22 Jul 22:02 2016Benoît Thébaudeau
*[contiki-os/contiki] 3bb58b: Minor data type correction.
22 Jul 16:56 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 6dfd35: TSCH port for CC2538 based platforms.
17 Jul 01:22 2016Benoît Thébaudeau
*[contiki-os/contiki] 833dc8: Fix code style
17 Jul 00:34 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] f8864c: Add TRNG CCxxware macros
16 Jul 21:02 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 2fe4b4: CC26xx: enable MCU sleeping while transmi
16 Jul 20:47 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 1e4141: CC26xx: change default TSCH guard time to
16 Jul 20:46 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 081ec1: TSCH: add RADIO_DELAY_BEFORE_DETECT to rx
16 Jul 15:45 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 9caaf2: CC26xx: fix a regression in and refactor
15 Jul 21:10 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 4ceaab: RPL: added missing return, to not join in
15 Jul 20:30 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] fbf3da: Fix README.md not reference GPL
15 Jul 19:50 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] d5e2a7: Added DHT22 sensor to Zoul-based platform
15 Jul 16:51 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] a8aa77: Removed unused file platform/avr-rss2/dev
6 Jul 09:17 2016Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] c26085: Some 6502 target changes
5 Jul 18:10 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 6f8306: core/net/mac/frame802154: Fix typo in PAN
4 Jul 10:34 2016alignan
4 Jul 10:33 2016IoT workshop VM
*[contiki-os/contiki] 720007: Imported Zolertia tutorial for the Z1 mot
1 Jul 15:39 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 3e987e: Border router: include RPL links in HTTP
1 Jul 13:50 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] b6139a: Support more than one pending slip messag
1 Jul 13:38 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 5d9900: remove duplicate include
30 Jun 22:53 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 678f43: Add missing include
30 Jun 12:13 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] ab1652: zoul: Add support for flashing to multipl
30 Jun 09:47 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 442e1b: Moved project-conf.h inclusion to the top
30 Jun 00:51 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] b6617f: CC26xx: always request HF crystal oscilla
29 Jun 10:38 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] e361c4: RPL non-storing: fix a bug causing an inf
29 Jun 00:55 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] a1ea6d: Fix i2c bug in sensortag flatform.
29 Jun 00:23 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 37360a: Implementation of the ESMRF engine
29 Jun 00:22 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] b074e5: Replece UIP_IPV6_MULTICAST_RPL in a comme
28 Jun 17:15 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 3a105f: Disable CC2650_FAST_RADIO_STARTUP by defa
25 Jun 01:30 2016Benoît Thébaudeau
*[contiki-os/contiki] c28b6f: CC2538: Reboot if the crypto engine fails
25 Jun 00:14 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 8fd771: noncoresec: Fix build errors with DEBUG s
25 Jun 00:12 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] bc8b6c: Updated cc2538-bsl to version 2.1 (c6100a
24 Jun 18:44 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 8a273a: cc2538: Add configuration for firmware lo
15 Jun 18:56 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 501030: Make the I/O semantics functionality in C
15 Jun 13:08 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 67e057: Prevent uIP buffer over-read with big UDP
15 Jun 11:29 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] f99511: srf06-cc26xx: add default TSCH configurat
15 Jun 10:27 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 7853a7: fix for compilation with clang - issue re
14 Jun 21:30 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 8211db: Allow creating connections on unspecified
13 Jun 20:58 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 0cb222: add 2-channel TSCH hopping sequence
13 Jun 20:45 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 092f0e: Added generic relay driver for the zoul-b
13 Jun 09:03 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 373fda: TSCH port for Zolertia ReMote/Zoul.
12 Jun 01:27 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] b3ea79: cc2538: sys-ctrl: Provide last reset caus
9 Jun 16:28 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 27cced: rpl-ext-header: Use 8-octet unit for HBHO
8 Jun 16:26 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] d14b76: RPL: logging fixes
7 Jun 22:51 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 72b4d3: Put some uip6 temporaries on the stack
7 Jun 14:36 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 08dc4b: Add controller for the AUX domain
6 Jun 11:39 2016Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] c7c3ef: Cooja: add Msp802154BitErrorRadio interfa
6 Jun 10:55 2016Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] e544e4: Cooja: Make sure motes are always removed
5 Jun 13:49 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] b0de41: x86: Adjust UEFI header size
5 Jun 12:47 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 03ca79: fix ipv6 http socket host handling as in
4 Jun 22:47 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 2b3037: AT driver (master) and example
