12 Oct 18:56 2015Kuhio Walters
*animals and value - recommendations?
13 Oct 04:35 2015John Hutnyk
**animals and value - recommendations?
13 Oct 04:41 2015John Hutnyk
**animals and value - recommendations?
12 Oct 19:05 2015Catherine Oakley
*Call for Participants: "Pasts, Presents and Futures of Medical Regener
12 Oct 12:37 2015nico carpentier
*PhD position in Media and Communication Studies - Uppsala University
12 Oct 08:30 2015John Hutnyk
*animals and value - recommendations?
12 Oct 17:26 2015April Durham
**animals and value - recommendations?
9 Oct 23:12 2015Gudelunas, David
9 Oct 18:20 2015Jeremy Hunsinger
*Fwd: [Cacslist] Final Reminder: CFP: Disruptions/Per turbations - CACS
9 Oct 16:42 2015Hila Shachar
*[REMINDER] CFP: Adaptation and Dance, 2 March 2016, Centre for Adaptat
9 Oct 16:14 2015Michelle Fehsenfeld
*2015 Call for Self-Nominations for the Cultural Studies Association Go
8 Oct 21:50 2015Elizabeth Wissinger
*Interesting trend in new books
5 Oct 19:28 2015Marta Bashovski
*Call for Memoir/Appel de mémoires - Peninsula: A Jo urnal of Relation
8 Oct 20:04 2015Elizabeth Wissinger
*Fashion Conference @CUNYFashion 10/13/15, with FIT
8 Oct 17:55 2015Gerald Voorhees
*Update & Deadline Extended: CFP for Gender and Games Trilogy
8 Oct 15:45 2015Michelle Fehsenfeld
*2016 Cultural Studies Association (CSA) Conference CFP: Policing Crise
8 Oct 12:18 2015Clare Birchall
*#secrecymachine launch
6 Oct 15:27 2015Steve Wiley
*Job Opening: Professor or Associate Professor of Media Studies, North
6 Oct 12:36 2015Paul Bowman
*Martial Arts Studies Conference 2016
8 Oct 19:26 2015Paul Bowman
**Martial Arts Studies Conference
4 Oct 20:25 2015Paul Smith
*George Mason English/CS post
4 Oct 01:59 2015Catherine Gomes
*cfp: multiculturalism in the workplace, singapore management universit
3 Oct 19:50 2015Mary Celeste Kearney
*Job Posting: Digital Critical Media Studies, Univ. of Notre Dame
2 Oct 16:45 2015Marco Solaroli
*"On Icons: Media, Visibility, Materiality, and Cultural Power"
1 Oct 22:58 2015Lisa Parks
*UC Santa Barbara Media Studies Position
1 Oct 20:06 2015Carolyn Kane
*Ryerson University tenure-track position: Assistant Professor in Commu
1 Oct 17:16 2015Liam Mitchell
*Tenure track position in Cultural Studies and Media Studies at Trent U
1 Oct 15:48 2015Patrick Cox
*Analyzing a long term publication
1 Oct 16:43 2015Mel Gibson
**Analyzing a long term publication
1 Oct 16:59 2015Steve Waksman
***Analyzing a long term publication
1 Oct 16:49 2015Ted Gournelos
***Analyzing a long term publication
1 Oct 17:13 2015Tara Mcpherson
**Analyzing a long term publication
1 Oct 19:40 2015Godwin,Victoria
**Analyzing a long term publication
2 Oct 17:56 2015Hulsether, Mark D
**Analyzing a long term publication
1 Oct 00:15 2015Powers,Devon
*Assistant Professor job opening - Drexel University Department of Comm
30 Sep 19:10 2015Ben Pitcher
*Westminster Sociology Open Research Talks 2015-16
30 Sep 20:18 2015Ben Pitcher
**Westminster Sociology Open Research Talks 2015-16
29 Sep 14:48 2015Heidi Zimmerman
*DEADLINE EXTENDED: Teaching Media Quarterly CFLP on BRANDS now due Oct
29 Sep 14:05 2015Ben Pitcher
*PhD studentship on race & the night-time economy
28 Sep 23:15 2015stephanie schulte
*Two Assistant Professor of Communication positions at the University o
28 Sep 23:40 2015Marina Levina
*an inquiry about body politics
29 Sep 01:36 2015Anthony Lambert
**an inquiry about body politics
28 Sep 15:42 2015Mary Beltran
*New issue of FLOW on Public and Digital Pedagogies
27 Sep 19:41 2015Gerard Greenway
*Issue Schedule 2015--18 Angelaki: journal of the theoretical humanitie
26 Sep 00:09 2015Jen Schneider
25 Sep 19:16 2015Derek S. McGrath
*CFP deadline 9/30: "Ruined! On Failed Adaptations from Page to Screen"
25 Sep 18:32 2015Joshua Reeves (jreeves4
*CFP: Deadline Approaching for Surveillance & Society Special Issue
25 Sep 17:07 2015Shawn Apostel
*CFP: Establishing and Evaluating Digital Ethos and Online Credibility,
23 Sep 18:13 2015Radhika Gajjala
*Fwd: fembot: Ada Issue 10, Open Call - Now accepting submissions!
