12 Apr 19:43 2016Andrew Greenberg
*Yuri's Night Party is tonight!
30 Dec 06:47 2015Marie House
*Only TWO days left to support PSAS!
23 Dec 06:23 2015Marie House
*Portland State Aerospace Society needs your help!
16 Dec 06:59 2015Marie House
*We're almost 75% of the way there!!
9 Dec 05:35 2015Andrew Greenberg
*Help launch PSAS in 2016!
17 Jul 22:34 2015Nathan Bergey
*Portland State Aerospace Society Launch 12 July 19th
7 Jul 05:20 2013Nathan Bergey
*Successful Launch!
24 May 22:31 2013Nathan Bergey
*Portland State Aerospace Society Rocket Launch on June 30th!
19 Oct 00:04 2012Nathan Bergey
*No PSAS Launch This Weekend
1 Aug 21:13 2011Nathan Bergey
*PSAS Launch Failure Recap
27 Jul 12:57 2011Nathan Bergey
*Rocket Launch This Weekend!
19 May 20:01 2009M. Webster
*Probable PSAS Rocket Launch on Sunday May 31st
11 Sep 02:31 2008Sarah A Sharp
*Fwd: NASA Announcement - Five New Opportunities for Oregon Students
9 Aug 21:03 2008Sarah A Sharp
*Student Day at Linux Plumbers Conference
21 Apr 17:24 2008Andrew Greenberg
*"100 Years of Inertial Navigation" lecture tonight
17 Jun 03:03 2007Andrew Greenberg
*Last reminder: PSAS picnic/model rocket launch tomorrow (Sunday)!
10 Jun 07:09 2007Andrew Greenberg
*PSAS End Of Year Picnic, Saturday June 17th: Rockets, Dads, & Picnics