4 Jun 15:05 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] ff6d33: Fix warning about missing strcasecmp defi
4 Jun 07:59 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 65632c: Fix IPv6 HTTP URL parsing
3 Jun 21:59 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] dca929: Platform nrf52dk: use RTIMER_CLOCK_DIFF i
3 Jun 20:37 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 4e9b02: rpl.h: updated constants and comments to
3 Jun 19:46 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 65ff03: Changed read-only pointers to const in en
3 Jun 15:13 2016Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] ae0c5f: Make use of new cl65 option --print-targe
3 Jun 14:53 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] e8edb6: oma-lwm2m: Add JSON writer
3 Jun 14:44 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 510fc9: removed memcpy that cause inconsistency i
3 Jun 14:40 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] f5919a: fix the bug about chalemeon raw hdrsize
3 Jun 14:16 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] b3f2bb: Removed some unnecessary statics in do_ev
3 Jun 10:12 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 334e38: Fixed rssi-scanner example
3 Jun 10:10 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 77f93c: 21-large-rpl: Avoid frequent timeout in T
3 Jun 10:10 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 101575: RIME: Extend unicast example to include a
2 Jun 21:34 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] b4c2cd: Macros for TSCH
2 Jun 12:02 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 688f4a: Updates ARM toolchain to latest launchpad
1 Jun 23:52 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] abf08a: Added net-debug.[ch] to provide debug fun
1 Jun 23:37 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] cd5a0e: Consolidate .upload for all CC26xx/CC13xx
1 Jun 23:34 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 10601b: Fixed CC2538/PIC labels being swapped
1 Jun 23:15 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] d9f4d9: Adapted OpenMote-CC2538 sensor drivers to
1 Jun 23:11 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 1cc659: Allow for using a fixed frame header leng
1 Jun 23:03 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] bb5e5d: TSCH: use RTIMER_CLOCK_DIFF to compute es
1 Jun 22:00 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] d70c75: cfs-coffee: Fix build warning
1 Jun 15:41 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 099a93: Add support for the CC1310 LaunchPad
30 May 15:33 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 9832b3: oma-lwm2m: Use Accept header to determine
25 May 18:02 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 2299a7: Fix tsch-log bug
24 May 17:45 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 786aa1: Fixed numeruous bus in CC26xx-CC13xx lpm
24 May 10:53 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] de64ed: Fixed typo
23 May 15:22 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 99c77b: oma-lwm2m: Handle text/plain floatfix num
22 May 14:37 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 287b47: Orchestra: handle case where ORCHESTRA_UN
20 May 11:05 2016Malathi r k
19 May 13:14 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 633bf0: Fix the path for wpcapslip in testscript
15 May 21:38 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] d39806: Adding support for AtMega128RFR2 and AtMe
14 May 17:05 2016George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 5bc158: Add upload script to Makefile.launchpad
14 May 16:28 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] cd7885: do not use setBaudrate
12 May 17:01 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] cb729b: oma-lwm2m: Use sv for string value, bv fo
12 May 16:49 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] d9fd19: Update to stm32nucleo-spirit1 platform RE
12 May 16:15 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 4870f9: Fix for IPv6 compilation and linkage erro
4 May 22:13 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 22e9cc: ipso-temperature: Use "Cel" for degrees c
4 May 14:41 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 119291: Fix putchar include when using IPv4
4 May 14:39 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 43fb47: Fix broken include
3 May 12:52 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 19550f: core/cfs: Disallow seeking past the end o
3 May 10:29 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 37b2d9: Replace the '+' operator with String.prot
2 May 13:52 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 7ba5b0: Trailing zeros in file leading to unexpec
2 May 10:23 2016Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 191207: made a text-based version of the MessageL
28 Apr 18:12 2016Simon Duquennoy
*[contiki-os/contiki] 763c63: Handle the case when log->link is NULL in
28 Apr 14:45 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 439250: RPL: do not add K flag to no-path DAO as
28 Apr 12:01 2016Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 39921f: rdc.h: Read LLSEC802154_ENABLED instead o
28 Apr 10:25 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] ca0f32: Use collisions for csma backoff and retry
28 Apr 00:12 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 0296e6: Indent tcpip.c
27 Apr 23:59 2016Antonio Lignan
*[contiki-os/contiki] 8456b8: Added sensniff support for the CC1200