7 Feb 23:40 2016Daniel Gustav Anderson
*Deadline Extended: Environment, Space, and Place at CSA 2016
7 Feb 17:33 2016Erwin Verbruggen
*VIEW Journal Call for papers on Non-fiction Transmedia.
7 Feb 00:35 2016Cecilia Uy-Tioco
*CFP: Cultural Studies Association (CSA) Globalization & Culture Workin
7 Feb 00:08 2016Michael Lecker
*EXTENDED DEADLINE-Cultural Studies Association’s Ethnographic Workin
6 Feb 14:20 2016Aris Mousoutzanis
*FSM Seminar Serries, Brighton: Media Cultural Studies and Neoliberalis
6 Feb 07:40 2016nico carpentier
*Call European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School 2016
3 Feb 15:27 2016Tony David Sampson
*Club Critical Theory Special at Conway Hall, London on 3rd March
3 Feb 06:00 2016Tom Clark
*CfP reminder: AULLA conference in Melbourne, December 2016
2 Feb 19:13 2016Aksikas, Jaafar
1 Feb 19:57 2016Gerald Voorhees
*CFP: First Person Scholar
1 Feb 18:24 2016Tony David Sampson
*Affect and Social Media Symposium#2 at UEL on 23rd March - full progra
1 Feb 10:05 2016Iwabuchi Koichi
*CFP Trans-Asia Human Mobilities and Encounters: Exchange, Commodificat
5 Feb 02:31 2016Iwabuchi Koichi
**CFP The 5th Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Conference 2016 at Monash
30 Jan 22:45 2016Carpentier Nico
*CFP: The Communication Histories Project
29 Jan 19:02 2016Joseph Tompkins
*FILM CRITICISM journal -- new open access website
29 Jan 01:36 2016Howard Hastings
*CfP: The Working Group on Culture and War, Cultural Studies Associatio
28 Jan 22:35 2016Stevphen Shukaitis
28 Jan 13:54 2016Ben Pitcher
*PhD studentship on race in London's night-time economy
27 Jan 14:09 2016André Rangel
*xCoAx 2016: extended deadline for submissions
27 Jan 23:58 2016Callie Spencer Schultz
*Call for papers-Special Issue of Leisure Sciences
27 Jan 18:40 2016Robert Arp
*CFA: Perry Mason and Philosophy
26 Jan 18:38 2016Fowler, John
*10th Anniversary COIL Conference - 2 weeks left to submit a proposal -
26 Jan 13:17 2016Robert Arp
*CFA: Deadpool and Philosophy
25 Jan 01:49 2016Ramon Lobato
*New book: Geoblocking and Global Video Culture (open-access edited col
23 Jan 21:56 2016Robert W. Gehl
*Issue 1 of The Torist, the Dark Web Literary Journal, is live!
23 Jan 12:08 2016Wiemker Markus
*WG: 1st CfP: Cultural Studies and the Research of (Digital) Games. Cro
23 Jan 01:47 2016Graduate Consortium: York Univ
*CFP - Verging: Technologies/Practices/Aesthetics in Contemporary Docum
21 Jan 18:38 2016Greg Wise
*Approaching Deadline
21 Jan 17:13 2016Tony David Sampson
*Affect and Social Media Symposium#2 (23rd March) registration open!
