2 May 21:32 2016Shanyun Zhang
*Position Announcement: Electronic Services Librarian at CUA
2 May 17:47 2016valerie colston
*12 LEU approved (ISL) ***Making Maker Space Programming*** Online Work
30 Apr 00:45 2016Jill Emery
28 Apr 16:38 2016valerie colston
*12 TLEU Graphic Design for Librarians
28 Apr 16:19 2016Marshall Breeding
*Seeking participation in a library consortia assessment study
27 Apr 15:59 2016Jennifer Maguire-Wright
*Free Library of Philadelphia - Information Management Analyst 2 job
26 Apr 21:55 2016Athena Hoeppner
*LITA Forum - Call for Proposals
26 Apr 21:55 2016Athena Hoeppner
**LITA Forum - Call for Proposals
26 Apr 18:42 2016ALEXANDER Margaret
*Quick survey of web work in libraries
26 Apr 18:47 2016Bellmore, Eric N.
**Quick survey of web work in libraries
27 Apr 00:57 2016Alysa Selby
**Quick survey of web work in libraries
27 Apr 17:10 2016Lolis, John
**Quick survey of web work in libraries
26 Apr 13:39 2016valerie colston
*12 LEU approved Arts and Crafts for Youth Librarians
25 Apr 19:21 2016Meghan Finch
*Code4Lib Issue 32 now available
25 Apr 17:16 2016Demian Katz
*VuFind 3.0 released
22 Apr 20:18 2016Sara O'Donnell
*Call for Submissions and Nominations for PRIMO
22 Apr 17:07 2016Hicks, Kerri
*Web-based reference chat clients
22 Apr 17:31 2016Langlois, Rachel
**Web-based reference chat clients
22 Apr 17:34 2016Laura Robbins
***Web-based reference chat clients
22 Apr 18:56 2016Ian Chan
****Web-based reference chat clients
22 Apr 10:45 2016Wegner, Karna (OPCC
*New Webinar@AIMS 19 May: "Increasing Openness and Reproducibility in A
21 Apr 21:24 2016NISO Announce
*Two Weeks, Two NISO Webinars!
20 Apr 23:53 2016Diane K. Kovacs
*Web Design Projects for Beginning Students - again - for LIS590LWL Sum
20 Apr 17:58 2016Mike Jones
*Job Posting: Programmer Analyst III, USC Libraries
20 Apr 15:20 2016Rachel Vidrine
*"About Us" pages in websites
20 Apr 15:36 2016Fred Friedman-Romell
**"About Us" pages in websites
20 Apr 16:55 2016Urie, Allyson
**"About Us" pages in websites
20 Apr 17:16 2016Elaine
***"About Us" pages in websites
20 Apr 21:09 2016Hess, Ryan
**"About Us" pages in websites
15 Apr 23:00 2016Claibourne Williams
*An App for laptop loan checkout?
15 Apr 23:27 2016Jim Hahn
**An App for laptop loan checkout?
18 Apr 15:27 2016Michael J. Paulmeno
**An App for laptop loan checkout?
13 Apr 13:32 2016Neubert, Joachim
*CfP SWIB16 - Semantic Web in Libraries Conference, Bonn, 28-30 Nov 201
12 Apr 12:10 2016Wegner, Karna (OPCC
*New Webinar@AIMS 19 April: "Collective Intelligence Platform for Early
11 Apr 12:16 2016Wegner, Karna (OPCC
*New Webinar@AIMS 28 April: " Using AGRIS as a portal of choice to acce
11 Apr 09:31 2016Raj K Bhardwaj
*Final Call for Full Chapter:Digitizing the Modern Library and the Tran
7 Apr 19:12 2016Norman Buchwald
*Job Posting: Librarian (One Year Sabbatical Leave Replacement)-- Chabo
6 Apr 18:23 2016Kimberli Weeks
*Call for proposal WADL 2016 deadline extended to April 17!
5 Apr 19:05 2016NISO Announce
*Register Now -- April 20, NISO Virtual Conference, Justifying the Libr
4 Apr 22:11 2016Shedd, Julie
*CFP: MSState Libraries Scholarly Communications Summit: The State of D
4 Apr 20:42 2016Paul Go
*chiCode4Lib mini-conference - registration open
4 Apr 10:20 2016Becky McGuinness
*veraPDF 0.12 released alongside first version of wiki validation rules
3 Apr 17:00 2016Kathleen Gerrity
*Job Posting: Metadata/Discovery Librarian at Amherst College
1 Apr 19:25 2016Paul Go
*2016 LITA Forum - Call for Proposals
1 Apr 18:24 2016Alvare, Luz Marina (IFPRI
*New Job Position: Senior Digital Products Manager
1 Apr 18:06 2016Jon Ritterbush
*Position Opening - Coordinator of Library Technology Services
30 Mar 19:58 2016Jonathan Bradley
*Job Posting: Digital Projects Coordinator Position at Virginia Tech
29 Mar 18:15 2016NISO Announce
*NISO Webinar: Supporting Women & Minorities in Technology
23 Mar 14:59 2016Wegner, Karna (OPCC
*Webinars@AIMS 12 avril "Research4Life: La bibliothèque qui ouvre ses
23 Mar 14:43 2016Ron PETERSON
*Call for Papers: Code4Lib Journal, issue 33
20 Mar 23:04 2016Lisa Thomson
*Call for abstracts now open!
