21 Feb 08:02 2006Seth Johnson
*Wednesday: NAS Conference on WIPO "Webcasting Treaty"
21 Feb 04:07 2006Seth Johnson
*More on Day 1, WIPO PCDA meeting
21 Feb 04:01 2006Seth Johnson
*Day 1, WIPO PCDA meeting
20 Feb 09:00 2006Seth Johnson
*The Software Patent Game
17 Feb 00:31 2006Seth Johnson
*PK: Net Neutrality Issue Comes Around
13 Feb 18:30 2006Seth Johnson
*German Chef Seeks Copyright for Recipes
8 Feb 17:51 2006Omar H. Peterson, VI
8 Feb 00:02 2006Seth Johnson
*IMPORTANT! No Broadcast Policy Without Representation!
7 Feb 19:56 2006Seth Johnson
*French Court Authorizes P2P Transmission as Private Copying
5 Feb 17:40 2006Pilger
*hey, are you there
3 Feb 06:00 2006Seth Johnson
*NYFU Comment for DMCA Anticircumvention Hearings
2 Feb 02:04 2006Seth Johnson
*Nation/Jeff Chester: End of the Internet?
31 Jan 23:47 2006Seth Johnson
*PK: Lots on Broadcast Flag and Sununu
28 Jan 02:47 2006Seth Johnson
*PK: Kudos to Senator Sununu! :-)
25 Jan 17:03 2006Seth Johnson
*Internet Governance Forum: Feb 16-17
25 Jan 00:45 2006Seth Johnson
*"Analog Hole" Bill to impose secret requirement?
24 Jan 21:21 2006Seth Johnson
*Internet Freedom Under Fire - Act Now
24 Jan 15:10 2006Seth Johnson
*Draft GPLv3 bans DRM
24 Jan 13:39 2006Seth Johnson
*CFP: Fair Use Free Speech Documentary Competition
23 Jan 04:57 2006Seth Johnson
*EFF: RI/MPAA replacing Fair Use with "customary historic use"
16 Jan 16:04 2006Seth Johnson
*Miceli: The Software Patent Fairy Tale
16 Jan 07:35 2006Seth Johnson
*Fwd: Patents back on EU agenda
14 Jan 15:23 2006Seth Johnson
*Oram: The Problem with Webcasting: A cast that can be imprisoning
3 Jan 03:28 2006Seth Johnson
*The Khronos Projector
1 Jan 08:16 2006Seth Johnson
*pho: Who Railroaded Peter Quinn? Following Gates' Attack Money
31 Dec 00:17 2005Seth Johnson
*Who Railroaded Peter Quinn? Following Gates' Attack Money
30 Dec 16:56 2005Seth Johnson
*FTC Endorses Network Neutrality
30 Dec 08:22 2005Seth Johnson
*EFF and Sony BMG Reach Preliminary Settlement
30 Dec 13:04 2005B. Galliart
**EFF and Sony BMG Reach Preliminary Settlement
30 Dec 01:19 2005Seth Johnson
*2005: When the US Government Undermined the Internet
27 Dec 18:09 2005Seth Johnson
*Newsforge: UK Seminar Leads to Forum for FOSS Interests
25 Dec 06:05 2005Seth Johnson
*Oram, 1999: The Ghosts of Internet Time
23 Dec 20:12 2005Seth Finkelstein
*DMCA 1201 Anti-circumvention rulemaking COMMENTS POSTED
23 Dec 01:16 2005Seth Johnson
*[Fwd: France is the first country to propose the legalization of P2P d
21 Dec 16:29 2005Seth Johnson
*Open Collaboration: Tech Cos, Academics Ally to Correct Bayh-Dole Cons
18 Dec 20:32 2005Seth Johnson
*Walkman Inventor Wins Against Sony, Tires of Patent Fight
18 Dec 02:18 2005Seth Johnson
*Congress: "Merry Xmas! We're Turning Off Your Analog Outputs"
16 Dec 12:42 2005Seth Johnson
*The Public Domain is a Crime
16 Dec 03:16 2005Seth Johnson
*At Stake: The Net as We Know It
15 Dec 16:26 2005Seth Johnson
*Palladiation is Here
15 Dec 02:28 2005Seth Johnson
*Kuro5hin: The Patent Anaconda
15 Dec 00:01 2005Seth Johnson
*Open Internet Focus of PK's Hill Telecomm Efforts
14 Dec 18:32 2005Seth Johnson
*[Fwd: Who wants a broadcast fax server? Yes, you do.]
14 Dec 20:51 2005Seth Johnson
*EU Proposes TV Rules for Online Broadcasts
12 Dec 02:41 2005Seth Johnson
*Mark Cuban: Copyright Has Become Copywrong
7 Dec 15:27 2005Seth Johnson
*Philippe Aigrain at Oct 6 Hearing on transposition of the European Dir
6 Dec 22:38 2005Seth Johnson
*Stop the Xcasting Treaty
5 Dec 22:56 2005Seth Johnson
*Brennan Center's Fair Use Report Released
5 Dec 20:47 2005Seth Johnson
*Info Freedom Activists Demo in Hyde Park
5 Dec 11:10 2005Seth Johnson
*Carlos Gutierrez/Condi Rice Letter on Internet Governance
4 Dec 12:59 2005Seth Johnson
*Peter Junger on Software Patents, SCOTUS and Federal Circuit
3 Dec 22:22 2005Seth Johnson
*The Hipatia Manifesto
3 Dec 04:32 2005Seth Johnson
*UK Chancellor Announces Independent Review of Exclusive Rights Policie
1 Dec 12:54 2005Seth Johnson
*HuffPo: UN/WIPO plan to regulate distribution of information on the In
1 Dec 08:48 2005Seth Finkelstein
*EFF: DMCA Rulemaking Process Is Broken
30 Nov 18:22 2005Seth Johnson
*Bizweek: Sony's Escalating "Spyware" Fiasco
29 Nov 18:57 2005Seth Johnson
*FT: Music Industry: Is Fair Use Fair Play?
