8 Feb 13:35 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] ba6419: Typo
5 Feb 23:12 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 1b8c88: Add route_discovery_explicit_open()
5 Feb 23:02 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] c92456: Fix ip64 warnings
4 Feb 23:48 2016Benoît Thébaudeau
*[contiki-os/contiki] 45c125: Unified cc2538 examples into single cc253
4 Feb 13:14 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] fa0783: Fix compiler warnings in shell
4 Feb 13:09 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 521cc7: Minor debug output fixes
4 Feb 10:02 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] f87f7e: jn516x enable serial input whenever there
3 Feb 11:41 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 658cf0: Reworking jn516x default configuration an
3 Feb 09:35 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] f0d1b6: Fix PRINTF statement in sicslowpan
1 Feb 15:30 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 576d04: CI simexec: print stdout from java run, w
1 Feb 15:08 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 15a5f2: Adding TSCH to examples/jn516x/rpl
1 Feb 14:25 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 655719: galileo: Revise include flags for LLVM Cl
1 Feb 14:25 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 915fac: a memory overflow in shell-vars.c
1 Feb 14:19 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 7c3108: jn516x: flush only uart Tx FIFO in main l
31 Jan 23:40 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 35345c: Fixed casts and calculations for the wind
27 Jan 12:47 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 1fca3e: Added PM10 and VAC parameters to adc_sens
27 Jan 12:46 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] d42b1b: Allow the caller to access the entire con
25 Jan 21:32 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 0d0e44: Change travis arm tests to use gcc-arm-em
25 Jan 09:54 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 246b01: Ported Grove LCD with RGB backlight for t
23 Jan 16:20 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 66ebca: Updated to new adc-zoul renaming
23 Jan 15:08 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] f5b52e: Ported Grove's 3-axis gyroscope sensor (b
22 Jan 16:56 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 635146: Unified BMP180 and BMP085 drivers
22 Jan 15:18 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 103911: Added driver for the Sparkfun's weather m
22 Jan 07:15 2016Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] d0448d: added support for multiple reassemblies
21 Jan 09:39 2016Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] c03b05: Fixed loading SerialSocketServer plugin i
20 Jan 00:40 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 98ed8a: Removed harsh restriction on mask values
19 Jan 17:40 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 503abb: ADC wrapper for the Zoul-based platforms,
18 Jan 14:36 2016Q Z
*(no subject)
17 Jan 22:38 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] ac07e8: Minor fixes to file descriptions and disa
17 Jan 10:20 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 3dd116: Implementation of OMA LWM2M Engine / IPSO
17 Jan 00:15 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] b1c394: Compile-test the CC2650 Sensortag and Srf
17 Jan 00:08 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 6933b3: Rename select() in various sensortag sens
11 Jan 20:30 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] c644a3: Added support for digital presence/motion
11 Jan 20:29 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 97a7e9: Fixed SHT25 sensor
11 Jan 20:28 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 7b9530: Added BMP085 barometric sensor for the Zo
11 Jan 20:27 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] fefb84: Fixed filter value preventing from initia
11 Jan 14:55 2016Q Z
*performance bugs and security bugs in contiki source codes
11 Jan 12:21 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 881e78: Rewamped TSL2563 light sensor
10 Jan 17:36 2016Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] 707353: Remove Sensinode platform, cpu, example a
9 Jan 19:07 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 08fddb: Always set a valid time for the next AON
9 Jan 19:01 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 4ce6d2: Use volatile access for CMD_IEEE_TX
9 Jan 19:01 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 8636a2: Clear interrupt flags selectively
9 Jan 18:59 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 946b72: Mask CMDSTA when waiting for a command to
9 Jan 18:52 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 55b418: Remove redundant function calls in CC26xx
9 Jan 16:37 2016Benoît Thébaudeau
*[contiki-os/contiki] f78a13: cc2538: pka: Fix include paths breakage
7 Jan 23:27 2016Benoît Thébaudeau
*[contiki-os/contiki] cf5e95: cc2538: Add crypto driver and example for
7 Jan 14:45 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 94143f: Changed NXP maintainers for JN516x platfo
5 Jan 15:54 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 654bb9: Add examples for NXP JN516x using TSCH
4 Jan 21:17 2016Benoît Thébaudeau
*[contiki-os/contiki] baef75: cc2538: aes: Add support for generic oper
31 Dec 04:45 2015abi raja
*(no subject)
23 Dec 12:33 2015Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 51e21b: gitignore: add cscope related files
