16 Apr 23:42 2014George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] a96dc9: [SPI] Make SPI_FLUSH() more versatile
15 Apr 12:14 2014Daniel Pérez
15 Apr 09:51 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 055c70: [cooja] Set location of newly created plu
15 Apr 09:09 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] b53cee: [cooja] plugins/LogListener: Prevent from
14 Apr 16:38 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 2c953c: Support verbosity control when building M
14 Apr 16:12 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] b6978b: Declare and Implement generic ICMPv6 hand
13 Apr 17:35 2014George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 28a563: cc2538: clock: Request an etimer poll in
13 Apr 04:05 2014George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] dbba31: cc2538: Add adc driver and example
13 Apr 03:51 2014George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] e3c197: cc2538: Support any UART baudrate.
13 Apr 02:09 2014Ezalo Nasipika
*[SPAM] Ezalo Nasipika
11 Apr 09:57 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 22ac76: [cooja] plugins/Visualizer: Multi-mote se
9 Apr 22:20 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 29894b: Makefile.include: Setting RELSTR based on
9 Apr 22:12 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] d1d82e: The UDP socket API code
9 Apr 21:52 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 68b65e: Fix CPU clock calibration in msp430f2xxx
7 Apr 11:13 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 5aca90: Use the same scale for ETX calculation as
4 Apr 10:13 2014George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 5edd6b: New MACRO for creating jsontree_array
2 Apr 16:06 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 279b7f: Added rule to autocompile mspsim if neede
28 Mar 17:27 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 5b1a9f: Bugfix: when a packet is sent by the RDC
27 Mar 21:24 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] a630fb: Removed unused variable.
27 Mar 16:32 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 3062e9: typo in event resource handler comment
22 Mar 10:37 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 726bdd: native: Add CTK to the module list
21 Mar 08:33 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 50fe1e: Also remove uninitialized motes
18 Mar 12:33 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 4704ee: Include the RPL module for the native pla
18 Mar 10:11 2014Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] 067bbc: Check for DAO fwd loop early, before proc
15 Mar 17:49 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 370650: Updated cc65 URL.
13 Mar 19:30 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] cbdd7f: Remove GNU indent tools
10 Mar 10:27 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 418c51: [cooja/mspsim] a single sky mote in cooja
9 Mar 03:11 2014George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 34e48f: Added bootloader backdoor configuration f
9 Mar 00:41 2014George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] d979e5: CC2538: add support for UART baudrate 960
9 Mar 00:15 2014George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] d14f0d: CC2538: add secondary location to ieee ad
7 Mar 23:36 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] aef0e9: Ensure that the file end is updated in th
27 Feb 22:00 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] b6c995: Adjust shadow register to full 8kB RX buf
26 Feb 22:17 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 3e5e05: Adjusted base address to final product.
21 Feb 13:41 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 10a73c: Fix PCAP packet header timestamp
21 Feb 13:35 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 8dd402: Fix documentation
21 Feb 13:01 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 465b0d: [cooja] pluings/skings/UDGMVisualizerSkin
21 Feb 12:55 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 80b78a: cooja: plugins/Visualizer: Implemented mo
21 Feb 12:09 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 90ab2e: cooja: interfaces/RimeAddress: renamed ri
2 Feb 21:10 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 71c671: Fixed win32 broken by recent changes.
2 Feb 20:14 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 4db675: Some fine tuning after the recent general
2 Feb 14:41 2014George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 394aeb: Don't increment the counter when a button
1 Feb 01:22 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] a94e7e: Avoid compiler warnings.
31 Jan 22:27 2014George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] a63376: Use -Os for CC2538 builds
30 Jan 16:58 2014George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] e1147e: cc2538: Set the type of the .nrdata outpu
30 Jan 00:12 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 47e411: Changed the variable names that access th
29 Jan 21:57 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 452652: Changed the name of the rimeaddr module t
29 Jan 17:40 2014George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 42c287: cc2538: lpm: Fix build for LPM_CONF_ENABL
29 Jan 17:17 2014Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] 65eba4: Moved all generic IP files into the net/i