25 Nov 07:46 2005Seth Johnson
*Happy Thanksgiving
24 Nov 01:54 2005Seth Johnson
*CI Statement on WIPO Webcasting Debate
23 Nov 19:26 2005Seth Johnson
*On 2nd Day WIPO SCCR and the "Newest Internet Treaty"
23 Nov 19:23 2005Seth Johnson
*CSC, IPJ, UPD Statements on WIPO Webcasting Debate
20 Nov 04:53 2005Seth Johnson
*Guardian Op Ed on "Intellectual Property"
18 Nov 16:22 2005Seth Johnson
*PK: Fair Use, Bcast Content Control, Net Neutrality
18 Nov 01:27 2005Seth Johnson
*WIPO Copyright Committee To Meet After Year-Long Hiatus
18 Nov 01:28 2005Seth Johnson
*WIPO Newest "Internet Treaty" Will be Discussed Next Week (Sign on Sta
17 Nov 15:27 2005Seth Johnson
*Brazil XCasting Treaty Language Proposal
11 Nov 01:10 2005Seth Johnson
*Latest Draft of BITS Bill
11 Nov 01:08 2005Seth Johnson
*Vint Cerf on Net Neutrality
11 Nov 01:07 2005Seth Johnson
*"Regulating Search?" Symposium - Dec. 5
7 Nov 07:08 2005Seth Johnson
*Tom Barger: BCast Flag Hearings BitTorrent
4 Nov 22:50 2005Seth Johnson
*pho: DRM's naked power grab
3 Nov 21:45 2005Seth Finkelstein
*Copyright Office DMCA Anti-Circumvention Comments Now Open
30 Jan 21:57 2006Seth Finkelstein
**DMCA Anti-Circumvention Exemption replies - deadline Feb 2 2006 5pm
3 Nov 22:04 2005Seth Johnson
*EFF: File-Sharing Lawsuits Fail to Deter P2P Downloaders
3 Nov 16:21 2005Seth Johnson
*Jonathan Krim in WP: Weighing Webcasters' Rights to Content
3 Nov 13:28 2005Seth Johnson
*Mass. Bill to Block OpenDocument Format Standard
1 Nov 22:13 2005Seth Johnson
*MPAA Attempt to Plug the Analog Hole
1 Nov 19:08 2005Seth Johnson
*Comments on Mossberg: Media Companies Go Too Far in Curbing Consumers'
1 Nov 01:41 2005Seth Johnson
*Vote Against SW Patents in Internet Poll
27 Oct 02:42 2005Seth Johnson
*EU Parliament Moves Against EPO "Designer Baby Patent"
25 Oct 06:31 2005Seth Johnson
*CEPR: Opening Doors and Smashing Windows
25 Oct 00:02 2005Seth Johnson
*P2P at the Start: The First Network Email
20 Oct 22:02 2005Seth Johnson
*Nov. 10: Peripheral Visionaries' IP-Based Communications Summit
20 Oct 12:05 2005Seth Johnson
*Leaders Call Community to Show Opposition to Software Patents
20 Oct 06:16 2005Seth Johnson
*Belated Remembrance: Jon Postel, 8/6/43 - 10/16/98
19 Oct 09:57 2005Seth Johnson
*Announcing FeedTree (Distributed RSS and Atom)
18 Oct 01:41 2005Seth Johnson
*[C-FIT_Community] "Tech Art" Requirement Struck Down for BizMethod Pat
17 Oct 23:45 2005Seth Johnson
*"Tech Art" Requirement Struck Down for Biz Method Patents
17 Oct 20:44 2005Seth Johnson
*EFF re: EC Report on Digital Restrictions Management
12 Oct 19:19 2005Seth Johnson
*On Islamic Customs and "IP": Jakarta Post
6 Oct 02:11 2005Seth Johnson
*Three on Xcasting Treaty
6 Oct 02:11 2005Seth Johnson
*WIPO GA Development Agenda
6 Oct 02:08 2005Seth Johnson
*Notes from Day 4 of WIPO GA
6 Oct 02:06 2005Seth Johnson
*EFF Defends Right to Read Public Web Pages Without Getting Sued
2 Oct 04:24 2005Seth Johnson
*Mueller: US Unilateral Control of ICANN Backfires at WSIS
1 Oct 19:34 2005Seth Johnson
*Publishers want to invalidate first-sale doctrine
1 Oct 15:04 2005Seth Johnson
*Politicians Seek Broadcast Flag [well funded I suspect djf]
30 Sep 22:25 2005Seth Johnson
*IP-Watch: U.S. Holds Out On Extension Of High-Level Meeting On Develop
29 Sep 20:12 2005Seth Johnson
*Notes from WIPO General Assembly (September 28, 2005)
29 Sep 20:08 2005Seth Johnson
*9/29 State of Play on Xcasting Treaty