21 Jul 21:36 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Undo premature optimization from change b821d53b
21 Jul 17:51 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Re-un-break hash-cach profiling, and adjust whitespace.
19 Jul 22:28 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Various type-class cleanups.
19 Jul 15:12 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Don't need *TYPE-CLASS-FUN-SLOTS*
19 Jul 14:01 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Suppress spurious type-check in hash-cache functions
19 Jul 13:51 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Correctly spell what I think was supposed to be "MUMBLE"
19 Jul 12:44 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix parsing of type-specifier (MEMBER 0.0 -0.0 FOO)
18 Jul 04:01 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Allow declarations in DEFOPTIMIZER. Don't auto-ignoreable-ize
17 Jul 04:09 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix regression due to 7cdfa1f6
17 Jul 03:56 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix some style warnings in tests
16 Jul 04:45 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Add a minor FIXME for a whole bunch of style-warnings
16 Jul 04:23 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: The long-awaited backquote patch.
15 Jul 20:50 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Store unibyte mapping tables more densely by specializing the
15 Jul 13:57 2014stassats
*master: Fix sigtrap_handler on ARM.
15 Jul 05:24 2014Jan Moringen
*master: Fix typo in NEWS
15 Jul 01:19 2014Jan Moringen
*master: Fix ftype proclamation and definition of ASSERT[-SYMBOL-HOME]-
14 Jul 23:12 2014Jan Moringen
14 Jul 21:34 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix indentation
14 Jul 19:32 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Add expected results for #\` expansion incl. pvk's change f250
14 Jul 19:32 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Freeze INTERPRETED-FUNCTION type
14 Jul 17:05 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix comments: STRING-INPUT-STREAM-STRING is read-only and simp
13 Jul 03:58 2014Douglas Katzman
11 Jul 05:23 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Update some internal notes
11 Jul 04:46 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Pedantically replace many uses of :EOF, NIL, and *EOF-OBJECT*
11 Jul 04:41 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: x86-64: Allow constant TNs for CMOV. Also unbreak "chill"
11 Jul 04:17 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Tweak %INSTANCE-TYPEP deftransform a little more:
10 Jul 03:19 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Consistently pass a readtable to the character attribute teste
10 Jul 01:48 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Some reader cleanups.
9 Jul 22:13 2014stassats
*master: Fix handling of do_pending_interrupt on ARM.
9 Jul 04:58 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Change how the reader records escaped characters.
8 Jul 21:02 2014Stas Boukarev
*master: Improve STRING= on x86[-64] by using memcmp() sometimes.
8 Jul 17:53 2014Douglas Katzman
8 Jul 16:57 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Avoid globaldb hashtable for some PCL generalized function nam
8 Jul 07:20 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Improve STRING= on x86[-64] by using memcmp() sometimes.
8 Jul 04:26 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Freeze CLASSOID-CELL type. Remove unused macro.
8 Jul 03:09 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: "Downgrade" FIXME comment. It's not broken, just complicated.
8 Jul 03:06 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix RANDOMLY-PUNTING-LAMBDA - the sign bit is not random.
7 Jul 05:57 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Express print-object on a PACKAGE more concisely.
7 Jul 05:55 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Shorten TYPEP test on stream and condition types.
7 Jul 00:47 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Threadsafe most-recently-used package optimization in FIND-SYM
6 Jul 19:48 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Refactor INTERN and FIND-SYMBOL.
4 Jul 21:35 2014stassats
*master: Fix GNU/kFreeBSD x86-64 and add x86 support.
3 Jul 20:04 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Avoid calling SEQUENCEP in the XEP for some seq-dispatching fu
5 Jul 16:08 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Minor tweak to instance TYPEP transforms.
5 Jul 15:34 2014Douglas Katzman
3 Jul 16:06 2014Christophe Rhodes
*master: really fix clisp build
3 Jul 23:52 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Remove 15K lines of useless noise, revealing the interesting n
3 Jul 14:55 2014Christophe Rhodes
*master: restore clisp buildability
3 Jul 13:40 2014Jan Moringen
*master: Remove duplicate invalid-superclass handling in SHARED-INITIAL
3 Jul 10:40 2014stassats
*master: Don't transpose sole constants within arithmetic functions.
3 Jul 10:41 2014stassats
*master: Reduce +constants+ for arithmetic functions.
3 Jul 01:14 2014Jan Moringen
*master: Fix typo in compiler note in SB-PCL:CAN-OPTIMIZE-ACCESS
2 Jul 17:03 2014stassats
*(webpage) master: Add 1.2.1 ARMhf.