21 Jan 15:24 2016Jessica N. Pabón
*NWSA Performance Studies Interest Group Call for Proposals
21 Jan 14:06 2016Aris Mousoutzanis
*Film, Screen and Media Seminar, U of Brighton: Prof Murray Pomerance,
26 Jan 11:57 2016Aris Mousoutzanis
**Film, Screen and Media Seminar, Brighton: Eleftheria Lekakis (Sussex),
21 Jan 00:03 2016Medovoi, Leerom - (medovoi
*New Directions Conference 2016: deadline 1/31
20 Jan 22:34 2016Meek, Allen
*New book on media and biopolitics
20 Jan 20:16 2016Ben Novotny Owen
*CFP: Two Sessions on Comics at ALA 2016, San Francisco, May 26-29
20 Jan 15:38 2016Jamie Henthorn
*MediaCommons Survey Translation Studies
19 Jan 23:07 2016Boyhood Studies (Berghahn Jour
*CFP: Boys’ Biologies: An Interdisciplinary Roundta ble
19 Jan 22:35 2016Carpentier Nico
*2016 Urban Communication Research Grant
19 Jan 19:04 2016shane boyle
*CFP: The Arts of Logistics (Queen Mary University of London)
19 Jan 17:37 2016Jacob Johanssen
*CFP: Digital Media, Psychoanalysis and the Subject
19 Jan 15:22 2016Toni Pape
*Summer School "Amsterdam Creative City: Media, Art and Urban Culture"
19 Jan 14:11 2016Bennett, James
*2 x Full-time Job Opportunities: Media Arts at Royal Holloway
19 Jan 03:11 2016Sarah Banet-Weiser
*Annenberg Summer Doctoral Institute on Difference in Media and Culture
19 Jan 00:51 2016Michelle Fehsenfeld
*2016 Cultural Studies Association (CSA) Conference CFP: Policing Crise
18 Jan 19:33 2016Savage, Ann
*A Call for Contributors
18 Jan 18:11 2016Aksikas, Jaafar
*2016 CFP: Working Group on the Theories of Cultural Studies, 2016 CSA
18 Jan 10:26 2016Giuliana Fenech
*CfP - Encountering Malta III
18 Jan 02:02 2016Howard Hastings
*Call for Papers: The Working Group on Culture and War, Cultural Studie
17 Jan 22:15 2016Joanna Zylinska
*Photomediations: symposium & launch of an open access book, Goldsmiths
17 Jan 12:24 2016Mark Jancovich (AMA
*new posts at UEA in Media, Film, American Studies and Art History
16 Jan 14:02 2016Vincent Meelberg
*ANNOUNCEMENT: Journal of Sonic Studies - New issue now available
14 Jan 23:06 2016Kenneth Longden
*[Shared Post] CFP: From TV To Screen: The Critical Relationship Betwee
14 Jan 21:52 2016Iwabuchi Koichi
*Ethnicities: The Art of Seeing DIversity
14 Jan 18:59 2016Brent Ryan Bellamy
*New Issue of Imaginations on Caribbean Cinema Now
14 Jan 03:28 2016Wysocki, Matthew
*Book Announcement: Rated M for Mature: Sex and Sexuality in Video Game
13 Jan 17:24 2016Jessalynn Keller
*Early bird deadline approaching for IGSA Conference
13 Jan 15:11 2016Erwin Verbruggen
*VIEW Journal issue 8 on Archive-Based Productions
13 Jan 04:20 2016Josh Reeves
*Assistant/Associate Professor of Visualization at Oregon State Univers
11 Jan 21:56 2016Kirsty Fairclough-Isaacs
*Reminder: Call for Papers: Fame-inism: Feminism and Global Celebrity C
11 Jan 19:52 2016Christian Ravela
*CFP: “Non-Fictions of Race: Post-War Writing Genres” for ASA 2016:
11 Jan 16:10 2016Robert Arp
*CFA: Red Rising and Philosophy
10 Jan 12:05 2016Paul Bowman
*Gender issues in Martial Arts - Brighton Uni
8 Jan 10:42 2016Giuliana Fenech
*Multisensory Encounters with the Literary
7 Jan 21:35 2016Sara Mitcho
*CFP for Critical Pedagogies Sessions at CSA Conference in 2016
7 Jan 02:56 2016J Musial
*CFP: Yoga Justice/ Yoga Violence
6 Jan 19:45 2016nico carpentier
*Invitation Iconoclastic Controversies - a visual sociology exhibition
6 Jan 18:58 2016Joshua Abrams
*CFP: "Trans-" ASTR 2016 (3-6 November, Minneapolis, MN)
5 Jan 18:58 2016Bridget Kies
*CFP: Queer Nostalgia and Queer Histories
5 Jan 13:23 2016Kate Egan
*PhD Scholarship Opportunities at Aberystwyth University, UK, deadline:
3 Jan 21:11 2016Heidi Zimmerman
*New issue of Teaching Media Quarterly on BRANDS now online!
