28 Jan 21:34 2015stassats
*master: Remove ALIAS optional argument from ir1-convert.
26 Jan 14:49 2015stassats
*master: Specify 4-byte alignment on openbsd.
26 Jan 13:02 2015stassats
*master: Fix segfault when loading compressed core on Win32
23 Jan 20:51 2015stassats
*master: Fix gencgc_handle_wp_violation debug output.
23 Jan 20:01 2015stassats
*master: Reduce thread result consing.
23 Jan 20:01 2015stassats
*master: Reduce consing for restarts.
23 Jan 20:01 2015stassats
*master: Reduce make-thread consing: DX allocate initial function.
23 Jan 20:01 2015stassats
*master: Reduce make-thread consing: stack allocate setup semaphore.
23 Jan 20:01 2015stassats
*master: Reduce make-thread consing: don't create new handler clusters.
23 Jan 17:05 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Change syntax of DEFINE-FOP, and remove from target image.
23 Jan 15:14 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Remove FOP-SMALL-CODE, plus a few cleanups.
22 Jan 23:53 2015stassats
*master: Don't cons when running pending finalizers.
22 Jan 23:20 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Unintern *COLD-INIT-FORMS*
22 Jan 23:13 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Remove DUMP-FOP* and DEFINED-CLONED-FOPS.
21 Jan 04:41 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Similar to change 4bf626, dump STANDARD-OBJECTs using fasl ops
21 Jan 03:16 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix subtle problem in cyclical structure dumping.
20 Jan 20:29 2015stassats
*master: Fix Win32 build failure when winpthreads are installed
20 Jan 19:30 2015stassats
*master: Use POPCNT instruction for LOGCOUNT on Win32
20 Jan 15:09 2015Douglas Katzman
19 Jan 20:17 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Remove unreachable case from %COMPILER-DEFSTRUCT
19 Jan 19:57 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Omission from previous commit
19 Jan 19:43 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Warn about DEFSTRUCTs that appear after use of the accessors a
18 Jan 22:33 2015stassats
*master: Optimize logcount on ARM some more.
18 Jan 03:24 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Delete single-use SOURCE-TRANSFORM-LAMBDA macro
18 Jan 00:59 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Precautionary test against meaningless featurization.
17 Jan 22:57 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Unintern SB-KERNEL::*BUILT-IN-CLASSES* after warm init.
17 Jan 20:26 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Use BSF instruction for POSITION in bit-vector on x86[-64]
17 Jan 20:22 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Teach Genesis a new trick to increase OAOO-ness.
17 Jan 17:59 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Improve %BIT-POSITION
17 Jan 16:46 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix package-cold-init
16 Jan 20:29 2015stassats
*master: Dump circular vectors with circularity within a cons cdr.
16 Jan 18:53 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Eliminate a redundant piece of globaldb info - the :structure-
15 Jan 18:20 2015stassats
*master: Don't AVER when merging top-level lambdas which do not return.
15 Jan 18:20 2015stassats
*master: Resolve an AVER in deleted code.
15 Jan 17:59 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Be a little pedantic in tests that call COMPILE
15 Jan 16:47 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Faster FIND for the common case of no :start or :end.
15 Jan 16:30 2015stassats
*master: Take out ~s out of format nil optimization.
15 Jan 15:08 2015stassats
*master: Transform FORMAT NIL into CONCATENATE.
14 Jan 22:26 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Faster EQL for bignums on x86-64
14 Jan 19:42 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix INVALID-ARG-COUNT-ERROR on x86-64 with ud2-breakpoints (Da
14 Jan 07:06 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix inadvertently incorrect format-control string in a test
12 Jan 15:19 2015stassats
*master: Optimize logcount on ARM.
12 Jan 00:55 2015stassats
*master: Implement :unwind-to-frame-and-call-vop on ARM.
11 Jan 18:58 2015stassats
*master: Make XEPs restartable.
11 Jan 17:05 2015stassats
*branch whn: deleted. start
11 Jan 16:31 2015stassats
*master: Fix invalid-arg-count-trap on x86-64.
10 Jan 21:49 2015stassats
*master: x86-64: use a single trap for arg count errors.
10 Jan 21:49 2015stassats
*master: Exact arguments for invalid arg-count backtraces on ARM, x86oi
10 Jan 19:41 2015stassats
*master: Restore cheneygc build.
9 Jan 23:21 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Generalize the choice of register for assembly-routine call on
9 Jan 17:18 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Same change for x86 as was done for x86-64 assembly routines.
9 Jan 15:13 2015stassats
*master: Optimize multidimensional array creation on ARM.