28 Jan 15:37 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] a562ac: cc2538: Fix library linkage
27 Jan 17:06 2014Mariano Alvira
*[contiki-os/contiki] ffa014: rl78: Rename CORE to RL78_CORE to avoid a
27 Jan 16:31 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 86320d: Stopped to load plugins depending on simu
27 Jan 16:14 2014Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 9eabbe: Adds encoding attribute utf-8 arg to cooj
26 Jan 23:23 2014Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] d1822b: collect: making some protocol parameters
26 Jan 23:03 2014Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] 9114cd: Added an API for getting a callback when
25 Jan 16:09 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 662eb4: Fix compilation error when DEBUG enabled
24 Jan 17:08 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 1f4613: Added more flexibility to webbrowser -> w
24 Jan 14:20 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 64ce68: Added cmdline args support to wget exampl
24 Jan 12:44 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] fc983e: Copied 'contiki_arg[c|v]' from 'native' t
23 Jan 22:45 2014Mariano Alvira
*[contiki-os/contiki] 00468a: Fix buggy UART baudrate calculation in th
21 Jan 22:35 2014Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 9e8733: Correct the operator in the comment so th
20 Jan 23:26 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 510678: Added mouse support for the Atari.
18 Jan 00:39 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] a24865: Add somewhat more support to use differen
17 Jan 23:11 2014Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] fb20cf: Added UIP_CONF_LLH_LEN.
16 Jan 14:24 2014Mariano Alvira
*[contiki-os/contiki] fea109: [libgloss] * configure.in: Add rl78. * co
26 Dec 16:59 2013Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] f69409: Now that all supported targets echo the R
16 Dec 22:52 2013Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] c7e0fa: Moved #defines so that UIP_TCPIP_HLEN and
13 Dec 08:19 2013Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] ae5a3f: Bumped the version number from 2.6 to 3.x
12 Dec 23:16 2013Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 8386be: Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/ma
12 Dec 16:13 2013Mariano Alvira
*[contiki-os/contiki] d772ba: Travis test for slip-radio
12 Dec 14:02 2013Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] f31d6f: Bugfix: if a SYN is received in the SYN_R
6 Dec 00:27 2013George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 8514a9: cc2538: lpm: Fix energest context when ab
5 Dec 20:07 2013George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 65806f: cc2538dk: startup-gcc: Do not redefine SY
5 Dec 20:07 2013George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 6f22fd: Remove LPP discussion from the cc2538 REA
5 Dec 19:31 2013George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] d2f379: cc2538: Clean up port and pin definitions
5 Dec 18:25 2013George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 44a5c7: cc2538: gpio: Add macros to use GPIO powe
5 Dec 18:19 2013George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 621f4f: cc2538: lpm: Give access to the SRAM non-
5 Dec 18:11 2013George Oikonomou
*[contiki-os/contiki] 436b58: cc2538dk: Make it possible to override SL
4 Dec 13:57 2013Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] f86aaf: Removed the xmac.c code
4 Dec 09:06 2013Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] b01469: Don't compile webserver-ipv6 for the sky
3 Dec 21:59 2013Oliver Schmidt
*[contiki-os/contiki] 9cdc6d: Avoid access to the address register duri
2 Dec 18:23 2013Mariano Alvira
*[contiki-os/contiki] e05ab2: SLIP-radio support for the Nooliberry (RF
2 Dec 18:21 2013Mariano Alvira
*[contiki-os/contiki] 108692: In stm32w_flasher replaced hal-* calls wi
2 Dec 18:20 2013Mariano Alvira
*[contiki-os/contiki] c7b124: mbxxx I2C driver.
2 Dec 18:19 2013Mariano Alvira
*[contiki-os/contiki] 19a462: Revert "Fixing sleep on stm32w108 cpu"
2 Dec 18:18 2013Mariano Alvira
*[contiki-os/contiki] 0dafba: Add a rule for generating assembly listin
2 Dec 18:11 2013Mariano Alvira
*[contiki-os/contiki] ae6972: Added support for STM32w boards MB950 and
29 Nov 20:59 2013Mariano Alvira
*[contiki-os/contiki] 88f9d7: Enable the silent compilation mode from t
29 Nov 14:23 2013Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 9819c5: Rewrote the IPv6 route management so that
29 Nov 14:07 2013Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 611c65: Removed the VNC/CTK server and the VNC vi
28 Nov 15:05 2013Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] 0fd503: Removed the experimental checkpointing co
28 Nov 13:54 2013Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] fa2dd5: Allow configuration of pcap output file
27 Nov 09:45 2013Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] a415c2: Fix: preserving blank characters (tabulat
27 Nov 00:05 2013Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] 58ef23: Stop setting WITH_UIP6=1 in example Makef
26 Nov 23:26 2013Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] bb2dca: A massive all-tree automated update of al
26 Nov 08:53 2013Fredrik Österlind
*[contiki-os/contiki] 700994: Cooja Pcap export: Reverts PR #284 to fix
25 Nov 16:16 2013Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] 14db33: csma: Initialize sequence number with ran
25 Nov 00:37 2013Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 3788b0: Added a way to get the RSSI of the last r
24 Nov 16:49 2013Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 61ea7f: RPL DAO timers and management:
24 Nov 14:57 2013Nicolas Tsiftes
*[contiki-os/contiki] 19b32c: Removed the old unused hc.[ch] code
24 Nov 10:59 2013Adam Dunkels
*[contiki-os/contiki] 44370b: Removed old, unused msp430-based platform