13 Feb 04:25 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Add an extra warning if build produced unexpected style-warnin
13 Feb 04:25 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Make host-constant-to-core use a hashtable for cycle detection
13 Feb 04:25 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix an inlining failure.
13 Feb 04:25 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Try to fix garbage retention issue in cold-init.
12 Feb 23:15 2016stassats
*master: Improve LDB when (+ size position) is less than n-fixnum-bits.
12 Feb 21:26 2016Martin Cracauer
*master: runtime: clean up C compilation warnings
12 Feb 19:40 2016stassats
*master: Optimize logand with non-fixnum word masks on x86oids and ARM6
12 Feb 08:04 2016Douglas Katzman
12 Feb 08:00 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix "Cosmetic problem" per remark in compiler/generic/parms
12 Feb 07:28 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Make 'primordial-extensions' very primordial.
12 Feb 07:09 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Move STRING-DISPATCH definition next to its cousin ETYPECASE.
12 Feb 07:03 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Put source transform for APPEND near that of NCONC.
12 Feb 06:59 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Remove the EVAL calls from DEFENUM
12 Feb 06:51 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Clean up FROB-DO-BODY.
12 Feb 02:14 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix whitespace by manually removing stamp file.
11 Feb 15:19 2016stassats
*master: Optimize fixnum mask-signed-field on x86.
11 Feb 15:20 2016stassats
*master: Add LOGTEST VOPs on ARM64.
11 Feb 15:20 2016stassats
*master: Disassemble TBZ and TBNZ on ARM64.
11 Feb 15:20 2016stassats
*master: Optimize MASK-SIGNED-FIELD on ARM64.
10 Feb 23:18 2016stassats
*master: Optimize (MASK-SIGNED-FIELD 63 X) on x86-64.
10 Feb 16:39 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Really really unbreak non-self-hosted build
10 Feb 15:57 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Unbreak non-x86 builds
10 Feb 15:07 2016Stas Boukarev
*master: Change some lists of cold-init forms to vectors
10 Feb 16:01 2016Douglas Katzman
**master: Change some lists of cold-init forms to vectors
10 Feb 16:02 2016Stas Boukarev
***master: Change some lists of cold-init forms to vectors
10 Feb 15:07 2016stassats
*master: Optimize some VOPS on ARM64 with LDP/STP.
10 Feb 14:47 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Do small FIXME that was essentially already fixed
10 Feb 14:20 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Change some DEF!MACROs to SB!XC:DEFMACROs.
10 Feb 14:20 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Rearrange CAS & friends to use DEFMACRO not DEF!MACRO
10 Feb 12:44 2016stassats
*master: sb-profile:report don't warn about redefined functions.
9 Feb 21:54 2016stassats
*master: Micro-optimize listify-rest-args on ARM64.
9 Feb 21:54 2016stassats
*master: Fix disassembling of LDR/STR with post/pre-index on ARM64.
9 Feb 14:59 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Eliminate last few style-warnings in make-host-2
9 Feb 14:28 2016stassats
*master: Fix call_into_c on PPC.
9 Feb 14:12 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Skip interpreter defstructs in make-host-1
9 Feb 11:43 2016stassats
*master: Slightly reduce consing in with-package-iterator.
9 Feb 03:49 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Move FIND-{mumble}-FRAME functions to better home.
8 Feb 20:08 2016stassats
*master: Optimize out of line LIST*
8 Feb 18:03 2016stassats
*master: Fix a copy & paste mistake that breaks x86.
8 Feb 17:08 2016stassats
*master: Remove unnecessary package prefixes.
7 Feb 20:26 2016stassats
*master: Optimize fixnum LOGNOR on ARM64.
7 Feb 19:40 2016stassats
*master: Micro-optimize sb-kernel:code-instructions on arm64.
7 Feb 18:19 2016stassats
*master: Remove sb-disassem::code-inst-area-address.
7 Feb 17:27 2016stassats
*master: Remove sb-assem:*assem-instructions*.
7 Feb 15:56 2016stassats
*master: Fix x86 build.
7 Feb 15:39 2016Jan Moringen
*master: tools-for-build: Canonicalize whitespace in texinfo files
7 Feb 15:39 2016Jan Moringen
*master: tools-for-build: Do whitespace canonicalization in Lisp
7 Feb 15:39 2016Jan Moringen
*master: tests: Change encoding of reader.impure.lisp latin-1 -> utf-8
6 Feb 23:17 2016Jan Moringen
*master: sb-introspect: Fix FTYPE declamations for FUNCTION-{INFO, DEBU
6 Feb 22:52 2016Jan Moringen
*master: Fix FTYPE declamation for FIND-IN-PHYSENV
6 Feb 19:28 2016stassats
*master: Warn about arg-count mismatch for MAP and MAP-INTO.