22 Sep 23:18 2015Parisi, David P
*CFP: Haptic Media Studies
22 Sep 17:55 2015Garrett Broad
*Position Announcement: Fordham University, Tenure Track Assistant Prof
22 Sep 17:54 2015Garrett Broad
*Position Announcement: Fordham University, Tenure Track Assistant Prof
22 Sep 17:50 2015Garrett Broad
*Position Announcement: Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Multimedia
22 Sep 09:42 2015shane boyle
*Workshop: Shipping Containers as Social Landscapes
21 Sep 23:14 2015Joseph Tuminello
*2nd Notice: Jonathan Safran Foer Virtual Classroom Visit 2015
21 Sep 21:47 2015Chris Bell
*Call for papers: SWPACA Harry Potter Studies
21 Sep 07:14 2015Esther Claudio
*New Book! On the Edge of the Panel
17 Sep 21:05 2015Rebecca Jurisz
*New issue of Teaching Media Quarterly now online
17 Sep 20:42 2015Jeremy Hunsinger
*Fwd: [Cacslist] Reminder: CFP: Disruptions/Perturbat ions - CACS-ACÉC
17 Sep 08:53 2015Kris Rutten
*NO STRINGS ATTACHED - Symposium (28/10 & 29/10)
17 Sep 00:41 2015Alexandra Boutros
*Reminder: CFP: Disruptions - Canadian Association of Cultural Studies
16 Sep 21:25 2015James F. Hamilton
*Position announcement: Director, New Media Institute, Grady College, U
16 Sep 21:17 2015James F. Hamilton
*Position announcement: Tenure-track assistant professor in Production
16 Sep 20:00 2015Marcela Romero Rivera
*CFP ACLA 2016: Numbing the Pain: Aesthetics and Anaesthetics of Global
15 Sep 20:22 2015Gray, Kishonna
*CFP: Video Games, Culture, & Justice Abstracts Due Friday
15 Sep 20:00 2015Scott Kushner
*CfP ACLA 2016: Literary Boundary Work: Big Data and Comparative Non-Li
15 Sep 04:31 2015Kyle Conway
*New PhD program, University of Ottawa
15 Sep 03:55 2015Koichi_Iwabuchi_(Monash_Asia_I
*All I Need Is Love? Nation, Affect and Aversion in a Post-Imagined-Com
15 Sep 00:19 2015Dr Samita Nandy
*Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) September 2015 Edition
14 Sep 20:45 2015Laura Portwood-Stacer
*CFP: Gender and Technologies of Work - Feminist Media Studies
14 Sep 15:28 2015Arizzi, Erin
*CFP - Feminism Here and Now- Deadline 9/15
14 Sep 14:58 2015Matthew Chambers
*CFP: Shibboleth 1967/1968 conference [IMPORTANT DEADLINE - 30 Septembe
13 Sep 18:40 2015Grossberg, Lawrence
*Job Posting: Tenure-track or Tenured Faculty Position in Media and Tec
12 Sep 18:26 2015Nadia Kaneva
*Special Issue CFP: Theorizing Media in Place/Nation Branding
12 Sep 20:17 2015Creadick, Anna
**CFP: Transformations 25th anniversary issue
11 Sep 23:07 2015Aksikas, Jaafar
*New Issue of Lateral: Journal of the Cultural Studies Association Out
11 Sep 02:33 2015Heidi Zimmerman
*Teaching Media Quarterly Deadline Reminder: submit your critical brand
8 Sep 11:46 2015Arthurs, Kerri
*Online Creative Placemaking, Strategic Plans, Festivals & Events Cours
7 Sep 22:04 2015Steve Waksman
*CFP: EMP Pop Conference 2016
7 Sep 19:51 2015Paolo Gerbaudo
*Special Issue on Social Media and Protest Identities - Information, Co
7 Sep 19:10 2015Robert W. Gehl
*CFP: The Torist (Oct 1)
5 Sep 12:07 2015Juan Poblete
*Race/Ethnic Studies Position at UC-Santa Cruz
4 Sep 19:25 2015Corey Dzenko
*REMINDER- Call for book essays, Making and Being Made: Visual Represen
4 Sep 19:17 2015Laura Portwood-Stacer
*Feminist Media Studies Call for Book Reviewers
4 Sep 17:05 2015Gerald Voorhees
*CFP Gender and Games Trilogy seeking Book Chapter Proposals
3 Sep 03:25 2015Mary Celeste Kearney
*CFP: Mediated Girlhoods, Volume 2 - deadline 10/1
1 Sep 19:57 2015Cazenave, Jennifer
*CFP-ACLA: Writing the Disaster in the Era of the Anthropocene (due 09/
31 Aug 15:42 2015Lisa Zenno
*Culture, Identity, and Perspective with an emphasis on elders
29 Aug 06:05 2015Robert W. Gehl
*Applications are invited for a 2-year postdoctoral position in the Dep
28 Aug 07:27 2015Nitin P. Govil
*Job posting: Tenure-track Open-Rank Professor in American Film/Media H
25 Aug 12:56 2015sara farris
*REMINDER: CFP Righting Feminism. September 1
23 Aug 11:33 2015Briyana Davis
*CFS: Race & Theatre Anthology
22 Aug 17:42 2015Arthurs, Kerri
*Online Workshop with Franco Bianchini, starts Sept 9
22 Aug 02:58 2015Joseph Tuminello
*2015 Jonathan Safran Foer Virtual Classroom Visit
21 Aug 19:35 2015Dave Tetzlaff
*A good film about film?
21 Aug 21:14 2015Donald Hedrick
**A good film about film?
21 Aug 21:35 2015McLaughlin, Lisa
***A good film about film?
20 Aug 16:28 2015Dr Samita Nandy
*Bridging Gaps: Where is the Persona in Celebrity and Journalism? (NYC)
20 Aug 15:07 2015Shawn Apostel
*Call for Chapters: Establishing and Evaluating Digital Ethos and Onlin
19 Aug 21:30 2015Chris Bell
*A good film about film?