28 Feb 00:31 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: make-host-2 now with even less noise, and like OMG how did thi
27 Feb 22:58 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Suppress almost all "undefined function" warnings in xc.
27 Feb 16:56 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Delete a ton of cruft from the globaldb initialization logic.
27 Feb 15:03 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Make the signature of the lambda from COMPLEMENT less weird.
27 Feb 14:13 2015stassats
*master: Fix thread attaching on FreeBSD.
27 Feb 13:01 2015Christophe Rhodes
*(webpage) master: Update for 1.2.9
27 Feb 12:30 2015Christophe Rhodes
*annotated tag sbcl-1.2.9: created. sbcl-1.2.9
27 Feb 12:30 2015Christophe Rhodes
*master: 1.2.9: will be tagged as "sbcl-1.2.9"
26 Feb 18:34 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Don't conditionalize out a macro that should always get tested
26 Feb 14:01 2015Stas Boukarev
*master: Fix eql/integer-folding test on x86
26 Feb 02:40 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix eql/integer-folding test on x86
26 Feb 01:09 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix an accident waiting to happen: DEFINE-STRUCTURE-SLOT-ADDRE
24 Feb 13:02 2015stassats
*master: Remove an obsolete comment from generate-version.sh
23 Feb 22:59 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Add funcallable %EQL/INTEGER
23 Feb 17:23 2015stassats
*master: ensure-class-using-class: Ignore the result of reinitialize-in
23 Feb 03:28 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Remove incorrect backend-specific code from target-disassem.
21 Feb 19:41 2015Joshua Elsasser
*master: Set CC = egcc on OpenBSD/x86 for -mpreferred-stack-boundary
21 Feb 17:34 2015stassats
*master: Adjust an sb-introspect test.
21 Feb 17:12 2015Jan Moringen
*master: sb-introspect: FIND-VOP-SOURCE does not fail on CHECK-TYPE
21 Feb 17:12 2015Jan Moringen
*master: Use WITH-TEST and other improvements in clos.impure.lisp
21 Feb 08:58 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Coalesce a few more very-often-identical slots of VOP-INFOs
21 Feb 08:56 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Allow GCing of !CONSTANTP-COLD-INIT after cold-init
20 Feb 16:18 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix previous fix - disassembly segment wasn't pinned yet.
20 Feb 05:45 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Place unboxed constants before the simple-funs in code compone
20 Feb 05:07 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Add funcallable %UNSIGNED-64-ROTATE-BYTE
19 Feb 15:58 2015stassats
*master: make-config.sh: make --without-sb-thread work on linux.
19 Feb 01:33 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Stop splitting the bits of SB!FASL::DESCRIPTOR into two pieces
18 Feb 02:54 2015Alastair Bridgewater
*master: compiler/stack: Various cosmetic things.
18 Feb 02:54 2015Alastair Bridgewater
*master: Introduce suitable "cleanup" code for conditional DX allocatio
18 Feb 02:53 2015Alastair Bridgewater
*master: compiler/stack: Order block UVL sets for the conditional-DX ca
18 Feb 02:53 2015Alastair Bridgewater
*master: compiler/stack: Extract ORDERED-LIST-INTERSECTION from ORDER-B
18 Feb 02:53 2015Alastair Bridgewater
*master: src/compiler/stack: Be more clever about back-propagation of D
18 Feb 02:53 2015Alastair Bridgewater
*master: compiler/stack: Allow ORDER-BLOCK-UVL-SETS to defer handling a
17 Feb 19:24 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix print-object on sb!fasl::descriptor
17 Feb 19:24 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Simplify cold-fop-layout.
17 Feb 04:38 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Add comment that FOP-ARRAY is basically dead code in genesis.
17 Feb 04:25 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Add missing call to NOTE-POTENTIAL-CIRCULARITY
16 Feb 23:59 2015stassats
*master: More carefully examine combination names.
16 Feb 23:10 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Take 2 of "type hash values are target fixnums, not host fixnu
16 Feb 22:51 2015stassats
*master: Fix thread attaching on OS X.
16 Feb 21:17 2015stassats
*master: Derive type for LOGCOUNT.
15 Feb 22:59 2015stassats
*master: Fix a typo.
15 Feb 21:59 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix proclamations for TYPE-CACHE-HASH and TYPE-LIST-CACHE-HASH
15 Feb 17:02 2015stassats
*master: Adding curly braces around subgraphs to make things build with
15 Feb 16:57 2015stassats
*master: FILE-POSITION didn't work on large files on x86 Windows.
15 Feb 16:42 2015stassats
*master: Set operation on DIVISION-BY-ZERO to / instead of DIVISION.
15 Feb 16:42 2015stassats
*master: Don't show any locals on invalid-arg count errors.
15 Feb 15:37 2015stassats
*master: Fix adjusting non adjustable arrays.
