed for queer wom en’s poetr y journal
3 Apr 17:07 2014Women Make Movies Educate
*REMINDER! Last Month Before Sale Ends | Women Make Movies
3 Apr 14:05 2014Tony David Sampson
*Club Critical Theory
2 Apr 23:13 2014Max Haiven
*"The Financialized Imagination," TOPIA 30/31 special double issue
2 Apr 17:37 2014Jeremy Gilbert
*Common Ground Intro and discussion with Lawrence Grossberg
*Full-time Lecturer in African Studies Program
1 Apr 20:01 2014Jamie Sexton
*Cult Cinema and Technological Change Conference - Registration Extende
1 Apr 18:25 2014Lee, Hye Jin
*Announcement: April 2014 Books Aren't Dead (BAD) Interview
1 Apr 15:15 2014Debra Shaw
*Cosmopolitanism and the Jews Conference
1 Apr 09:53 2014Lina Khatib
*CFP: Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication
31 Mar 22:23 2014stefanie snider
*Mediating Latin America
31 Mar 17:21 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*CORRECTION: In Media Res – Circulating Pain
31 Mar 16:17 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – Circulating Pain
31 Mar 09:49 2014Gary Hall
*cfp: Beyond the text form: digital culture and new epistemologies
31 Mar 02:40 2014=?SHIFT_JIS?Q?Koichi_Iwabuchi_
*CFP Asian Cultural and Media Studies Now
28 Mar 14:11 2014Chelsea Hampton
*Call for Abstracts [extended] - Rethinking Globalization and the Quest
28 Mar 09:19 2014Rosemary Hill
*Metal and Marginalisation: registration closes on 31st March
26 Mar 18:02 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*Liquid Blackness: Announcing a New Research Initiative on Blackness a
25 Mar 19:25 2014MARIE DIANE CARLSON
*Job Announcement
25 Mar 15:19 2014Gareth Millington
*One Day Symposium: Marxism with Soul: Marxist Humanism after Marshall
25 Mar 14:57 2014Ben Roberts
*[CFP] Archaeologies of Media and Film, 3-5 September 2014
25 Mar 13:39 2014Eric Gordon
*Call for Submissions - Civic Media Reader (MIT Press)
25 Mar 03:25 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – The Race Beat
24 Mar 12:20 2014Debra Shaw
*CCSR Annual Lecture - Glenn Greenwald REMINDER
22 Mar 14:43 2014Nicholas Hanford
*CFP: Journal of Games Criticism
21 Mar 02:37 2014Amy Drees
*Request for study participants
19 Mar 19:26 2014Aria E. Dalmolin
*California Italian Studies Journal Volume 4 Published!
19 Mar 15:38 2014Fowler, John
*Join us Tomorrow and Friday for 6th COIL Conference Webcast
18 Mar 18:13 2014Eleanor A. Lockhart
*Looking for panel participants for panel to be submitted to Feminist a
18 Mar 17:36 2014Gabriel Menotti
*call for papers/projects - Besides the Screen Brazil (August 2014) - d
17 Mar 16:50 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – Paratexts Without Texts
17 Mar 15:39 2014Stevphen Shukaitis
*Precarious Communism Book Release London March 25th
17 Mar 13:50 2014De Abreu, Belinha
*Media Literacy Research Symposium Schedule
16 Mar 20:48 2014J Mu
*Call for Papers: Belaboured Introductions: Inspired Reflections on the
15 Mar 23:58 2014Alerts and digests
*Space/Place/Culture Seminar: Louise Purbrick. Thurs 20 March
15 Mar 17:03 2014Imre Szeman
*CFP: SF/F Now *and* Irradiating the Object: M. John Harrison conferenc
14 Mar 22:35 2014melissa white
*CFP: Belaboured Introductions: Inspired Reflections on the Introductor
14 Mar 00:17 2014Dr. Bobby Noble
*Feverish Collections: Porn and Libraries. cfp
13 Mar 10:26 2014Mark Duffett
*Understanding Fandom: Interviews and Free Sample Chapter
13 Mar 06:41 2014Aksikas, Jaafar
*Open Seminar: Pedagogical Practices in Cultural Studies: Approaches to
12 Mar 22:50 2014Mishel Pavlovski
*Media: Theory and Practice - registration closing soon
12 Mar 19:31 2014Kate Egan
*REMINDER: Cult Cinema and Technological Change conference - registrati
12 Mar 16:43 2014Aksikas, Jaafar
*Invitation for Participation: Seminar On Cultural Studies and Its Inst
12 Mar 18:21 2014Aksikas, Jaafar
**Invitation for Participation: Seminar On Cultural Studies and Its Inst
12 Mar 04:56 2014Dora Gago
*call for papers special issue IJPDS: Word in exile...
11 Mar 21:58 2014Brianne Gallagher
*2014-15 Fisher Center Predoctoral Fellowship Call for Applications
11 Mar 17:07 2014Stevphen Shukaitis
*19/3 Seminar @ Essex: The Dark Arts of Finance: Speculation, Collabora
10 Mar 22:51 2014Cory Barker
*Call for Papers on Television, MPCA/ACA, Conference October 3-5 2014
10 Mar 18:12 2014Laura Portwood-Stacer
*CFP: Gender, Media and Assisted Reproductive Technologies
10 Mar 17:56 2014Thomas Conroy
*call for chapters - food and media
10 Mar 16:44 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – Orange is the New Black
10 Mar 11:13 2014Debra Shaw
*CCSR Seminar - Social Media, Activism & Surveillance - REMINDER
8 Mar 23:20 2014Nicholas Ruiz III
*Kritikos, V.11 Jan. - March 2014
7 Mar 21:36 2014Women Make Movies Educate
*Women's History Month Offer from Women Make Movies
7 Mar 20:16 2014Elizabeth Frierson
*Correction re. NEH Summer Institute on WWI and the Arts
7 Mar 19:45 2014Elizabeth Frierson
*Deadline Extension: NEH Summer Institute on WWI and the Arts: Sounds,
7 Mar 16:27 2014Bennett, James
*Celebrity Studies Conference; Keynote 3
7 Mar 11:13 2014Consoleing Passions
*Console-ing Passions 2015 CFP
6 Mar 15:18 2014Jamie Henthorn
*CFR MediaCommons Survey Digital Culture in Analog spaces
5 Mar 20:04 2014Chelsea Hampton
*CFP - Rethinking Globalization and the Question of Scale: Interdiscipl
5 Mar 16:36 2014Brent Bellamy
*CFP Institute on Culture and Society "Energy, Environment, Culture" Ju