20 Dec 04:43 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: ldb fix: correctly show bignums and Unicode chars.
19 Dec 20:52 2014Jan Moringen
*master: Always lose() when something goes wrong while saving a core
18 Dec 05:19 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Explain some stuff, or just complain about it
18 Dec 03:09 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Make ldb not totally inept at showing UCS4-encoded pure ASCII
17 Dec 19:17 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: DIGIT-CHAR-P improvement for radix > 10.
17 Dec 14:22 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: fix display of fault_addr
16 Dec 21:11 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Workaround for lp#1383749
16 Dec 17:32 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: fix incorrect cast in fshow
16 Dec 05:49 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix signed vs. unsigned comparison warnings
16 Dec 05:49 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Add comment
14 Dec 09:53 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Give perspicuous names to the object allocators used in Genesi
10 Dec 19:31 2014stassats
*master: Properly destructure WITH in LOOP.
9 Dec 10:46 2014stassats
*master: Fix disassembling closures.
8 Dec 23:18 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Quieten PCL compile.
8 Dec 23:18 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Workaround for type inference problem
7 Dec 02:13 2014Paul Khuong
*master: Prefer a boxed representation for constants that are immediate
7 Dec 02:03 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Never set :assumed-type to NIL, remove it instead.
6 Dec 22:30 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Be more principled in defining ATOMIC-INCF/DECF on non-raw cel
6 Dec 22:12 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Create far less noise with sb-show
6 Dec 20:59 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Remove inadvertent piece of prior change.
6 Dec 20:44 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Simplify the tests in /CANNOT-SHOW and eliminate an "unreachab
6 Dec 15:50 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Eliminate a warning
5 Dec 17:12 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Quantifiers can benefit from compiler-macros now.
5 Dec 03:48 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: New feature: signal a style-warning on most failures to inline
4 Dec 21:37 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Dead variables.
3 Dec 19:45 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Remove (safety 0) that is no longer needed for "a bootstrap pr
3 Dec 07:40 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Improve CONSTANTP handling of THE
3 Dec 07:30 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Update OPTIMIZATIONS
3 Dec 03:44 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Enhancement to help detect wrongly-ordered lists of files to c
2 Dec 20:29 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Sometimes allow MAPCAR et.al. to see compiler-macro for the fu
2 Dec 20:19 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Trivial change of some DEFVARs to DEFGLOBAL
2 Dec 14:43 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Add MAKE-SEQUENCE transform
1 Dec 04:35 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Restore effectiveness of *FGENS* cache (as mentioned on sbcl-d
1 Dec 01:23 2014stassats
*master: Restore exception handling on Windows-x86.
1 Dec 01:23 2014stassats
*master: Avoid putting two safepoints in a row when doing self calls.
30 Nov 23:19 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Simplify WALK-METHOD-LAMBDA and consumers thereof.
30 Nov 21:49 2014stassats
*(webpage) master: Add armel and win64 1.2.6.
30 Nov 14:24 2014stassats
*master: Recognize self calls during xc.
30 Nov 04:19 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix lp#1397454 - invalid PCL ctor optimization.
30 Nov 03:49 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Use one fewer variable in SB-PCL::EMIT-CACHE-LOOKUP
30 Nov 03:11 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Avoid generic math in INFO-GETHASH
30 Nov 03:08 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Assorted PCL sanity improvements
30 Nov 01:55 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Make disassembler correctly detect multiple code .ENTRY points
30 Nov 00:13 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Unify the compiler macros for WRITE and WRITE-TO-STRING
30 Nov 00:13 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: One IF is clearer than three.
29 Nov 22:13 2014Christophe Rhodes
*master: modify release.sh for new SourceForge urls
29 Nov 21:16 2014Christophe Rhodes
*(webpage) master: Update for 1.2.6
29 Nov 20:53 2014Christophe Rhodes
*annotated tag sbcl-1.2.6: created. sbcl-1.2.6
29 Nov 20:53 2014Christophe Rhodes
*master: 1.2.6: will be tagged as "sbcl-1.2.6"
29 Nov 20:53 2014Christophe Rhodes
*master: another test for interleaved raw slots and make-load-form
29 Nov 18:06 2014stassats
*master: Fix trace :encapsulate nil.
