18 Nov 01:03 2014June Deery
*PhD and MS/PhD Communication & Media, RPI
17 Nov 17:49 2014Sean Scanlan
*Announcement: NANO: New American Notes Online special issue on Cartogr
17 Nov 14:42 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – Cinema Journal Presents: Latin America n Film Researc
16 Nov 15:30 2014Greg Wise
*Culture and Technology: a Primer (Second Edition)
16 Nov 15:34 2014Andrew Herman
**Culture and Technology: a Primer (Second Edition)
15 Nov 17:04 2014Lee, Hye Jin
*Announcement: Fembot's November 2014 Books Aren't Dead (BAD) Podcast
14 Nov 23:48 2014Sandra Ristovska
*call for submission for UPenn Media Festival
14 Nov 20:45 2014deWinter, Jennifer
*MS in Interactive Media & Game Development
14 Nov 02:11 2014Aksikas, Jaafar
*Call for Proposals: Stuart Hall's Life and Work
16 Nov 21:57 2014Aksikas, Jaafar
**Call for Proposals: Stuart Hall's Life and Work
13 Nov 21:55 2014Hartigan, John
*Aesop's Anthropology: A Multispecies Approach, new e-book from Minneso
13 Nov 22:00 2014Stevphen Shukaitis
*CFP Organization & Collaborative Practices in the Arts
13 Nov 22:22 2014Aleksandra Kaminska
*Launch of issue of PUBLIC 50: The Retreat, with a talk by Franco Berar
13 Nov 19:48 2014Bluemel, Kristin
*Rural Modernity cfp
13 Nov 17:24 2014Paul Bowman
*Martial Arts Studies Conference
13 Nov 16:15 2014Graham Dawson
*Issue of Complicity. Conference, Brighton 31st March to 1st April 2015
13 Nov 15:03 2014Daniel Gustav Anderson
*CFP: Environment, Space, and Place Working Group
13 Nov 14:20 2014laurence raw
*Turkish Feminism
13 Nov 09:54 2014Jason Lee
*410 PhD studentships in the arts and humanities
12 Nov 22:52 2014Athena Tan
*Deadline Extension: Camera Obscura Special Issue on Collectivity - 12/
12 Nov 16:05 2014Michelle Fehsenfeld
*CFP: 2015 Cultural Studies Association (CSA) Conference Call for Propo
11 Nov 23:27 2014Mary Leonard
*CFP: The Human Animal Boundary: Exploring the Line in Philosophy and F
10 Nov 23:22 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – Issues of Gender and Race in Games Indu stries and Fa
10 Nov 22:40 2014Heidi Zimmerman
*DEADLINE EXTENDED to Nov. 14: Teaching Media CFP on Work and Media
10 Nov 16:48 2014Todd Wolfson
*New Book: Low Power to the People
7 Nov 11:30 2014Jeremy Gilbert
*Hearing our History Now: with Selector Paul Gilroy
6 Nov 17:43 2014Peter Asaro
*Tenure-track Position in Film and Digital Cinema Production @ The New
6 Nov 17:13 2014Alexandra Boutros
*Call for EOI for a new host for CACS
6 Nov 10:54 2014Paul Bowman
*Chinese Media and Cultural Studies Conference
6 Nov 01:05 2014Angelica Fenner
*CFP: PLAY/TIME -- Univ. of Toronto Cinema Studies Grad Conference
5 Nov 23:38 2014James Salvo
*Humanities Initiative Call for Abstracts
5 Nov 22:17 2014Tom Clark
*VU seminar ­ 'On the responsibility to engage: Non-Indig enous people
5 Nov 18:39 2014Bennett, James
*Funded PhDs in Film, TV & Media Arts at Royal Holloway, University of
5 Nov 13:08 2014Fuggle, Sophie
*CFP -Time Served. Discipline and Punish 40 years on
5 Nov 16:20 2014Susan Fast
**Please Sign: Open Letter About Women and Leadership Lecture Series at
7 Nov 01:52 2014Susan Fast
***Please Sign: Open Letter About Women and Leadership Lecture Series at
4 Nov 21:58 2014Jennifer Fisher
*Law and the Curated Body
4 Nov 19:31 2014Norma Coates
*Master of Arts in Popular Music and Culture, Western University (Unive
4 Nov 19:21 2014Stephen Groening
*CFP Reminder: The Aesthetics of Online Videos
4 Nov 07:52 2014Burcu Gurkan
*CFP - Philosophy and Popular Culture EXTENDED DEADLINE
4 Nov 00:31 2014Michael Lecker
*Cultural Studies Association (CSA) Ethnographic Working Group 2014 CFP
3 Nov 20:30 2014Joanna Zylinska
*Twitter portraits, MP3 faces and geologic timescales: new in Photomedi
7 Nov 12:33 2014Jason Lee
**3 Jobs in Game Art
3 Nov 18:41 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – Representing Democracy
3 Nov 18:25 2014Debra Shaw
*CCSR Annual Lecture 2015 - Rosi Braidotti
3 Nov 17:07 2014Greg Wise
*Announcing new MA in Social Technologies
3 Nov 10:10 2014Nina Boulus-Rødje
*CFP for ECSCW 2015 (19-23 Sept 2015, Oslo, Norway)
2 Nov 16:07 2014Jo Littler
*Event: An Intergenerational Feminist Media Studies 19 Nov City Univers
1 Nov 22:48 2014Mr Andrew Jenkins
*Drug Culture Bibliography
1 Nov 23:10 2014April Durham
**Drug Culture Bibliography
2 Nov 04:09 2014Sean Andrews
**Drug Culture Bibliography
2 Nov 08:11 2014Kinneret Lahad
**Drug Culture Bibliography
2 Nov 10:28 2014CJP Lee
**Drug Culture Bibliography
2 Nov 15:18 2014Glass, Loren D
***Drug Culture Bibliography
2 Nov 11:49 2014Gary Hall
**Drug Culture Bibliography
1 Nov 15:38 2014Mél Hogan
*NOMOREPOTLUCKS no. 36 – Encounter
31 Oct 21:46 2014Nicholas Hanford
*CFP: Journal of Games Criticism
31 Oct 21:01 2014Imre Szeman
*Banff Research in Culture 2015 (Deadline Reminder) / Summer Research R
31 Oct 15:55 2014Adriana de Souza e Silva
*PhD positions at the CRDM program @ NCSU
31 Oct 03:03 2014Janice Peck
*New MA and PhD programs in Media Studies at University of Colorado, Bo
31 Oct 01:08 2014Patrick Sutton
*Media Commons Front Page CFR: Technoculture
30 Oct 23:17 2014Gilbert B. Rodman
*Why Cultural Studies?
