28 Mar 23:55 2015Boyhood Studies (Berghahn Jour
*CFP: Cinemas of Boyhood
28 Mar 16:44 2015Paterson, Mark William David
*[Update] “The biopolitics of sensation” p anel for SLSA 2015: Dead
27 Mar 16:20 2015Garcia Favaro, Laura
*Deconstructing Sexism Event
27 Mar 11:47 2015Joanna Zylinska
*Fluid bodies, open books and the politics of knowledge: Photomediation
26 Mar 16:36 2015Ellef Prestsæter
*Conference: Touching the Screen (University of Oslo, April 28). Regist
26 Mar 16:21 2015Clare Birchall
*N. Katherine Hayles podcast interview @ Culture Machine Live
26 Mar 10:30 2015Paul Bowman
*Half Price Martial Arts Studies Conference Registration
25 Mar 19:56 2015Lital Pascar
*CFP: Queer Safe Spaces
25 Mar 18:26 2015Mary Beltran
*Announcing FLOW Vol. 21, Issue 5
25 Mar 17:24 2015Julie Doyle
*IAMCR Climate Communication Research Award 2015
25 Mar 17:00 2015Tema Milstein
*Call for book section submissions: Pedagogy of Environmental Communica
24 Mar 18:06 2015Gavin Macdonald
*"Between States: Visual Culture and the two Koreas". MMU Creative Geog
24 Mar 10:38 2015L Eaton
*CFP: Teaching Popular Culture
24 Mar 03:11 2015rbc24
*online short Ted Chabasinski A Stand Up Man
24 Mar 02:47 2015allison perlman
*CFP: International Journal of Communication: Special Section on Networ
23 Mar 20:02 2015Katharine P. Zakos
*In Media Res – Celebrity D-List
23 Mar 08:44 2015Kris Rutten
*The Ethnographic Turn (Revisited) - Resubmission of Abstracts
23 Mar 04:21 2015Timothy Neale
*History, Power, Text: Cultural Studies and Indigenous Studies - availa
20 Mar 18:52 2015Neoliberation Conference
*CfP #Neoliberation - Cultural Studies Conference @ Goldsmiths, 9-10 Ju
20 Mar 18:34 2015Robert J. King
*CFP - Austin Plays Itself - MLA 2015, Austin, Texas
20 Mar 15:26 2015Gavin Macdonald
*"Between States: Visual Culture and the two Koreas". MMU Creative Geog
20 Mar 04:11 2015Sal Humphreys
*Position available: Lecturer Level B in Media, University of Adelaide,
19 Mar 23:16 2015Matthew Potolsky
19 Mar 18:35 2015Cultural Studies
*9th Annual Critiquing Culture Conference CFP
19 Mar 14:57 2015Elena Boschi
*Please sing my petition to 'Help us to stop managed attacks on Profess
19 Mar 00:13 2015Paterson, Mark William David
*'The biopolitics of sensation' panel SLSA 2015 Houston, TX Deadline Ma
18 Mar 23:42 2015Radhika Gajjala
*Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology | adanewmedia.org
18 Mar 20:45 2015Tony Mills
*Extended deadline for Religion and Media issue of Teaching Media Quart
18 Mar 16:25 2015raka shome
*Postcolonial, Communication and Social Justice Conference--Final annou
17 Mar 22:36 2015Gilbert B. Rodman
*Registration now open for the 2015 ACS Institute (Bloemfontein, South
17 Mar 19:29 2015Alicia Guzman
*InVisible Culture: An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture CFP (deadl
17 Mar 17:52 2015Anna Notaro (Staff
*gender inequality in the academy
17 Mar 16:09 2015Malla Lehtonen
*2nd CFP: North American In/Securities: A Local-Global Nexus
16 Mar 18:49 2015Debra Shaw
*CCSR Annual Lecture - Rosi Braidotti - video now available
16 Mar 18:35 2015Katharine P. Zakos
*In Media Res – Making the Past Visible
16 Mar 13:38 2015Dr. Charlton Payne
*New Book on Fetishism
14 Mar 00:51 2015Gregory Seigworth
*Assistant Professor job opening at Millersville University of Pennsylv
13 Mar 16:07 2015Joshua Abrams
*PhD Scholarships in Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
13 Mar 17:56 2015Nasreen Rajani
*CFA Women and Technology Conference
13 Mar 16:24 2015Bennett, James
*Senior Lecturer in Digital Culture: Royal Holloway
13 Mar 14:11 2015Mark Duffett
*Popular Music Fandom and the Public Sphere: A One Day Symposium, Unive
11 Mar 21:15 2015Karen Petruska
*CFP second notice: Connected Viewing Theme Issue of Convergence
11 Mar 19:00 2015Shawn Powers
*Geopolitics & Internet Freedom
11 Mar 07:36 2015Fowler, John
*Join us March 19-20 for Free Live Webcast of the 7th COIL Conference
11 Mar 16:22 2015Aksikas, Jaafar
*Call for Participation: 2015 CSA Conference Seminars
11 Mar 12:48 2015Eric Gordon
*Civic Media Project launch
10 Mar 16:46 2015Katharine P. Zakos
*In Media Res – UPDATED Calls for Spring 2015 Curators
10 Mar 03:28 2015Jennifer Fisher
*Law and the Curated Body
9 Mar 20:33 2015Francisco Seoane
*MCP Journal 10th Anniversary issue, with contributions from Steve Jone
9 Mar 17:45 2015Daniel Grinberg
*Media Fields Journal 11: Surveillance Zones Extended Deadline - Apr. 5
