24 May 17:45 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 786aa1: Fixed numeruous bus in CC26xx-CC13xx lpm
24 May 10:53 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] de64ed: Fixed typo
23 May 15:22 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 99c77b: oma-lwm2m: Handle text/plain floatfix num
22 May 14:37 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 287b47: Orchestra: handle case where ORCHESTRA_UN
20 May 11:05 2016Malathi r k
19 May 13:14 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 633bf0: Fix the path for wpcapslip in testscript
15 May 21:38 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] d39806: Adding support for AtMega128RFR2 and AtMe
14 May 17:05 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 5bc158: Add upload script to Makefile.launchpad
14 May 16:28 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] cd7885: do not use setBaudrate
12 May 17:01 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] cb729b: oma-lwm2m: Use sv for string value, bv fo
12 May 16:49 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] d9fd19: Update to stm32nucleo-spirit1 platform RE
12 May 16:15 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 4870f9: Fix for IPv6 compilation and linkage erro
4 May 22:13 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 22e9cc: ipso-temperature: Use "Cel" for degrees c
4 May 14:41 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 119291: Fix putchar include when using IPv4
4 May 14:39 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 43fb47: Fix broken include
3 May 12:52 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 19550f: core/cfs: Disallow seeking past the end o
3 May 10:29 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 37b2d9: Replace the '+' operator with String.prot
2 May 13:52 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 7ba5b0: Trailing zeros in file leading to unexpec
2 May 10:23 2016Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 191207: made a text-based version of the MessageL
28 Apr 18:12 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 763c63: Handle the case when log->link is NULL in
28 Apr 14:45 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 439250: RPL: do not add K flag to no-path DAO as
28 Apr 12:01 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 39921f: rdc.h: Read LLSEC802154_ENABLED instead o
28 Apr 10:25 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] ca0f32: Use collisions for csma backoff and retry
28 Apr 00:12 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 0296e6: Indent tcpip.c
27 Apr 23:59 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 8456b8: Added sensniff support for the CC1200
27 Apr 23:47 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] f47c0f: RPL DAO ACK: improve logging
27 Apr 18:18 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] ace607: Fix RPL default lifetime
27 Apr 15:41 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] e1ea49: TSCH: remove 'not for us' log
26 Apr 11:40 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] fb5f0f: Removed Deluge and associated test files.
25 Apr 11:40 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 03ae4c: Fix output of RPL tests
25 Apr 11:40 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] f8c4d1: Disable RPL DAO ACK by default
21 Apr 14:30 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] a40e28: Fixed using target AVR ATmega128RFA1
21 Apr 12:14 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 86733e: Clarified and cleaned up Coffee's documen
20 Apr 13:36 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 7f700c: Remove the protected memory code associat
20 Apr 12:51 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 2ad3d8: Fix slip config switch statement
20 Apr 11:57 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 1eb1f8: collect-view gui: Add support for OS X se
19 Apr 17:29 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 0379af: llsec: Do not define surrogates in packet
19 Apr 17:27 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] f1110b: removed NETSTACK_LLSEC.init
19 Apr 17:23 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] d478c0: packetbuf: Deleted functions that are nev
18 Apr 22:26 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 1d3c37: Add OpenMote-CC2538 platform and examples
18 Apr 21:06 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 2a07dc: This fixes an event handling issue in the
18 Apr 13:00 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 5d5544: Fixed bug in cc26xx-cc13xx rf-core. When
13 Apr 09:30 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 9cd439: changed tcpip static temporaries to stack
11 Apr 18:53 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 946be7: Added support for end-to-end DAO ACK for
*coojatrace build failed
**coojatrace build failed
7 Apr 00:53 2016Benoît Thébaudeau
*[contiki-os/contiki] 9f1e87: Fix failure of ARM-AAPCS travis job
6 Apr 07:50 2016hautham Qlalweh
*error "Reading outside memory" in hmac_sha1(prf_data)
5 Apr 21:41 2016Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 2c48f3: Added compatibility with W5100 shared acc
4 Apr 14:28 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] a81b40: Allow to use up to 6xADC channels (now ha
1 Apr 08:59 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 181870: JN516x clock module sign error fix
