1 Dec 11:22 2015Grzegorz Chrupała
*PhD position in CogSci/AI at Tilburg University (NL)
30 Nov 21:05 2015Teunissen, Tristan (ELS-AMS
*Job Opening: Senior NLP Scientist at Elsevier
30 Nov 19:59 2015Paul Thompson
*New publication: Supporting Systematic Reviews Using LDA-based Documen
30 Nov 19:01 2015Ivan Titov
*PhD (or a postdoc) at U. Amsterdam in statistical modeling for machine
30 Nov 18:59 2015Anna Marchi
*2nd CFP (with additional details): CORPORA AND DISCOURSE + Festival of
30 Nov 17:54 2015Sarah Grieves
*English Profile Seminar, Friday 5th February 2016
30 Nov 17:42 2015Louise-Amélie Cougnon
*Job in Belgium - Researcher in NLP - Louvain-la-Neuve
30 Nov 15:40 2015Janne Bondi Johannessen
*Extended deadline for submission! Call for papers: ’Academic Languag
30 Nov 15:25 2015Monica Schoonhoven
*Job Ontology Mining Lead Textkernel
30 Nov 14:42 2015Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova
*EM Masters Program in Language and Communication Technologies (LCT): d
30 Nov 12:14 2015Élen Tomazela
*please fremove me from your mailing list, Tks
30 Nov 10:26 2015Chelo Vargas Sierra
*AESLA 2016 Deadline Extension
29 Nov 22:16 2015Feiyu Xu
*RELEASE OF sar-graph 3.0
28 Nov 18:34 2015Valia Kordoni
*Volume on MWEs
26 Nov 22:17 2015Léo Muelle
*Looking for an English corpus of Live Internet Chats
27 Nov 17:40 2015Shay Cohen
*PhD position at the University of Edinburgh (natural language processi
27 Nov 16:51 2015Damien Cram
*TermSuite 2.0 released !
27 Nov 16:57 2015Marko, Georg (georg.marko@uni-
*Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
27 Nov 16:44 2015Kambiz Ghoorchian
*Random Indexing
27 Nov 15:23 2015Muelle Leo
*Looking for an English corpus of Live Internet Chats
27 Nov 15:39 2015Lucia Specia
*Non-native speakers of English: help with a 10-minute online survey (c
27 Nov 11:10 2015Sabine Schulte im Walde
*List of accepted NAACL/ACL/EMNLP 2016 workshops
27 Nov 05:40 2015Francis Bond
*NLP jobs at NTU, Singapore
26 Nov 14:36 2015Joel Tetreault
*1st CFP: 11th Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Education
26 Nov 13:44 2015Agata Savary
*deadline extension: PARSEME meeting, 7-8 April 2016, Struga, FYR Maced
26 Nov 13:12 2015savesd.workshop
*SAVE-SD 2016 Second Call for Papers
26 Nov 12:48 2015sbar
*Advertisement corpus
26 Nov 02:31 2015Supheakmungkol SARIN
*[JOB Opportunity] Afrikaans Linguists
25 Nov 23:04 2015Marianna Apidianaki
*ACL 2016: Call for System Demonstrations
25 Nov 22:40 2015Linguistic Data Consortium
*News from LDC
25 Nov 22:23 2015Mirella Lapata
*10 PhD places in Data Science at the University of Edinburgh
25 Nov 20:37 2015Manaal Faruqui
*CFP: NAACL 2016 Workshop on Multilingual and Cross­lingual Methods in
25 Nov 10:30 2015Erik Tjong Kim Sang
*CoNLL 2016 First Call for Papers
24 Nov 17:24 2015Mario Monteleone
*The NooJ 2016 International Conference - Call for Papers
24 Nov 12:23 2015António Branco
*LAST CFP (deadline 15 Dec) : Computational Processing of Portuguese (P
24 Nov 10:43 2015Dymetman, Marc
*XRCE internship: Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Dialogue Predictio
24 Nov 10:26 2015Edyta Jurkiewicz-Rohrbacher
*Coping with tagging errors in corpus
24 Nov 10:57 2015Michaël GAUTHIER
**Coping with tagging errors in corpus
24 Nov 11:07 2015Wallis, Sean
**Coping with tagging errors in corpus
24 Nov 11:25 2015Edyta Jurkiewicz-Rohrbacher
***Coping with tagging errors in corpus
24 Nov 10:11 2015Liu Jiangming
*Jobs: National University of Singapore Business School
24 Nov 09:34 2015Laura Kallmeyer
*New book "Syntax und Valenz" by Timm Lichte
24 Nov 07:05 2015Robertas Damaševičius
*[CFP] 1st International Workshop on Language Technologies and Applicat
23 Nov 21:10 2015Ekaterina Shutova
*CFP: NAACL 2015 Workshop on Metaphor in NLP
23 Nov 19:08 2015Viviana Patti
*Deadline extension: ACM TOIT on Affect and Interaction in Agent-based
23 Nov 19:00 2015Stan Szpakowicz
*Call for papers: Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Literature,
23 Nov 17:41 2015João Graça
*NLP Engineer at Unbabel
23 Nov 14:52 2015Taylor Cassidy
*Army Research Laboratory postdoc positions
22 Nov 23:18 2015Maciej Ogrodniczuk
