19 Sep 23:28 2014Peaslee, Robert
*Call for Chapters - Marvel Feature Films
19 Sep 15:44 2014Dana Polan
*good scholarly essays on Adorno's IN SEARCH OF WAGNER?
18 Sep 21:47 2014sophie fuggle
*New Animal Studies Book - Zoogenesis
18 Sep 21:38 2014Samuel Binkley
*Psychosocial Work Group
18 Sep 18:03 2014Rebecca Adelman
*Tenure-Track Position: Media and Communication Studies at UMBC
18 Sep 11:36 2014Meredith Jones
*University of Technology, Sydney, Transforming Cultures Annual Lecture
18 Sep 01:47 2014Joseph Tuminello
*CFP: Moral Cultures of Food
18 Sep 00:35 2014Jones, Mark
*suggestions for 'contaminated culture'
17 Sep 19:08 2014Maria Bakardjieva
*Reminder: Call for Papers on SOCIALBOTS
17 Sep 10:57 2014Julie Doyle
*COCE 2015 submission deadline extended
17 Sep 13:03 2014Tugrul Ilter
*cfp - 4. International Conference in Communication and Media Studies
17 Sep 16:47 2014Terri Senft
*Six Week Course on "Selfie Culture" Available for Teachers & Students
17 Sep 12:08 2014Tapas Ray [Gmail]
*Call for papers: Visions of Indian modernity and Maulana Abul Kalam Az
17 Sep 06:15 2014Olga Zaytseva
*CFP: Discourse Analysis Panel for ICQI 2015
17 Sep 03:01 2014Aksikas, Jaafar
*2014 Call for Self-Nominations for CSA Working Group Chairs and Vice C
16 Sep 19:25 2014Edward Schiappa
*CFP: Mediating Audiences
16 Sep 18:56 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – Calls for Fall 2014 Curators
16 Sep 03:28 2014Aksikas, Jaafar
*CFP: 2015 Cultural Studies Association (CSA) Conference Call for Propo
16 Sep 15:15 2014Jeremy Gilbert
**Sexism - Call for Contributions for Special Issue of New Formations
15 Sep 23:08 2014Athena Tan
*Reminder: Camera Obscura special issue on collectivity -- deadline 10/
15 Sep 20:57 2014Media Industries Journal
*Media Industries Publishes Second Issue
15 Sep 16:46 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – Millennial Marxism
15 Sep 16:42 2014Sherryl Vint
*CFP special issue on Star Trek; deadline 1 Sep 2015
15 Sep 03:17 2014Mél Hogan
15 Sep 01:45 2014Bickford, Tyler
*Tenure-track position in Children’s Literature at the University of
12 Sep 22:21 2014Joseph Tuminello
*2nd Notice: Jonathan Safran Foer Virtual Classroom Visit 2014
12 Sep 22:08 2014Jonathan Bullinger
*CFP - ICA Panel - "The Selling of History: Theory, Practice & Collecti
12 Sep 17:21 2014Jo Littler
*Feminism and childcare revisited: Roundtable 8 October, London
12 Sep 17:21 2014Jo Littler
*Feminism and childcare revisited: Roundtable 8 October, London
10 Sep 17:50 2014Michael Lecker
*Cultural Studies Association (CSA) Ethnographic Working Group 2014 CFP
10 Sep 14:27 2014Desiree Rowe
*Tenure Track Position
10 Sep 03:52 2014Imre Szeman
*2015 MLA Subconference CFP: "Non-Negotiable Sites of Struggle"
10 Sep 04:59 2014Bhaskar Sarkar
*Assistant Professor, Media Practice & Theory, UC Santa Barbara
10 Sep 06:16 2014Jennifer Hessler
*CFP Media Fields Issue 10: Digital Distribution (Deadline Oct. 24th)
10 Sep 05:54 2014helen morgan parmett
*Reminder: Call for Papers for New Perspectives on Media Production Spa
9 Sep 16:16 2014James Salvo
*11th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (QI2015) taking Sub
9 Sep 19:14 2014Alex Leavitt
*Fwd: Panel CFP Working It: Postfeminist Labour in Neoliberal Times
8 Sep 22:00 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*Black Audio Film Collective (BAFC) Screening and Lecture Series
8 Sep 14:18 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – FlowTV
8 Sep 02:28 2014Juan Llamas Rodriguez
*New Anthologies from the Media Industries Project
6 Sep 17:25 2014Cristina Santos
*Fw: CFP: Monsters and the Monstrous Journal Themed Issue: "In The Bloo
6 Sep 16:06 2014Grossberg, Lawrence
*Visualizing Postwar Tokyo/MOOC edX】 by Shunya Yoshimi
6 Sep 08:09 2014Wysocki, Matthew
*Correction: CFP 2015 PCA ACA National Conference
6 Sep 05:07 2014Wysocki, Matthew
*CFP: Game Studies Area: 2013 PCA/ACA National Conference.