31 Mar 13:36 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 855703: Fixed a bug into tsch-schedule - tsch_sch
28 Mar 21:10 2016Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 4f2828: Added a pfs_remove() function and a pfs_s
26 Mar 20:19 2016hautham
*error "Reading outside memory" I need your help
25 Mar 09:18 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 0aa36e: TSCH: explicitly turn radio off after ACK
21 Mar 17:35 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 25c076: x86: Add driver for message bus
17 Mar 10:00 2016Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 60acf7: fix SerialSocketServer when run without G
15 Mar 16:13 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 072e41: Fix doxygen warning
14 Mar 20:09 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] c815fa: x86: Use shared ISR for I2C and GPIO
14 Mar 17:10 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 151f53: Adapted the TMP102 sensor to Contiki's se
14 Mar 16:42 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 92840e: Simplify uip-ds6-nbr module further when
14 Mar 16:41 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] fbc5b5: trims resolv.c by removing unrequired sta
14 Mar 16:42 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 5a440d: off_t changed to signed to stay the same
14 Mar 15:40 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 4bf868: Fix a number of leftover mentions of aaaa
13 Mar 20:39 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] dea04c: Change the default IPv6 prefix from aaaa:
11 Mar 14:23 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 7dc158: jsonparse: multiple improvements
11 Mar 14:14 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] add5a8: Code style
9 Mar 13:24 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] f83e49: Fix typos in debug messages
7 Mar 20:25 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 73fcfa: TSCH: fix compiler warning that shows up
6 Mar 21:29 2016Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 6876b9: Adjusted segment names to match recent cc
3 Mar 13:38 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 16145f: galileo: build_newlib.sh: Only apply patc
3 Mar 13:39 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 66629a: galileo: build_newlib.sh: Exit on configu
2 Mar 10:29 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] de7850: core/lib/settings.h: fix warning: functio
2 Mar 09:53 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] e5c743: Fix default tun/tap issue with multiple t
29 Feb 23:49 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] d7ee56: Updates cc2538-bsl to 4340542, main chang
26 Feb 23:19 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 56aeb7: Added Zolertia Zonik sound sensor test an
26 Feb 15:16 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 0e0bf3: uIP Stats: Count sent ICMP6 packets
26 Feb 15:12 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 4d4930: Fixes error when processes name are not u
21 Feb 00:50 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 910f7b: travis: Force AAPCS toolchain version
20 Feb 12:49 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] fcc87d: jsontree: add JSONTREE_CONF_PRETTY option
15 Feb 17:38 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 2cbde7: Removed PM10 code lines from adc-sensors
15 Feb 12:21 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] cb1e7c: Added VOC (iAQ-Core) drivers and test app
13 Feb 23:02 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 25ff85: Weather meter: replaced rtimer by ctimer
13 Feb 16:35 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] b2b573: Fix z1-websense example
8 Feb 13:35 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] ba6419: Typo
5 Feb 23:12 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 1b8c88: Add route_discovery_explicit_open()
5 Feb 23:02 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] c92456: Fix ip64 warnings
4 Feb 23:48 2016Benoît Thébaudeau
*[contiki-os/contiki] 45c125: Unified cc2538 examples into single cc253
4 Feb 13:14 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] fa0783: Fix compiler warnings in shell
4 Feb 13:09 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 521cc7: Minor debug output fixes
4 Feb 10:02 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] f87f7e: jn516x enable serial input whenever there
3 Feb 11:41 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 658cf0: Reworking jn516x default configuration an
3 Feb 09:35 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] f0d1b6: Fix PRINTF statement in sicslowpan
1 Feb 15:30 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 576d04: CI simexec: print stdout from java run, w
1 Feb 15:08 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 15a5f2: Adding TSCH to examples/jn516x/rpl
1 Feb 14:25 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 655719: galileo: Revise include flags for LLVM Cl
1 Feb 14:25 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 915fac: a memory overflow in shell-vars.c
1 Feb 14:19 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 7c3108: jn516x: flush only uart Tx FIFO in main l
31 Jan 23:40 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 35345c: Fixed casts and calculations for the wind
27 Jan 12:47 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 1fca3e: Added PM10 and VAC parameters to adc_sens