*Call for Papers: CORBON 2016: Workshop on Coreference Resolution Beyon
23 Nov 09:50 2015Edyta Jurkiewicz-Rohrbacher
*Coping with tagging errors in corpus
24 Nov 14:54 2015Chris Brew
**Coping with tagging errors in corpus
24 Nov 15:45 2015Krishnamurthy, Ramesh
**Coping with tagging errors in corpus
25 Nov 12:02 2015Nikola Ljubešić
**Coping with tagging errors in corpus
22 Nov 23:17 2015"Poirier, Éric"
*2nd CFP International Conference on Economic, Business, Financial and
22 Nov 10:14 2015Dawn Knight
*DEADLINE APPROACHING: RA in computational/corpus linguistics, programm
21 Nov 22:35 2015Kuebler, Sandra Claudia
*call for papers: Workshop on Discontinuous Structures in Natural Langu
20 Nov 16:24 2015Sara Tonelli
*Post-doc position in Future Media
20 Nov 11:28 2015Michael Barlow
*Collocte 1.0
19 Nov 20:40 2015eric charton
*1st CFP Open Data For Local Search - OD4LS 2016 (www 2016)
19 Nov 19:54 2015Simon Dobnik
*Cfp: CoSLI-4: Workshop on Computational Models of Spatial Language Int
18 Nov 12:13 2015Anne Abeillé
*permanent research positions
18 Nov 19:05 2015Paola A. Lam
*Chinese Corpora Conference hosted by Rice University - CALL FOR PAPERS
19 Nov 09:29 2015Marc Brysbaert
*Postdoc position psycholinguistics at Ghent University
19 Nov 04:50 2015Hajer Omri
18 Nov 20:24 2015Matías Guzmán Naranjo
*Reading or eye-tracking corpus
18 Nov 15:56 2015Erick Fonseca
*CFP: Shared task on semantic similarity and entailment in Portuguese
18 Nov 14:25 2015Seth Grimes
*Europe's premier conference for text, social & sentiment analysis, nex
15 Nov 18:23 2015Vládia Pinheiro
*1st CALL FOR DEMOS: PROPOR 2016 Demonstration Session
13 Nov 20:08 2015Roman Klinger
*Ph.D. position: Multi-Lingual Emotion Detection for Literature Studies
16 Nov 09:01 2015Hilary Nesi
*corpora of academic writings
16 Nov 16:49 2015Christophe Servan
*Release of WCE-LIG Toolkit for SMT
16 Nov 16:15 2015Tristan Miller
*Final CfP: Argumentation in Social Media (ACM TOIT)
14 Nov 13:33 2015Koenraad De Smedt
*where can I find corpora of academic writings?
17 Nov 14:24 2015Sofie Johansson Kokkinakis
**where can I find corpora of academic writings?
13 Nov 17:14 2015Milos Jakubicek
*Lexicom 2016
13 Nov 17:14 2015Milos Jakubicek
*Lexicom 2016
13 Nov 12:35 2015Verginica Mititelu
*Global WordNet Conference 2016 - Call for participation
13 Nov 11:52 2015Elena Cabrio
*Q4APS Call for Papers - Workshop on “Question Answering And Activity
12 Nov 20:38 2015Robin Lud
*where can I find corpora of academic writings?
13 Nov 01:01 2015Mark Davies
**where can I find corpora of academic writings?
13 Nov 03:26 2015Cristina Mota
***where can I find corpora of academic writings?
13 Nov 13:10 2015Krishnamurthy, Ramesh
**where can I find corpora of academic writings?
12 Nov 11:15 2015Isabelle Gauer
*Conference Announcement and CfP: The fabric of law and language
12 Nov 04:04 2015Kizito Tekwa
*Summer Training in Translation Pegagogy - Ottawa, Canada
11 Nov 15:08 2015Gemma Boleda
*CfP: DisSALT: Distributional Semantics and Linguistic Theory, ESSLLI 2
10 Nov 16:12 2015Karën Fort
*CFP: TAL journal "NLP and ethics" (special issue)
9 Nov 18:09 2015Michaela Agnes Mahlberg
*Research funding at the University of Birmingham, UK
9 Nov 17:54 2015Dickinson, Markus
*TLT14: Call for Participation
9 Nov 17:30 2015Kruschwitz, Udo
*Last Call for Participation: Search Solutions Tutorials 2015 - Registr
9 Nov 16:26 2015Sebastian Riedel
*Postdoc in NLP and Machine Learning at the University College London
9 Nov 15:58 2015Passarotti Marco Carlo
*Last Call for abstracts: Diachronic Treebanks (Workshop at SLE-2016)
8 Nov 22:58 2015M. Larson
*Call for Multimedia Tasks/Challenges for MediaEval 2016 (8 Jan.)
8 Nov 22:20 2015Nabil Hathout
*Call. Paradigmatic approaches to Word Formation: Where are we up to?
8 Nov 20:48 2015Bayan Shawar
*Member of the list
8 Nov 21:12 2015Mary D. Taffet
**Member of the list
8 Nov 14:37 2015Parth Mehta
*FIRE 2015: First Call for participation
8 Nov 06:06 2015Hristo Tanev
*corpus of conversations
8 Nov 11:12 2015Alexander Osherenko
**corpus of conversations
8 Nov 21:08 2015Anne Przewozny
**corpus of conversations
9 Nov 18:31 2015Amir Zeldes
***corpus of conversations