1 Dec 14:24 2015Mary Beltran
*Announcing issue 22.02 of FLOW
1 Dec 10:48 2015Catherine Driscoll
30 Nov 22:00 2015Fowler, John
*Position Open: COIL Course Development Coordinator at SUNY COIL Center
30 Nov 15:34 2015Ben Roberts
*Deconstructing Big Data: Memory and Ethics in the Age of Datasets (Fed
29 Nov 23:51 2015Melissa Johnson
*Call for Applications: MA in Visual Culture at Illinois State Universi
27 Nov 15:09 2015Richard McCulloch
*The World Star Wars Project
27 Nov 18:19 2015Esterrich, Carmelo
**The World Star Wars Project
26 Nov 13:32 2015Dr Samita Nandy
*Celebrity Activism: Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) 2016
26 Nov 12:09 2015Debra Shaw
*New Publication: Sewing, Fighting and Writing - CORRECTION
26 Nov 05:31 2015Casey B. Hart
*Call for Chapters
25 Nov 22:13 2015Imre Szeman
*Toronto Workshop: Creative Non-Fiction Writing for Academics
25 Nov 19:29 2015Claudia Schippert
*Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Studies (with secondary teaching compete
25 Nov 18:03 2015Julie Doyle
*Funded PhDs in Media, Film and Popular Culture – Unive rsity of Brig
24 Nov 20:33 2015Arthurs, Kerri
*Online Workshop "Cultural Planning: An International Perspective" star
24 Nov 20:24 2015Eric Gordon
*New Program: Civic Media Art and Practice (CMAP)
23 Nov 11:44 2015André Rangel
*2nd Call for X - xCoAx 2016
23 Nov 16:04 2015Debra Shaw
*New Publication: Sewing, Fighting and Writing
20 Nov 18:53 2015Yolie Torres
*Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment (SLSOE) in Medieval Art Hi
20 Nov 14:24 2015Grossberg, Lawrence
*Be Creative Making a Living in the New Culture Industries: New book by
19 Nov 18:36 2015Media Industries Journal
*Media Industries Publishes Winter 2015 Issue
19 Nov 13:00 2015Jason Lee
*Cultures of Denial Symposium, De Montfort University, Friday 27th Nove
19 Nov 08:29 2015Aris Mousoutzanis
*Film, Screen & Media Seminar at Brighton: Prof Christine Geraghty, 'A
18 Nov 07:28 2015Terri Ginsberg
*CFP: Arab cinema edited collection
18 Nov 00:50 2015Stevphen Shukaitis
*24/11 London The Artist Behind the Iron Curtain: The Legacy of the 70s
17 Nov 20:50 2015Imre Szeman
*Energy and Experience: An Essay in Nafthology - book now available!
17 Nov 20:24 2015Wysocki, Matthew
*Call for Nearly Completed Chapter, Book Project on True Detective
17 Nov 18:54 2015C.D. Kee
*CFP: Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier: Integrating Production into Medi
13 Nov 12:21 2015Catherine Oakley
*Call for Workshop Participants: "Pasts, Presents and Futures of Medica
13 Nov 01:54 2015Michelle Fehsenfeld
*2015 Call for Self-Nominations for the Cultural Studies Association Go
12 Nov 07:35 2015David L Martin
*Films from the Underside - Global South Film Fest
12 Nov 03:07 2015Meiver De la Cruz
*CFP: Listening In: Sonic Interventions in the Middle East and North Af
10 Nov 20:48 2015Danielle Nielsen
*Job Posting - Assistant Professor of English, Diaspora/Transnational L
10 Nov 19:30 2015James A. Hodges
*Save the date! Extending Play 3, Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2016
10 Nov 10:02 2015Tony David Sampson
*Next Club Critical Theory - Fri 4th Dec 2015
9 Nov 22:59 2015Arthurs, Kerri
*UBC Online Workshop "Cultural Entrepreneurship," starts Nov 19
9 Nov 19:38 2015Makagon, Daniel
*Book Announcement: Underground
9 Nov 17:26 2015Cristina Santos
*FW: Testimony Memory, Trauma, Truth, Engagement
9 Nov 16:56 2015Dr Samita Nandy
*Updated CFP 2016 Bridging Gaps: What are the media, publicists & celeb
9 Nov 16:54 2015Katie Aubrecht
*Aging/Disability Nexus Call for Chapter Abstracts (Due Dec.1st)
9 Nov 16:35 2015Penelope Ironstone
*Call For Papers/Appel à communication - CCA 2016 Ann ual Conference/
9 Nov 14:18 2015Dr Samita Nandy
*Barcelona CFP 2016 Bridging Gaps: What are the media, publicists & cel
7 Nov 23:41 2015VelvetLight Trap
*CFP: The Velvet Light Trap Issue #79: Serials, Seriality and Serializa
7 Nov 09:59 2015Mark Jancovich (AMA
*studentships in Art, Media and American Studies at UEA
6 Nov 22:45 2015Women Make Movies Educate
*25th Anniversary Edition of A PLACE OF RAGE
6 Nov 14:57 2015Vincent Meelberg
*CFP: Journal of Sonic Studies: Soundscapes of South-East Asia
6 Nov 11:24 2015Paul Bowman
*Martial Arts Studies: Cardiff University Press
5 Nov 22:17 2015Imre Szeman
*"On Energy" - Banff Research in Culture 2016 - Call for Applicants
5 Nov 23:52 2015Imre Szeman
**"On Energy" - Banff Research in Culture 2016 - Call for Applicants (Co
6 Nov 19:31 2015Imre Szeman
**"On Energy" - Banff Research in Culture 2016 - Call for Applicants
5 Nov 19:20 2015Adrienne Shaw
*CFP Cultural Transduction Conference
5 Nov 09:58 2015Meri Kytö
*MDP in Cultural Studies @ University of Tampere, Finland
5 Nov 08:16 2015Aris Mousoutzanis
*Monday: Film, Screen & Media Seminar at U of Brighton: Prof Jonathan B
5 Nov 00:34 2015Robert Arp
*CFP: Graphic Novels and Philosophy
4 Nov 17:20 2015Geoff Golson
*Call for Authors: Research Starter Articles (Phase 8)
4 Nov 16:23 2015deWinter, Jennifer
*Book Announcement: Video Game Policy
4 Nov 12:58 2015Burcu Gurkan
*Deadline Extended to November 15th, 2015!