2 Jan 17:19 2016Dana Polan
*passing of Sidney Mintz
4 Jan 16:48 2016Penelope Ironstone
**Call for Papers Canadian Communication Association (CCA) Annual Confer
6 Jan 00:07 2016Pullen, Kirsten W
***TAMU MA in Performance Studies
30 Dec 14:33 2015Casey B. Hart
*Call for Chapters - Collecting Coins: The evolution and social impact
22 Dec 17:41 2015Arthurs, Kerri
*Online Workshop: "Intercultural Cities", starts Jan 11
21 Dec 22:30 2015Sean Scanlan
*New Issue of NANO: New American Notes Online--Corporations and Culture
21 Dec 19:40 2015CMF Grad Program
*Call for Applications
21 Dec 16:34 2015Dr Samita Nandy
*Barcelona 2016 Centre for Media & Celebrity Studies - Keynote Speaker
18 Dec 20:43 2015Carpentier Nico
*Participation across institutional and disciplinary boundaries - speci
18 Dec 16:29 2015Fowler, John
*10th Anniversary COIL Conference - Registration and CFP is Open
17 Dec 19:39 2015Amanda Firestone
*Assistant Professor of Communication at The University of Tampa (Term)
17 Dec 20:27 2015Darrell Newton
*Archives at Harvard
17 Dec 04:31 2015Laura Portwood-Stacer
*CFP: Futures of Intergenerational Feminist Media Studies
16 Dec 10:33 2015Kirsty Fairclough-Isaacs
*Call for Papers: Fame-inism: Feminism and Global Celebrity Culture Spe
15 Dec 12:23 2015Bennett, James
*2 x Full-time Job Opportunities: Media Arts at Royal Holloway
14 Dec 15:41 2015Dr Samita Nandy
*Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) 2016 Media Workshop
14 Dec 15:00 2015Richard McCulloch
*Reminder: The World Star Wars Project
15 Dec 08:38 2015Caroline Edwards
*Call for Articles: From TV To Screen: The Critical Relationship Betwee
13 Dec 23:02 2015Cristina Santos
*CfP: Testimony in Prague May 2016-- still accepting proposals
14 Dec 00:01 2015Daniel Wood
*Legacies of Colonialism & Philosophies of Resistance CFP (Keynotes: Du
13 Dec 14:58 2015Kenneth Longden
*[Shared Post] CFP: From TV To Screen: The Critical Relationship Betwee
11 Dec 20:40 2015Casey B. Hart
*Call for Chapters: Collecting Coins: The evolution and social impact o
11 Dec 12:54 2015Jedediah Sklower
*Volume! Newsletter Winter 2015
11 Dec 12:08 2015Paul Bowman
*Martial Arts Studies Events
10 Dec 01:31 2015Heidi Zimmerman
*Call for Lesson Plans for Teaching Media Quarterly: Teaching #BlackLiv
10 Dec 00:03 2015Mary Celeste Kearney
*CFP: Console-ing Passions 2016
9 Dec 17:50 2015Tony David Sampson
*Affect and Social Media Symposium #2 – Submission dead line Dec 15th
9 Dec 17:19 2015Savage, Ann
*CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS: Women's Rights: Reflections in Popular Culture
9 Dec 16:24 2015Bertha Chin
*The Fan Studies Network Conference 2016
8 Dec 22:25 2015Leurs, K.H.A. (Koen
*Guest-edited special issue on Media City, OBS* Observatorio