30 Oct 17:48 2014Stevphen Shukaitis
*New Book on the NSK State in Time Project
30 Oct 15:47 2014Bennett, James
*Celebrity Studies Journal
30 Oct 15:58 2014Rebecca Clark
*New Book Announcement: Whiteness, transnational feminism, & media stud
30 Oct 12:26 2014Tom Clark
*CfP for Literary Studies Convention 2015 in Wollongong
28 Oct 21:26 2014Lia Uy-Tioco
*CFP: 2015 CSA Working Group on Globalization & Culture
27 Oct 22:47 2014Heidi Zimmerman
*Call for Proposals: Teaching Media Quarterly on Work and Media
27 Oct 16:56 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – Candyland
26 Oct 16:29 2014Mél Hogan
*CFP: MOBILE TRASH (Abstracts due Nov 1 2014)
24 Oct 21:11 2014Karen Petruska
*CFP for Convergence: special issue on connected viewing
24 Oct 17:08 2014Amber Day
*CFP: ICA panel on Irony and the Internet
24 Oct 13:33 2014Catherine Oakley
*CFP: 'Rethinking Disability on Screen' Symposium, University of York,
24 Oct 13:31 2014Janneke Adema
*Open Education: Condition Critical
24 Oct 15:56 2014Peaslee, Robert
*Senior faculty position - Assoc or Full Professor of Journalism & Elec
23 Oct 10:40 2014Benita Heiskanen
*1st CFP: North American In/Securities: A Local-Global Nexus
23 Oct 04:42 2014Gilbert B. Rodman
*3rd ACS Institute -- 7-12 December 2015
23 Oct 03:27 2014HOWARD HASTINGS
*CfP 2015 CFP: CSA Working Group on War and Culture
22 Oct 21:11 2014Janet Staiger
*2015-2016 Harry Ransom Center Research Fellowships in the Humanities
22 Oct 17:54 2014Mark Duffett
*CFP: Popular Music Fandom and the Public Sphere - A One Day Symposium
22 Oct 17:59 2014Jo Littler
*Disorganising the world: neoliberalism and the global
22 Oct 04:54 2014Lisa Zenno
*Melibee Global Seeks New Team Members
21 Oct 18:20 2014Rob Cover
*Position Announcement: Assoc Prof in Media & Communication / UWA
21 Oct 17:53 2014Andrew Salvati
*Reminder: Seeking Participants for ICA 2015 Panel on History Televisio
21 Oct 17:25 2014Jeremy Gilbert
*Democracy and Collective Action in the Twenty-First Century
21 Oct 10:23 2014Iwabuchi Koichi
*Trans- Asian Cult ural and M edia Studi es — Postg raduate Re search
20 Oct 22:19 2014Rafal Zaborowski
*CFP: Audiences and their musics: new approaches
20 Oct 22:09 2014Tony Adams
*NCA Ethnography Preconference
20 Oct 18:59 2014Katharine Persephone Zakos
*In Media Res – After Thoughts on the 2014 World Cup
20 Oct 03:43 2014Jennifer Fisher
*Journal of Curatorial Studies: Latin American Curating and Exhibitions
19 Oct 21:35 2014Christine Scodari
*Genealogy Culture Survey
19 Oct 21:19 2014Ferrari, Chiara
*CFP: Global TV After 9/11 (edited anthology)
19 Oct 21:00 2014Meredith Lee
*CFP: Race/Gender Revisited
19 Oct 15:51 2014Melissa Johnson
*Please share with your students: MA in Visual Culture at Illinois Stat
18 Oct 02:49 2014June Deery
*Dept. Head, Media & Communication, RPI
17 Oct 22:35 2014Kate Louise Fortmueller
*Spectator CFP: Performing Labor in the Media Industries
17 Oct 18:10 2014Keyes, Daniel
*Tenure Track Instructor Position in Digital Media (UBC Okanagan campus
17 Oct 18:07 2014Samuel Binkley
*Foucault Studies 18: Ethnographies of Neoliberal Governmentalities
17 Oct 18:21 2014Danielle Egan
**Tenure Track Position in Gender and Sexuality Studies
17 Oct 17:15 2014Mary Beltran
*CFP: El Mundo Zurdo 2015, conference on Gloria Anzalduan studies, UT A