9 Mar 17:05 2015Katharine P. Zakos
*In Media Res – Sony Hack
9 Mar 09:10 2015Rebecca Ross
*Professor of Digital Humanities at Newcastle University
8 Mar 18:28 2015Debra Shaw
*CCSR Annual Lecture 2015 - Rosi Braidotti - LAST CHANCE
6 Mar 04:03 2015Robert W. Gehl
*Call for Submissions: The Torist (a new literary journal hosted on Tor
5 Mar 21:46 2015Lorien Hunter
*CFP: On the Fringe: Understanding Alternative and Subversive Media
5 Mar 17:05 2015Joel McKim
*Jeremy Till at Birkbeck 13 March
5 Mar 14:10 2015Aiden Enns
*CFP: Decolonization for Geez magazine, contemplative cultural resistan
10 Mar 16:13 2015Aiden Enns
**CFP: Decolonization for Geez magazine, contemplative cultural resistan
5 Mar 11:17 2015Francien Broekhuizen
*CFP Transformative Practice and Theory where we stand today MeCCSA PGN
5 Mar 16:48 2015Janet Staiger
*CFP: Reception Studies Conference, 24-27 September 2015
5 Mar 05:42 2015Jeff Heydon
*Advertising Reader
5 Mar 14:40 2015Jay Hamilton
**Advertising Reader
4 Mar 22:20 2015Rebecca Sullivan
*CFP: PS special issue on P*rn and Labour
3 Mar 22:53 2015Peaslee, Robert
*New Collection on The Joker (U of Mississippi Press)
3 Mar 22:40 2015Media Industries Journal
*Media Industries--call for papers, priority deadline 4/1
3 Mar 21:24 2015Laura Junka-Aikio
*CFP Cultural Studies of Extraction
3 Mar 09:36 2015Kris Rutten
2 Mar 22:52 2015Katharine P. Zakos
*In Media Res – Cellphone Witness
2 Mar 19:09 2015Powers,Devon
*REMINDER: CFP - Special Issue of Popular Music on The Critical Imperat
2 Mar 17:33 2015Larissa Wodtke
*CFP - Special Issue of *Jeunesse* on Mobility
2 Mar 11:10 2015Catherine Oakley
*'Rethinking Disability on Screen' Symposium - Registration Now Open
1 Mar 19:51 2015Mél Hogan
*NOMOREPOTLUCKS no. 38 "Risk" is online now!
1 Mar 11:57 2015Gavin Macdonald
*"Spaces of Deindustrialisation: Thirty Years On". 5 March, MMU.
27 Feb 22:47 2015Kevin Gotkin
*Fwd: Save the Date | Biocode: Performing Transgression After New Media
27 Feb 22:06 2015Sarah Banet-Weiser
*Upcoming Deadline: Annenberg Doctoral Summer Institute on Diversity in
27 Feb 16:08 2015daniel rubinstein
*Lat 2 weeks!! Call for papers: Photography at the 21st Century @ Centr
26 Feb 00:39 2015Stevphen Shukaitis
*Joy Forever: Political Economy of Social Creativity Released
24 Feb 19:36 2015raka shome
*Conference Program now available for: Communication,Postcoloniality, a
24 Feb 18:30 2015Imre Szeman
*CFP: Marx’s Capital: The Basement Tapes (June 24-2 8, 2015)
24 Feb 16:23 2015Cristina Santos
*CFP: Testimony @ Oxford 13 March deadline
24 Feb 11:43 2015andreas hudelist
*CfP Special Issue: mind the time – time and/in theatre and the medi
24 Feb 10:39 2015Loreta Georgievska - Jakovleva
*Extended deadline: CCCS Conference "Identity and Culture"
23 Feb 17:48 2015Michelle Fehsenfeld
*Cultural Studies Association Conference 2015: Student Travel Grant App
23 Feb 17:55 2015James F. Hamilton
*Reminder: Abstracts for critical approaches to advertising book deadli
23 Feb 18:14 2015Katharine P. Zakos
*In Media Res – African Cinema & Media
23 Feb 17:13 2015Bennett, James
*Senior Lecturer in Digital Culture: Royal Holloway
19 Feb 22:42 2015Geoff Stahl
*Professor / Associate Professor in Media Studies at Victoria Universit
19 Feb 13:12 2015Jedediah Sklower
*CfP: Popular Music and Public Diplomacy
19 Feb 06:28 2015Iwabuchi Koichi
*All I Need Is Love? Nation, Affect and Aversion in a Post-Imagined-Com
19 Feb 03:04 2015Tony Mills
*Teaching Media Quarterly - Religion and Media issue - Call for Proposa
18 Feb 18:58 2015Lital Pascar
*CFP: QUEERTOPIA 8.0 conference: Intimacies and Outimacies: Exploding R
18 Feb 10:32 2015Taylor, Elinor (PG
*CFP: Raymond Williams Now
17 Feb 22:52 2015Peaslee, Robert
*Textbook recommendations
17 Feb 20:35 2015Bryan Taylor
*Announcement: International Conference: Qualitative Research in Commu
17 Feb 17:40 2015Carrie Andersen
*CFP: 4S Annual Meeting, Open Panel on Affect, Technology, and Security
16 Feb 20:57 2015Joseph Tompkins
*EXTENDED DEADLINE: CFP Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier
16 Feb 18:17 2015Katharine P. Zakos
*In Media Res – Imagining the Border
16 Feb 11:53 2015Jessalynn Keller
*CFP: The Gendered Politics of Production: Girls and Women as Media Pro
15 Feb 20:18 2015Janneke Adema
*Disrupting the Humanities Seminar Series: Radical Methodologies for th
14 Feb 04:19 2015J Mu
*CFP: Race and Yoga Journal, Inaugural Issue