17 Mar 20:09 2016Rory Litwin
*Do-It-Yourself Usability Testing
15 Mar 21:56 2016Morris, Alicia M.
*Job posting - Software Engineering, Digital Library Services, Tufts Un
14 Mar 23:11 2016Lisa Thomson
*Registrations now open!
11 Mar 15:48 2016Wegner, Karna (OPCC
*Webinars@AIMS 17/18 March: "Research4Life: The library that opens door
9 Mar 20:56 2016Evviva Weinraub
*DEADLINE EXTENDED--Call for Proposals: IFLA’s Information Technology
9 Mar 20:55 2016Blatchley, Carolyn
*Help? Cloudflare and ISP Host Conflicting over IP Address
10 Mar 15:34 2016Cary Gordon
**Help? Cloudflare and ISP Host Conflicting over IP Address
15 Mar 22:27 2016Kristi Bryant
***Help? Cloudflare and ISP Host Conflicting over IP Address
9 Mar 16:43 2016valerie colston
*Coloring Book Program @Your Library Online Workshop
9 Mar 10:43 2016Oosman, Aalia
*Twitter Party- Online Research Management
8 Mar 18:39 2016Elisabeth M. Long
*Job Posting: User Experience Library Resident
8 Mar 16:41 2016Carson Block
*Public Library Position: Head of Digital Innovation and Technology Ser
7 Mar 22:05 2016Heather Rayl
*CFP - Regional Conference - IOLUG
7 Mar 18:08 2016EdUI Conference
*edUi call for proposals
4 Mar 17:32 2016Cupo, David
*Job Posting: Library Systems Specialist, William Paterson University o
3 Mar 15:54 2016Evviva Weinraub
*CFP - WLIC 2016 in Columbus, Ohio, USA IFLA IT Section, IFLA Preservat
3 Mar 15:13 2016Wegner, Karna (OPCC
*Joint Webinar@AIMS: SKOS in Two Parts: Generic Tools and Methods for S
2 Mar 19:57 2016Juakeita Norman
*Job Announcement: Web Development Specialist
2 Mar 18:43 2016Cary Gordon
*Drupal dine-around at Computers in Libraries
2 Mar 14:31 2016DCMI Announce
*DCMI Webinar Series: Generic Tools and Methods for SKOS-based Concept
1 Mar 14:01 2016Becky McGuinness
*veraPDF 0.10 released
29 Feb 22:37 2016Wiegand, Laura K.
*Job Posting: Online Applications Support Technician
27 Feb 21:58 2016Jennifer DeJonghe
*Web governance models and documents?
24 Feb 20:28 2016valerie colston
*Graphic Design for Librarians-Simmons-Enroll Today
24 Feb 18:51 2016Helene Bjorseth
*3D Printing danger issues
25 Feb 15:36 2016Minars, Kelley
**3D Printing danger issues
24 Feb 17:10 2016Sara Brownmiller
*Job posting: Information Technology Manager, Orbis Cascade Alliance
25 Feb 21:17 2016Nellie Maurer
**Job Posting: Information Technology Services Manager, NCSU Libraries,
25 Feb 21:18 2016Nellie Maurer
**Job Posting: Information Technology Initiatives Librarian, NCSU Librar
23 Feb 20:02 2016Bernal, Megan
*Job posting | Information Technology Librarian, DePaul University Libr
23 Feb 19:30 2016Rory Litwin
*Introduction to GIS and GeoWeb Technologies (online class)
23 Feb 19:01 2016Evviva Weinraub
*IFLA ITSC Call for Papers
23 Feb 14:58 2016Huddleston, Paul
*Print management solutions
23 Feb 15:31 2016Jack Drost
**Print management solutions
23 Feb 15:38 2016Jim Gilbert(WTPL
***Print management solutions
23 Feb 16:18 2016Kelli Staley
***Print management solutions
23 Feb 15:41 2016Pullin, Mike
**Print management solutions
23 Feb 16:52 2016Lyman Ross
**Print management solutions
23 Feb 17:38 2016Pullin, Mike
***Print management solutions
22 Feb 15:52 2016James Moses
*Primary Research Group has published: the Survey of Best Practices in
19 Feb 00:46 2016Zoe Friedlander
*Job Posting: Database Support Specialist, Academy of Motion Picture Ar
18 Feb 21:04 2016Langlois, Rachel
*ILL Tech Question
18 Feb 18:18 2016valerie colston
*How to Create Create Adult Programming, Clubs, and Events
18 Feb 17:48 2016valerie colston
*How to Create an Adult Coloring Program, Club or Event @ Your Library
18 Feb 13:08 2016John Fitzgibbon
*plug-ins that will assist dyslexics when reading web pages
18 Feb 14:03 2016Collura, Michael
**plug-ins that will assist dyslexics when reading web pages
17 Feb 22:22 2016Ricker, Chris M. x7567
*MCFL opening Managing Librarian
17 Feb 22:11 2016Adams, Stephanie
*Job Posting: Tennessee Tech University - Coordinator of Technical Serv
17 Feb 22:01 2016Britt Fagerheim
*Correction: Job Posting: Online Instruction Librarian