21 Jan 23:33 2015Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] c0d6b1: Align packetbuf on an even 32-bit boundar
3 Jan 11:38 2015Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 212533: Reset nopath_received flag when new DAO i
3 Jan 11:35 2015Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] d540d2: Allow disabling of DIO suppression as req
20 Dec 19:18 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] f28e95: Make RA configuration parameters user con
19 Dec 22:16 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 9baa37: usb/rndis: Add parentheses to an unsafe m
19 Dec 22:15 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] ccbfa3: Add more RPL stats
19 Dec 22:14 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] bb1e0c: Add missing return values in rpl_update_h
19 Dec 10:38 2014George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] b08832: Corrected the register offset value of AN
18 Dec 22:48 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 3a92b0: Disable the ev-aducrf101mkxz compile test
18 Dec 21:27 2014Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] 542738: Bugfix: uip_mss() isn't set until the con
10 Dec 16:56 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 1bddba: rf230bb: Fix missing ')' and indentation.
10 Dec 09:55 2014adamdunkels
10 Dec 09:50 2014Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] c78012: Revert "Allow specifying a max outgoing s
9 Dec 10:48 2014Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] 99513f: Fill IPv6->Next-Hdr field for outgoing RS
9 Dec 10:48 2014Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] 73a133: Change CC2530DK default PAN ID to 0xABCD
9 Dec 08:15 2014Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] 0dbed5: Allow specifying a max outgoing segment s
8 Dec 18:20 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] bd4233: Cleanup packetbuf: use rime attributes an
3 Dec 18:26 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 984c8e: Fix conditional compilation directive in
3 Dec 13:18 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 769a2f: Fix for CERT VU#210620: randomize DNS req
2 Dec 19:16 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 351e4e: [avr] added missing mcu parameter to ASFL
2 Dec 18:27 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] ad744c: Randomize source ports for all outgoing c
2 Dec 16:40 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 722b32: Cleanup of the Contiki network layer conf
2 Dec 13:17 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 1b7369: Moved packetqueue to core/net/rime, as it
1 Dec 18:12 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 0f394b: uip-ds6-nbr: consider reachable node if L
1 Dec 17:41 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 778d40: Do not trigger global repair when forward
1 Dec 13:17 2014Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] d16094: Bug fix: Stop the DAO lifetime timer in R
28 Nov 19:57 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 60adaa: mmem: Prevent duplicate init of mmem
28 Nov 19:52 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] a069f8: Adding a scan-build command
28 Nov 19:23 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 7b6439: atmega128rfa1: Fix the default build erro
28 Nov 19:21 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] a5550f: Seedeye platform: add the explicit list o
28 Nov 19:15 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 3e44e8: packetbuf: Added function "packetbuf_hold
28 Nov 19:12 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 18ee5c: ContikiMAC: Added missing length function
28 Nov 19:09 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 8e1c52: Changed sorting order of routing list (op
28 Nov 19:00 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 1e03cd: examples/ipv6/rpl-border-router: Add -DUI
28 Nov 19:00 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 4f744d: Fixed rssi scanner application and moved
28 Nov 10:16 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 64a475: examples/webserver-ipv6: Add UIP_CONF_TCP
28 Nov 10:06 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] c6bea7: avr: fix divide when CLOCK_SECOND is not
25 Nov 08:31 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] b787b2: Moved thread states from module to header
20 Nov 15:11 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] a3b4e8: llsec: Fixed MIC length; reject unsupport
20 Nov 15:10 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 5e6404: core/net/rime/ipolite: stop ctimer and re
20 Nov 08:10 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] d16348: Fix doxygen prerequisites
18 Nov 08:59 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 239207: Remove unnecessary list_remove in ctimer.
18 Nov 08:59 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] df6a43: struct frame802154_t: make sure dest_addr
18 Nov 08:38 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 494c39: struct queuebuf_data: swap len with data
13 Nov 17:22 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 928bb4: Added missing memb_free in queuebuf.c
13 Nov 10:25 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 8cc0bb: [avr] Removed usage of deprecated MCUSR
13 Nov 10:23 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 169216: Output sha1sums of files used for simulat
11 Nov 14:01 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] d1bb7b: Need to have seed number included in file
11 Nov 09:55 2014George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] cbca2d: [doc] fixed some minor typos
10 Nov 15:36 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 6cbe94: New PluginType SIM_CONTROL_PLUGIN for sim