23 Nov 15:47 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Refactor b6ed0e20d468099b62d27095db7d18f76d8886d2
23 Nov 07:50 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Some improvements to the low-level debugger.
23 Nov 07:25 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix some warnings from Darwin C compiler
23 Nov 00:25 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: x86-64: Integrate Paul Khuong's interleaved raw slot feature.
20 Nov 05:46 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Disable test of compute-pollfds if inapplicable
20 Nov 05:30 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix bug in collecting condition-classoid-class-slots
19 Nov 20:24 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Two fewer C compiler warnings.
19 Nov 20:23 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Use poll() always in SERVE-EVENT if it's available.
19 Nov 02:27 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Silence a bunch of C compiler diagnostics
18 Nov 23:18 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Cleanup some obsolete SB-UNIX symbols from package-data-list
18 Nov 19:01 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Name the RAW-SLOT-DATA-COMPARER functions human-readably.
18 Nov 18:44 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Add comment that BIND-ARGS is broken in similar ways as was DS
15 Nov 20:37 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix comment affected by change 1e9b2eeb4d8d07e6282dc6a74766113
15 Nov 16:18 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: SLOT-EXISTS-P can use LAYOUT-SLOT-TABLE for O(1) performance.
14 Nov 21:56 2014stassats
*master: Fix trace :encapsulate nil on x86.
14 Nov 19:46 2014Krzysztof Drewniak
*master: Update the documentation and tests to account for the removal
14 Nov 18:54 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Remove FIXME that seems to refer to nothing in particular.
14 Nov 17:53 2014stassats
*master: More character normalization speed ups.
14 Nov 17:53 2014stassats
*master: Remove NIL from *bidi-mirroring-glyphs*.
14 Nov 17:53 2014stassats
*master: Speed up string decomposition.
14 Nov 02:54 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Make cold-stderr work even earlier so that strings can be prin
14 Nov 02:36 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Ensure that all interned symbols have a precomputed hash.
13 Nov 20:44 2014stassats
*master: Remove UNICODE1_ from unicode-1 character name database.
13 Nov 20:23 2014stassats
*master: Speed up sb-unicode:unicode<
13 Nov 15:02 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Improve previous reader fix.
13 Nov 14:07 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Don't accidentally fail to eat whitespace after the token NIL.
13 Nov 02:42 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Random genesis cleanup / comment improvement
13 Nov 00:02 2014stassats
*master: More compact character case tables.
12 Nov 23:02 2014stassats
11 Nov 05:40 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Share logic between READ-LIST/READ-DELIMITED-LIST and tweak th
10 Nov 16:06 2014stassats
*master: Restore -sb-unicode build.
10 Nov 15:41 2014stassats
*master: Improve describe_internal_error.
9 Nov 20:19 2014stassats
*master: Fix maybe_gc on precises GCs.
9 Nov 20:19 2014stassats
*master: Fix do_pending_interrupt on ppc.
9 Nov 20:19 2014stassats
*master: Speed up char-downcase, char-upcase and char-equal.
8 Nov 20:55 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Slighly more safety to %MAKE-ARRAY in full call situations.
8 Nov 19:54 2014Christophe Rhodes
*master: equal .lisp-obj files produce identical cold-sbcl.cores
8 Nov 17:44 2014stassats
*master: Speed up UPPER-CASE-P and LOWER-CASE-P.
8 Nov 04:12 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Indicate an inefficient use of PCL's function generator.
8 Nov 04:07 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Remove obsolete cautionary note from change 95a6db73.
8 Nov 03:52 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Implement %RAW-INSTANCE-ATOMIC-INCF/WORD interpreter stub.
6 Nov 09:50 2014stassats
*master: Update TRACE documentation.
6 Nov 04:54 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Reduce STRING/= to STRING= when destined for an IF
6 Nov 04:29 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Eliminate *!LATE-PRIMITIVE-OBJECT-FORMS* from the target image
6 Nov 03:48 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: (COND (EQ) (EQ) (EQ) ...) -> (CASE)
6 Nov 03:43 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Full call to VECTOR shouldn't cons both a list and a vector.
5 Nov 22:50 2014Christophe Rhodes
*master: reproducible build!
5 Nov 22:50 2014Christophe Rhodes
*master: more deterministic xc-host version of VALUES-SPECIFIER-TYPE
5 Nov 22:50 2014Christophe Rhodes
*master: no more DEFINE-CACHED-SYNONYM