2 Jul 12:37 2014stassats
*(webpage) master: Add 1.2.1 Windows-x86-64.
2 Jul 12:19 2014stassats
*master: Clean up *.exe files from tools-for-build/
2 Jul 11:58 2014stassats
*(webpage) master: Add 1.2.1 ARMel and Windows-x86.
2 Jul 04:49 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Make specialized vector treatment in cross-compilation more co
2 Jul 04:16 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Get rid of a bunch of useless gensyms from the image
2 Jul 04:15 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Combine the special-form-constantp hash-tables into one.
1 Jul 21:37 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Don't warn about everything from 'setf-funs' in the cross-comp
1 Jul 20:10 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Handle additional generalized places in ATOMIC-{INCF, DECF}
1 Jul 12:59 2014stassats
*master: Optimize (LOGIOR SIGNED UNSIGNED) on x86 and ARM.
1 Jul 12:59 2014stassats
*master: Add FAST-NEGATE/UNSIGNED VOP to x86 and ARM.
30 Jun 22:14 2014Paul Khuong
*master: Restore CCL bootstrap
30 Jun 19:22 2014stassats
*master: Optimize (- (the (integer 0 2^63) x)) on x86-64.
30 Jun 18:55 2014stassats
*master: Fix CAS SYMBOL-VALUE for locally special variables.
30 Jun 18:27 2014stassats
*master: Don't alias #\Bell to #\Bel.
30 Jun 14:50 2014stassats
*master: Optimize (LOGIOR SIGNED UNSIGNED) on x86-64.
30 Jun 13:35 2014stassats
*master: Add a comment to x86-64/pred.lisp:move-if.
30 Jun 12:53 2014stassats
*master: Optimize (string= (the string string) "").
30 Jun 12:07 2014stassats
*master: Optimize (EQUAL[P] "" ...).
30 Jun 03:56 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Delete duplicate DEFTYPE INLINEP. Move comments to the first o
29 Jun 22:59 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: De-cruft CLEAN-UP-PACK-STRUCTURES. Empty bit vectors are not a
29 Jun 08:45 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: More improvements to DEFINE-HASH-CACHE / DEFUN-CACHED
29 Jun 05:58 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Don't cons in INITIAL-THREAD-FUNCTION-TRAMPOLINE before cleari
29 Jun 05:35 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Remove unnecessary cases from PCL-INSTANCE-P
29 Jun 00:21 2014Jan Moringen
*master: Section on writing tests in HACKING
28 Jun 23:31 2014Christophe Rhodes
*(webpage) master: Update for 1.2.1
28 Jun 23:17 2014Christophe Rhodes
*master: 1.2.1: will be tagged as "sbcl-1.2.1"
28 Jun 23:17 2014Christophe Rhodes
*annotated tag sbcl-1.2.1: created. sbcl-1.2.1
28 Jun 18:35 2014stassats
*master: Fix some immediate encoding issues on ARM.
25 Jun 07:02 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Revert "Derive that (INTERN x "KEYWORD") produces a KEYWORD"
25 Jun 07:01 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Enforce types returned from CLOS stream-read-char (etc) method
20 Jun 12:49 2014Christophe Rhodes
*master: support for DragonFly BSD
19 Jun 18:48 2014Stas Boukarev
*master: Derive that (INTERN x "KEYWORD") produces a KEYWORD
19 Jun 15:18 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Make -EMPTY-, -UNIVERSAL-, -WILD- types into defglobals
19 Jun 15:01 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Add a remark about meta-compile.
19 Jun 14:55 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Derive that (INTERN x "KEYWORD") produces a KEYWORD
19 Jun 00:48 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Don't memoize the trivial case of a few 2-arg type functions.
18 Jun 22:41 2014stassats
*master: Optimize assembly/x86-64/arith.lisp.
18 Jun 19:45 2014Stas Boukarev
*master: Add some type-derivers
18 Jun 18:45 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Add some type-derivers
18 Jun 18:45 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Advise compiler that *{HANDLER, RESTART}-CLUSTERS* are always-
18 Jun 18:15 2014stassats
*master: Fix a GC assert error message.
18 Jun 07:30 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Reconcile error messages between {MAKE, ADJUST}-ARRAY.
18 Jun 04:58 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Improve cache hit rate for some memoized functions.
18 Jun 02:29 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Further change to BINDING* to make it more really right.
17 Jun 23:56 2014stassats
*master: Remove TRACE-TABLE-OFFSET slot from CODE.
17 Jun 23:56 2014stassats
*master: Remove trace-table.
17 Jun 18:07 2014Douglas Katzman
*master: Really make BINDING* accept declarations