10 Nov 07:34 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] d99708: Button: Move common interface visualizati
7 Nov 22:20 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 0579e3: llsec: Renamed ccm to ccm_star & Renamed
7 Nov 22:16 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 704e32: Fix too short 6LoWPAN reassembly timeout
5 Nov 15:21 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 2bc1e0: [cooja-platform] Include eeprom.h to avoi
3 Nov 09:26 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] b3dd69: Makefile.include: Assign git description
21 Oct 12:17 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 68b941: Drop packet if there are not enough free
21 Oct 06:46 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] ef6c35: Add function to change I2C baudrate and p
20 Oct 11:38 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] cceb97: Use the Z1 product ID as MAC/Node ID if n
20 Oct 11:16 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] c836fb: Fixes warnings, bad code and code style
16 Oct 15:11 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] c0783e: sky: Initialize energest as early as poss
10 Oct 00:42 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 5a24a7: The ip64-addr module converts between IPv
9 Oct 08:19 2014adamdunkels
9 Oct 08:14 2014Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] e1fc0d: Revert "NAT64 for Contiki (RFC6164, RFC61
8 Oct 21:05 2014Mariano Alvira
*[contiki-os/contiki] 504817: Enabled 2nd button on platform econotag
8 Oct 19:41 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] c77bc6: NAT64 / DNS64 code for Contiki that makes
8 Oct 15:45 2014Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] 449378: 'free_packet' in csma.c conflicted with '
8 Oct 14:56 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 5bbb0c: Added battery capability to Z1 platform
8 Oct 12:15 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 9d27b1: [cooja/mspsim] Msp802154Radio: Fix maximu
5 Oct 17:15 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] d4179a: examples/rpl-border-router: Fix two minor
2 Oct 13:52 2014Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] 24d15a: core/net/ip: Prevent (tiny) buffer overfl
2 Oct 09:25 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 95b54f: [cooja] MemoryLayout: Remove annoying pri
24 Sep 13:59 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 343a3d: Added missing radio capability define to
24 Sep 12:49 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] af7f9c: [cooja/serialsocket] Moved to package org
24 Sep 12:37 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] a9f31e: [cooja] plugins/VariableWatcher: Added @O
5 Sep 20:37 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 7738cd: Avoid compilation warnings in Antelope.
5 Sep 17:16 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 4c4c46: Make the Protosockets examples possible t
30 Aug 22:28 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 5acf3f: Fix time accounting on msp430 Series 5 MC
30 Aug 22:25 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 21898f: er-coap (observe): fix possible duplicate
30 Aug 22:24 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] fab4f4: Add SHT11 CoAP Resource and Activate Sens
29 Aug 14:51 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 77ab93: [cooja] Memory: Added get/setByteArray fu
25 Aug 15:37 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] c6f8a2: [cooja] Added @Override annotations for r
18 Aug 15:08 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] a49098: Add PLATFORM_HAS_RADIO in Sky Platform
13 Aug 13:47 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 705587: Fix time accounting on msp430 Series 1 an
13 Aug 13:23 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 56e253: [cooja] plugins/Visualizer: Simple mote t
13 Aug 13:13 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 0e78bc: [cooja] skins/TrafficVisualizerSkin: Adde
6 Aug 09:32 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 80dc21: [cooja] plugins/analyzers: Added PacketAn
6 Aug 08:55 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 3e9a78: [cooja] plugins/analyzers: Indention and
1 Aug 10:16 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 963d26: [cooja] plugins/Visualizer: Fix: Always h
30 Jul 19:18 2014Mariano Alvira
*[contiki-os/contiki] 3e193c: aducrf101: Rearrange stack and heap to ma
28 Jul 22:04 2014Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] 1058ea: Changed the parameter 'char * data' of pr
28 Jul 11:42 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] f11105: Removing trailing whitespaces
27 Jul 23:55 2014George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] a50e93: Update README.md
27 Jul 23:53 2014George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] cfc775: Adding a CONTRIBUTING file to use github
24 Jul 09:15 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 911f3a: SkyByteRadio was replaced by Msp802154Rad
23 Jul 23:36 2014Mariano Alvira
*[contiki-os/contiki] ee1ca8: Add ADuCRF101 library code from Analog De
20 Jul 09:49 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] afcd5e: Add missing semi-colon
12 Jul 12:29 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 919b69: Fixed hardware detection.
8 Jul 15:16 2014Mariano Alvira
*[contiki-os/contiki] 21b78d: Increase fixed filename sizes in SLIP tun
8 Jul 15:15 2014Mariano Alvira
*[contiki-os/contiki] 424218: Clean up script commands in .travis.yml.
4 Jul 20:00 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 9ee1ba: Only wait for a keypress if the user is t