15 Feb 15:06 2015stassats
*master: Fix sb-introspect:function-lambda-list on interpreted macros.
15 Feb 14:53 2015stassats
*master: install.sh: Test for doc existence before copying.
15 Feb 14:49 2015stassats
*master: make-config.sh: recognize MSYS as win32.
15 Feb 14:30 2015stassats
*master: Enable callbacks from foreign threads on non-sb-safepoint.
15 Feb 07:33 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Eliminate COLD-FSET. It's just fop-funcall of %DEFUN
15 Feb 06:58 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Eliminate *SOURCE-LOCATION-THUNKS*
15 Feb 06:41 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix the cross-compiler's CONSTANTP checker for THE forms.
14 Feb 21:53 2015stassats
*master: Fix returning 64 bits form foreign functions on x86.
14 Feb 21:31 2015stassats
*master: Fix compilation of files larger than 4GB.
14 Feb 17:35 2015stassats
*master: Fix a LOGIOR transform.
14 Feb 17:35 2015stassats
*master: Report unused variable errors when fopcompiling.
14 Feb 16:28 2015stassats
*master: Fix indirect closure values in the debugger.
14 Feb 04:09 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Unbreak 32-bit target on 64-bit host and non-unicode builds.
14 Feb 02:49 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Better abstractions for target struct manipulation in host.
14 Feb 02:17 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: (KEYWORDICATE sym) should not cons if :SYM was already interne
13 Feb 17:22 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Unbreak LAYOUT-SLOT-TABLE for some built-in classoids.
13 Feb 11:29 2015Stas Boukarev
*master: Make LAYOUT-OF less sensitive to ordering issues during bootst
13 Feb 05:45 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Make LAYOUT-OF less sensitive to ordering issues during bootst
13 Feb 04:38 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Improve some calls of (COERCE thing 'FUNCTION)
13 Feb 03:53 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Dumper/loader can avoid building primordial layouts bottom up.
13 Feb 02:31 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Another improvement to type operation memoization.
12 Feb 22:51 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: sb-doc conditionals are confusing noise in 'genesis' - remove
12 Feb 22:36 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: A few fasl-size savings, and 350KB smaller image on x86-64.
11 Feb 01:51 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Share (some) immutable vop slots. Saves ~2MB on x86-64.
9 Feb 20:36 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix TYPEP transform
9 Feb 17:35 2015stassats
*master: Fix debug dump of locations close to elsewhere.
9 Feb 15:41 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Add comment about another inconsistent use of TYPE-ENUMERABLE
9 Feb 14:48 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Add FIXME at incorrect comment explaining a kludge
9 Feb 10:51 2015Jan Moringen
*master: UPDATE-CLASS signals an error when superclass relations become
9 Feb 10:51 2015Jan Moringen
*master: ENSURE-CLASS signals an error on cyclic {super, meta}class rel
9 Feb 04:25 2015stassats
*master: Note :call-site locations when calling assembly routines.
7 Feb 20:38 2015stassats
*master: Fix return-from interacting with locall-already-let-converted.
7 Feb 17:06 2015stassats
*master: More complete fix for listing local variables around inlined f
6 Feb 05:06 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Make type caches perform better.
5 Feb 17:17 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: MAKE-MEMBER-TYPE: use = for fixnum comparison instead of EQ
5 Feb 04:15 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Move 2 slots from most instances of CTYPE into their TYPE-CLAS
2 Feb 23:28 2015stassats
*master: Remove unused debugging information.
2 Feb 19:08 2015Stas Boukarev
*master: Remover leftover uses of SAP-INT type.
2 Feb 20:35 2015Douglas Katzman
**[Sbcl-devel] master: Remover leftover uses of SAP-INT type.
2 Feb 17:42 2015stassats
*master: Provide assembly routine names in the debugger.
2 Feb 17:15 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Remover leftover uses of SAP-INT type.
2 Feb 17:05 2015stassats
*master: debugger: list local variables around calls to inlined functio
2 Feb 16:50 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Enforce consistency between DEFINE-COLD-FOP and DEFINE-FOP.
2 Feb 13:59 2015stassats
*master: Show the right function in the backtrace from local tail calls
1 Feb 14:11 2015Jan Moringen
*master: New macro DO-NESTED-CLEANUPS traverses nested cleanups
1 Feb 13:29 2015stassats
*master: Fix generate-version.sh inside a release tarball.
31 Jan 22:10 2015stassats
*master: Check for null cleanups during emit-cleanups.
31 Jan 22:10 2015stassats
*master: Ensure that debug-environment variables are live during local
31 Jan 22:10 2015stassats
*master: Use unknown returns for local functions in the presence of XEP
31 Jan 22:09 2015stassats
*master: Remove target-fun from vop-info.
31 Jan 21:18 2015stassats
*master: Fix debugger access to closures in local functions.
31 Jan 19:33 2015Christophe Rhodes
*(webpage) master: Update for 1.2.8