6 Sep 04:19 2014Lee, Hye Jin
*Announcement: Books Aren’t Dead (BAD) Interview with C ara Wallis (S
5 Sep 08:26 2014Raka Shome
*Deadline Reminder: Postcolonial and Communication Conference
4 Sep 18:01 2014Chris Bell
*Call for Papers: SWPACA Harry Potter Studies Division
3 Sep 18:06 2014Antonio Vittorio Venezia
*REMINDER - Transitions 5 October 25‏
3 Sep 13:36 2014Imre Szeman
*New issue of Politics and Culture
3 Sep 10:02 2014Tapas Ray [Gmail]
3 Sep 07:18 2014Stevphen Shukaitis
*New issue of ephemera on ‘The politics of wor ker’s inquiry’
2 Sep 17:03 2014Cory Barker
*Call for Submissions: Edited collection on the CW series Arrow [Deadli
2 Sep 05:46 2014Kristen Phillips
*LATE CALL FOR PAPERS: Essays on Women and Erotic Fiction
1 Sep 20:43 2014Ralina L Joseph
*Communication and Difference Search at the University of Washington
1 Sep 17:51 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – Hip Hop - Southern Aesthetics
1 Sep 07:39 2014Mél Hogan
*NOMOREPOTLUCKS no. 35: Sources
27 Aug 18:18 2014Janneke Adema
*Knowledge Machines Symposium
26 Aug 23:38 2014Yolie Torres
*ARTIST (Painting Emphasis) Assistant Professor Position at UC San Dieg
26 Aug 23:35 2014Yolie Torres
*ARTIST (Narrative Media) - Assistant Professor Position at UC San Dieg
26 Aug 11:23 2014laurence raw
*Call for Papers
26 Aug 02:42 2014Mark Hayward
*CFP REMINDER: Media and Populism - October 24-25, 2014 - New York
26 Aug 00:57 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – Cinema Journal Presents InFocus: Africa n American Me
25 Aug 23:31 2014Karen Petruska
*Deadline Reminder: Connected Viewing Submissions Due Aug. 31
25 Aug 06:39 2014James Michael Meese
*CFP Reminder: Situating research, situating practice: Special section
22 Aug 09:21 2014Kristy Davidson
*FW: Call for ARC DECRA Expressions of Interest at the Institute for Cu
21 Aug 20:33 2014helen morgan parmett
*CFP: New Perspectives on Media Production Spaces, GeoMedia 2015 Confer
21 Aug 20:39 2014Samuel Binkley
*special issue of Foucault Studies: Counter-conduct
21 Aug 16:46 2014Lisa Parks
*Assistant Professor job at UC Santa Barbara
20 Aug 16:46 2014Ravindra Mohabeer
*Any writing on the use of 'porn' as a suffix?
20 Aug 17:35 2014Christiaan De Beukelaer
**Any writing on the use of 'porn' as a suffix?
20 Aug 20:50 2014Makagon, Daniel
**Any writing on the use of 'porn' as a suffix?
20 Aug 20:57 2014Dawn Perlmutter
***Any writing on the use of 'porn' as a suffix?
19 Aug 22:18 2014Daniel Wood
*Deadline for Postcolonial Conference Extended
19 Aug 07:46 2014Vanessa Plumly
*Reminder: CFP NEMLA 2015 The Circus in German Lit. and Film, Toronto A
19 Aug 19:14 2014jeremy hunsinger
*cfp: Closed Systems / Open Worlds ( extended deadline: Sept. 15, 2014)
18 Aug 23:30 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – Sketch Comedy
18 Aug 18:21 2014Cory Barker
*Call for Submissions: Edited collection on the CW series Arrow
18 Aug 12:48 2014jackiearcy@gmail.com
*from: jackiearcy@gmail.com
14 Aug 23:34 2014Raka Shome
*Communication, Postcoloniality and Social Justice: Decolonizing Imagin
14 Aug 16:02 2014laurence raw
13 Aug 22:35 2014Joanne Steinberg
*Call for Authors
13 Aug 18:03 2014Briyana Davis
*CFP: Black Queer Sexuality Conference @ Princeton
12 Aug 14:54 2014Stephen Groening
*CFP- Online Videos (Special Issue for Film Criticism)
11 Aug 21:50 2014Erin J Rand
*new book announcement
11 Aug 20:40 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – Magic & Sleight of Hand
11 Aug 15:34 2014Brett Mills (AMA
*CFP: disability and television
8 Aug 17:36 2014Aksikas, Jaafar
*2015 Cultural Studies Association (CSA) Conference Call for Proposals
8 Aug 10:55 2014Joanna Zylinska
*Drone selfies, photos of our thoughts and the horrors of visuality: Ph
7 Aug 18:49 2014Media Industries Journal
*Media Industries journal-call for papers
6 Aug 23:43 2014nico carpentier
*new book - The Social Construction of Death - ed. Van Brussel & Carpen
6 Aug 21:39 2014Wysocki, Matthew
*Call for completed chapter, Book on Video Game Sex and Sexuality
6 Aug 18:15 2014Lisa Zenno
*What cultural lens(es) do you wear?
6 Aug 09:59 2014jayson harsin
*CFP: Whose voice?: Global Populisms, Media and Political Institutions
6 Aug 05:16 2014Kate Fortmueller
*CFP - Spectator: Performing Labor in the Media Industries
4 Aug 19:38 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – HIV/AIDS and Television
3 Aug 17:18 2014Tamas Nagypal
*CFP -- "Im agining Cr isis": Yor k Universi ty Cinem a & Media St udi
*Part-time Lecturers in the African Studies Program
1 Aug 20:46 2014Lee, Hye Jin
*Announcement: Books Aren’t Dead (BAD) Inter view with Marina Levina
1 Aug 19:50 2014stephanie schulte
*CULTSTUD-L Digest - 30 Jul 2014 to 31 Jul 2014 (#2014-165)
1 Aug 14:17 2014Consoleing Passions
*Console-ing Passions 2015 CFP