9 Jan 06:51 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Eliminate some hand written copies of boilerplate.
9 Jan 00:05 2015stassats
*master: Optimize multidimensional array creation on x86oids.
8 Jan 23:11 2015stassats
*master: Add fndb entry for sb!impl::fill-data-vector.
8 Jan 22:41 2015stassats
*master: Optimize array initialization on x86-64.
8 Jan 21:45 2015stassats
*master: Optimize (coerce (vector 1 2 3) '(vector (unsigned-byte 8))).
7 Jan 17:05 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: x86-64: Improve disassembler's DETERMINE-OPCODE-BOUNDS
7 Jan 09:48 2015Jan Moringen
*master: Fix info sectioning in doc/manual/streams.texinfo
7 Jan 05:57 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Make a simple switch (disabled by default) to tell where you b
7 Jan 05:09 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Really really properly access cpuid_fn1_ecx, courtesy of pvk.
7 Jan 05:06 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Add some more pretty-printers in lieu of print-object for warm
7 Jan 04:56 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Plug up leaky abstraction that (%INSTANCE-REF struct 0) is a L
6 Jan 21:17 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Properly access cpuid_fn1_ecx if :sb-dynamic-core.
6 Jan 04:24 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Implement suggestions of Paul Khuong re. POPCNT
5 Jan 23:43 2015Stas Boukarev
*master: x86-64: Use POPCNT instruction for LOGCOUNT if the CPU support
5 Jan 22:30 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: x86-64: Use POPCNT instruction for LOGCOUNT if the CPU support
5 Jan 06:35 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Make :return-style :raw actually insert a RET instruction on x
4 Jan 18:41 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Random touch-ups to LDB
4 Jan 06:17 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Parse raw slot data when printing structures in LDB
4 Jan 04:16 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Allow disassembling code component that has no debug-info
3 Jan 07:25 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix regression in &REST -> &MORE conversion caused by change a
2 Jan 21:33 2015Stas Boukarev
*master: Reduce virtual space use for gencgc's unused word wiping.
2 Jan 20:52 2015Martin Cracauer
*master: Reduce virtual space use for gencgc's unused word wiping.
2 Jan 06:45 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Be more careful in CLEAN-FAST-METHOD, avoiding recursive debug
2 Jan 04:41 2015Douglas Katzman
*master: Fix omission of &fheaderp->info in gencgc's verify_space()
1 Jan 23:53 2015stassats
*master: Speed up bignum-logbitp.
1 Jan 20:39 2015Christophe Rhodes
*(webpage) master: armhf 1.2.7 binary (built on RPi)
1 Jan 18:50 2015stassats
*master: Fix generate-version on BSD.
1 Jan 18:47 2015stassats
*master: Add logcount type derivation.
1 Jan 18:47 2015stassats
*master: Build with hardened GCC.
1 Jan 18:47 2015stassats
*master: Optimize FORMAT NIL.
1 Jan 18:47 2015stassats
*master: Fix numerical format directives with non-number arguments.
1 Jan 18:47 2015stassats
*master: Provide a better warning for IGNORE in the wrong scope.
1 Jan 18:47 2015stassats
*master: Provide a better error for (STRING not-string-designator).
1 Jan 18:47 2015stassats
1 Jan 14:12 2015stassats
*(webpage) master: Add openbsd-x86-64.
1 Jan 11:35 2015stassats
*(webpage) master: Fix ppc-linux
1 Jan 11:34 2015stassats
*(webpage) master: Assorted 1.2.7 binaries.
31 Dec 21:48 2014Christophe Rhodes
*(webpage) master: Update for 1.2.7
31 Dec 21:09 2014Christophe Rhodes
*annotated tag sbcl-1.2.7: created. sbcl-1.2.7
31 Dec 21:09 2014Christophe Rhodes
*master: 1.2.7: will be tagged as "sbcl-1.2.7"
31 Dec 13:07 2014stassats
*master: Fix GC changes on Win32.
30 Dec 01:00 2014Stas Boukarev
*master: Fix and re-activate wiping of unused words in GC cards that ha
30 Dec 00:47 2014Martin Cracauer
*master: Fix and re-activate wiping of unused words in GC cards that ha
29 Dec 23:00 2014stassats
*master: Don't fail inet6-socket-bind if there's no IPv6 support.
24 Dec 22:27 2014stassats
*master: Better implementation of frame restarting on x86oids.
24 Dec 16:30 2014stassats
*master: Partially fix top-level multiple macroexpansions.
24 Dec 16:30 2014stassats
*master: Improve inline-before-define warnings.
24 Dec 16:30 2014stassats
*master: Slightly improve some structure definitions.