4 Nov 01:50 2015Makagon, Daniel
3 Nov 15:55 2015Ben Roberts
*Benjamin Noys: "Drone Metaphysics" – Sussex H umanities Lab Research
2 Nov 22:39 2015Tamara Shepherd
*Job opportunities at the University of Calgary
2 Nov 21:12 2015Melissa M Aronczyk
*CFP: International Communication Association Preconference: Politics a
2 Nov 18:22 2015Rachel Hurst
*New book - Surface Imaginations: Cosmetic Surgery, Photography, and Sk
30 Oct 20:34 2015CMF Grad Program
*Call for Applications
30 Oct 19:00 2015Todd Wolfson
*CFP: From Global Justice to Occupy and Podemos: Mapping Three Stages o
30 Oct 18:51 2015Lyle De Souza
*2015 BAMS Christmas Talk: Japanese Diasporas
29 Oct 16:31 2015Mary Beltran
*Velvet Light Trap CFP: Serials, Seriality, and Serialization
29 Oct 17:02 2015Parisi, David P
*CFP: Haptic Media Studies - Deadline Extended
29 Oct 14:35 2015VJ Um Amel
*Fwd: Vacancy: Asst. Professor of Performance & Technology at Texas A&M
29 Oct 08:35 2015Aris Mousoutzanis
*Monday: Film, Screen & Media Seminar at Brighton: Federica Frabetti (O
29 Oct 16:08 2015Paul Bowman
*Martial Arts Studies Book Series
28 Oct 20:48 2015Jeremy Gilbert
*Corbyn, Charisma and Leadership: 3 seminars
28 Oct 18:14 2015Gabriel Menotti
*Besides the Screen Brazil 2015 Conference - The Methods & Materials of
28 Oct 15:06 2015Mathias Nilges
*The Contemporaneity of Modernism
28 Oct 14:34 2015Stevphen Shukaitis
*Call for Papers: Affects & Aesthetics of the Undercommons
28 Oct 11:54 2015Vincent Meelberg
*ANNOUNCEMENT: Journal of Sonic Studies - New issue now available
27 Oct 16:19 2015Meredith Jones
27 Oct 15:16 2015Mary Beltran
*Announcing issue 22.01 of FLOW
26 Oct 19:45 2015Women Make Movies Educate
*New film combats bullying; changes perceptions of beauty
25 Oct 17:56 2015Antonio Vittorio Venezia
*REMINDER - Transitions 6 Comica Symposium
26 Oct 14:03 2015Michelle Fehsenfeld
**Cultural Studies Association 2016 Conference Submission System is Now
24 Oct 16:17 2015Dr Samita Nandy
*Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies - Vol. 17
24 Oct 08:04 2015nico carpentier
*Audience Transformations now in paperback
22 Oct 15:22 2015Gabriel Menotti
*open call for DIGITAL 3D MODELS (to be printed and shown in Brazil)
21 Oct 10:07 2015Joseph Tuminello
*Final Notice: 2015 Jonathan Safran Foer Virtual Classroom Visit
21 Oct 11:03 2015Joanna Zylinska
*Reimagining landscapes, real and virtual, in Photomediations Machine
20 Oct 23:03 2015Lerner, Shannon Wong
*Conferences and Calls: Panelists and a respondant for “Diva” pane
20 Oct 21:31 2015Park, David
*ICA Communication History Division Pre-Conference for Fukuoka 2016: Cr
17 Oct 15:37 2015Valentina Abbatelli
*[REMINDER] Cfp Under Control: Childhood and 20th Century Dictatorships
16 Oct 19:08 2015Women Make Movies Educate
*New Film on Feminist Literature & Romance Novels
15 Oct 20:55 2015Nick Hanford
*CFP: Journal of Games Criticism
15 Oct 15:39 2015Aris Mousoutzanis
*MONDAY: FSM Seminar, Brighton: Matt Hills, 'Is Sherlock Fan Fiction?'
14 Oct 21:14 2015Leppert, Alice
*Call for Book Reviews: Film Criticism
14 Oct 19:53 2015Julie Cupples
*Decolonizing the academy - Two day graduate and faculty seminar and on
14 Oct 19:26 2015rbc24
*Going To School (Ir a la Escuela) documentary online - inclusion, spec
14 Oct 12:43 2015Burcu Gurkan
*CFP - Philosophy and Popular Culture
14 Oct 00:06 2015Katie Aubrecht
*Our Future is Aging - Conference Call for Abstracts
13 Oct 23:03 2015Arthurs, Kerri
*UBC Online Courses & Workshops: Autumn 2015/Winter 2016
12 Oct 18:56 2015Kuhio Walters
*animals and value - recommendations?
13 Oct 04:35 2015John Hutnyk
**animals and value - recommendations?
14 Oct 05:22 2015April Durham
***animals and value - recommendations?
14 Oct 06:15 2015Kuhio Walters
****animals and value - recommendations?