23 Dec 12:27 2015Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 5e14c2: Add support for the RE-Mote on-board powe
19 Dec 19:28 2015Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] e4744d: fixed make login for Zoul on MAC
18 Dec 16:10 2015Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 834f96: Added support for the RE-Mote on-board Re
17 Dec 01:59 2015Benoît Thébaudeau
*[contiki-os/contiki] 31230a: Implement generic Newlib syscalls
15 Dec 16:14 2015abi raja
*asking help for processing mote output using perl script
15 Dec 15:55 2015abi raja
*asking help for processing mote output using perl script
15 Dec 00:14 2015Benoît Thébaudeau
*[contiki-os/contiki] 35544e: enc28j60: Reuse read/writedata() for read
14 Dec 09:25 2015Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 9c6d9a: cc2538: pwm: Fix clock
13 Dec 12:03 2015George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 5b1457: cc2538: Fix stack alignment
7 Dec 14:29 2015Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 2112df: Added ringbufindex module
7 Dec 14:01 2015Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 6df9f8: Make get_bits_in_byte() static
5 Dec 00:42 2015Benoît Thébaudeau
*[contiki-os/contiki] afe5d0: cc2538: Build without the Contiki target
5 Dec 00:40 2015Benoît Thébaudeau
*[contiki-os/contiki] 8e5f0b: Defining gcc specific macros in seperate
4 Dec 11:45 2015Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 8780bd: Rime Chameleon fix for 32-bit platforms:
3 Dec 19:40 2015Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] b5d17b: ContikiMAC: use RTIMER_GUARD_TIME #define
3 Dec 14:59 2015Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 3ff44f: jn516x: added sleep modes, support for 32
3 Dec 09:09 2015Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 7288a3: Fixed C&P error.
2 Dec 19:15 2015Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 48d1d7: Fixed https://github.com/contiki-os/conti
2 Dec 16:39 2015George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 37fcb9: Added PWM driver for the Zolertia Zoul mo
2 Dec 11:19 2015Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] ecc166: RPL: do not return from rpl_process_dio a
1 Dec 15:36 2015Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] a7ce31: Enhanced RPL loop repair: send unicast DI
1 Dec 15:35 2015Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 7b27ad: Replaced function pointer cast in contiki
1 Dec 09:41 2015Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 298ff6: uip-ds6-route: fix debug annotation of re
30 Nov 22:07 2015Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] d0e9cd: doxygen regression test: Tolerate only wa
29 Nov 01:44 2015Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 5d1045: cc1200: Make it more suitable for contiki
28 Nov 13:10 2015Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 2e7855: AVR platforms: use 32 bit clock_time_t.
26 Nov 11:08 2015Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 8d1392: Wismote : Direct memory access using UART
26 Nov 02:50 2015Q Z
*where can I find more contiki's applications?
25 Nov 22:06 2015Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 588e17: Improved log output in IPv6 modules
25 Nov 17:07 2015Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] b6690d: Reverting change in .gitignore
25 Nov 14:59 2015Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] d87f6f: Added new stm32nucleo-spirit1 platform
25 Nov 00:54 2015George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 27fd1a: Updated RE-Mote revision A support and cl
24 Nov 20:51 2015Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 80e29a: Pulled in cc2538-bsl submodule v2.0 (f1f0
24 Nov 10:23 2015Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] d31ba8: Replaced tabs leftover in previous commit
23 Nov 17:08 2015Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] e2cf8f: Made ContikiMAC more configurable (on ukn
22 Nov 12:53 2015George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 938a42: Cleanup trailing spaces and convert tabs
21 Nov 12:12 2015Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 673d1d: JN516x: minor fixes
21 Nov 07:51 2015Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 790c25: cc2538: Define and use device features
21 Nov 00:19 2015Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 765ce0: Fix Rime attribute serialization in chame
21 Nov 00:00 2015Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 339559: Ignore various build and temporary files
20 Nov 16:30 2015Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] e0e20a: Turn off ENERGEST_TYPE_LISTEN in CC13xx p
18 Nov 18:41 2015George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] b9281e: Compile-test: show make variables in log
18 Nov 17:56 2015Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 33f8db: RPL: clearer naming and documentation of
17 Nov 21:49 2015Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 9dac1e: Build the webserver as done in tools/6502
17 Nov 17:48 2015Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 815929: Add configuration of DIS interval and DIS
17 Nov 17:25 2015Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 2dd75d: Added option to specify make variables in
13 Nov 15:18 2015alignan
13 Nov 15:16 2015Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 05dd35: Updated UDP client example and python UDP
13 Nov 13:49 2015Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] db6cb6: Don't merge, temporal commit: Z1 sniffer