6 Feb 17:41 2016stassats
*master: Make %other-pointer-widetag GC safe.
6 Feb 02:47 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Quiet an unnecessary compiler note.
5 Feb 05:34 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Skip defsetfs in make-host-1
4 Feb 07:00 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Don't ad-hoc reimplement DEFCONSTANT-EQX for LAMBDA-LIST-KEYWO
4 Feb 06:41 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Change PUSH-IN and DELETEF-IN to ordinary macros.
4 Feb 06:35 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Don't try to call BASE-CHAR-P if no Unicode.
4 Feb 06:11 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Make ATOMIC-SET-INFO-VALUE not a def!macro.
4 Feb 06:00 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Bug workaround for ABCL as the cross-compilation host.
4 Feb 04:27 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Silence a ton of distracting noise when using CCL to bootstrap
4 Feb 04:23 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Avoid forward-referenced types.
4 Feb 03:52 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Quiet some &OPTIONAL+&KEY noise when bootstrapping from CCL.
4 Feb 03:09 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Delete unhelpful parenthetical remark.
3 Feb 03:12 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Remove unnecessary compile-time evaluations.
3 Feb 01:05 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Workaround some compiler notes
3 Feb 01:05 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix style warning
2 Feb 23:14 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Make globaldb metadata, except for :compiler-layout, available
2 Feb 18:17 2016stassats
*master: Check argument mismatch for function arguments to callable par
2 Feb 14:49 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix inlining failures
2 Feb 14:34 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Remove leftover junk
2 Feb 06:33 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Make !DEF-BOOLEAN-ATTRIBUTE a common macro, not def!macro
2 Feb 06:16 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix unused var warning.
2 Feb 02:01 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Improve circularity test in host-constant-to-core
2 Feb 01:50 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Change some lists of cold-init forms to vectors
2 Feb 01:28 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Tweak MAKE-NUMERIC-TYPE of a single integer.
2 Feb 01:28 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Simplify initialization of interned numeric types
2 Feb 00:50 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Share restarts for DEFCONSTANT-EQX and DEFCONSTANT
2 Feb 00:46 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Specify files that shouldn't be skipped by slam
2 Feb 00:25 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Small optimization of ABOUT-TO-MODIFY-SYMBOL-VALUE
2 Feb 00:09 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix inline failure of CURRENT-THREAD-OFFSET-SAP if #!-sb-threa
2 Feb 00:00 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Cache tokenized format control strings.
1 Feb 23:52 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Make cross-compiled CONSTANTP understand foldable functions.
31 Jan 21:09 2016stassats
*master: Constant fold functions that call other functions.
31 Jan 19:49 2016stassats
*master: Don't evaluate the docstring in defvar, defconstant.
31 Jan 19:17 2016stassats
*master: Wrap a test in with-test.
31 Jan 19:17 2016stassats
*master: Forget about a constant variable after makunbound.
31 Jan 18:53 2016stassats
*master: Proper errors from OPEN on Windows.
31 Jan 18:45 2016stassats
*(webpage) master: 1.3.2 arm64 & windows.
31 Jan 18:20 2016Christophe Rhodes
*(webpage) master: Update for 1.3.2
31 Jan 17:46 2016Christophe Rhodes
*annotated tag sbcl-1.3.2: created. sbcl-1.3.2
31 Jan 17:46 2016Christophe Rhodes
*master: text changes
31 Jan 17:46 2016Christophe Rhodes
*master: 1.3.2: will be tagged as "sbcl-1.3.2"
22 Jan 15:12 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: sb-disassem: Remove the old prefilter mechanism.
22 Jan 14:50 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix disassembler: don't put >1 label on a statement.
22 Jan 03:26 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: sb-disassem: Better call convention for prefilters.
22 Jan 03:00 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Trivial argument renaming for clarity.
22 Jan 02:48 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: sb-disassem: Don't build a new function to call labeller funct
21 Jan 04:19 2016Douglas Katzman
*master: Avoid consing bignums for LDB from bignum yielding fixnum.
18 Jan 22:03 2016stassats
*master: Don't import SB-C::VOP-INFO-TARGET-FUN into SB-REGALLOC.
18 Jan 21:33 2016stassats
*master: Fix scale-float on x86.