11 Feb 19:22 2016Francesca Frontini
*FINAL CfP: Joint Second Workshop on Language and Ontologies (LangOnto2
11 Feb 18:46 2016Branting, Karl
*CFP: LTDCA2016 Workshop on Legal Text, Document, and Corpus Analytics
11 Feb 13:55 2016Jin-Dong Kim
*BioNLP-ST 2016 GE (Genia Event Extraction) Task
11 Feb 12:26 2016Reinhard Rapp
*Deadline Extension to March 24: 9th Workshop on Building and Using Com
11 Feb 13:34 2016Reinhard Rapp
**CORRECTION: Deadline Extension to February 24: 9th Workshop onBuilding
10 Feb 22:21 2016Mcenery, Tony
*Senior Research Associate Post in Language Development, Lancaster Univ
10 Feb 20:44 2016Stan Szpakowicz
*Third call for papers, Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Liter
10 Feb 19:20 2016Hardie, Andrew
*British Library Labs Roadshow visits Lancaster University: free event
10 Feb 15:21 2016Charlotte Taylor
*CLS11: Doing corpus linguistics with large and small corpora: keeping
10 Feb 19:28 2016Kiril Simov
**First CFPs: Workshop on Deep Language Processing for Quality Machine T
9 Feb 16:45 2016Carla Parra
*DEADLINE EXTENSION: 2nd Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Tr
10 Feb 01:02 2016Kruschwitz, Udo
*Informer: Winter 2016 Issue Out Now
9 Feb 17:28 2016Sanja Stajner
*DEADLINE EXTENSION: LREC Workshop on Quality Assessment for Text Simpl
9 Feb 17:31 2016Sebastian Riedel
*Title: Postdoc in NLP and Machine Learning at the University College L
9 Feb 14:13 2016Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh
*Call for abstracts for the NASSLLI workshop on Statistical and Logical
9 Feb 11:27 2016Octavian Popescu
9 Feb 10:15 2016Anya Belz
*Fully funded EPSRC PhD Studentship in Image Description at University
9 Feb 11:24 2016Octavian Popescu
**Fully funded EPSRC PhD Studentship in Image Description at University
9 Feb 10:14 2016De Pauw Guy
*Final CFP + Deadline extension: TA-COS
9 Feb 09:27 2016Georg Rehm
*Final Call for papers: LREC 2016 Workshop "Translation Evaluation –
8 Feb 17:47 2016Tomaž Erjavec
*2nd CfP: Language Technologies and Digital Humanities - Ljubljana, Slo
8 Feb 16:52 2016Octavian Popescu
*FIRST CfP: Natural Language Processing Meets Journalism 2016
8 Feb 14:45 2016Ekaterina Shutova
*Final CFP: NAACL 2016 Workshop on Metaphor in NLP
8 Feb 13:32 2016Carla Parra
*Call for participation: 1st Translation Memory Cleaning Shared Task
3 Feb 10:33 2016Clément Thibert
*Colloque Changements linguistiques et phénomènes sociétaux (CLPS),
6 Feb 11:33 2016Dirk Siepmann
*Job Opening: Post-doctoral research fellow (Osnabrück University; DFG
8 Feb 07:58 2016Graham Ranger -- UAPV
*Avignon 9-10 juin 2016: Nouvelles approches du corpus en linguistique
7 Feb 14:28 2016Sylviane Granger
*Book on learner corpora
6 Feb 03:54 2016Susana M. Sotillo
*Corpus of Microaggressions
6 Feb 08:10 2016Alexander Osherenko
**Corpus of Microaggressions
6 Feb 15:00 2016John F Sowa
***Corpus of Microaggressions
5 Feb 21:47 2016Mohamed Morchid
5 Feb 19:56 2016Nicoleta Baghici
5 Feb 17:24 2016Richard Eckart de Castilho
*FINAL CFP: LREC Workshop on Cross-Platform Text Mining and Natural Lan
5 Feb 16:59 2016Vera Demberg
*Postdoc Position at Saarland University, Germany
5 Feb 15:13 2016Ineke Schuurman
*Final CfP (extended deadline): LREC 2016 workshop "Improving Social In
5 Feb 12:52 2016Dimitrios Kartsaklis
*2nd CfP: Workshop on Semantic Spaces at the Intersection of NLP, Physi
5 Feb 10:12 2016Lyding Verena
*DEADLINE EXTENSION: LREC 2nd Workshop on 'Visualization as added value
8 Feb 07:54 2016Andrius Utka
**DEADLINE EXTENSION: LREC Workshop on Normalisation and Analysis of Soc
5 Feb 09:54 2016Graham Ranger -- UAPV
*[parislinguists] COLL: Avignon 9-10 juin 2016: Nouvelles approches du
4 Feb 17:27 2016qwerty asdf
*MI Score VS Frequency in COCA
4 Feb 18:39 2016Graham Ranger -- UAPV
**MI Score VS Frequency in COCA
4 Feb 21:40 2016Mark Davies
**MI Score VS Frequency in COCA
5 Feb 03:47 2016qwerty asdf
***MI Score VS Frequency in COCA
4 Feb 14:22 2016Francesca Frontini
*[EXTENSION] CfP: Joint Second Workshop on Language and Ontologies (Lan
4 Feb 14:02 2016Dimitrios Kokkinakis
*Last CFP : Resources and ProcessIng of linguistic and extra-linguistic
4 Feb 13:03 2016Eugenio Martínez Camara
*6th February: The first massive online course in Spanish related to NL
4 Feb 12:18 2016Juan Fernández Fernández
*Job: Computational linguist - Séntisis Analytics, S.A. (Madrid, Spain
3 Feb 20:55 2016UTP Journals
*Lexicons of Early Modern English now includes over 722, 000 word-entri
4 Feb 06:11 2016Albert Gatt
*Announcement: Course in Statistics for PhD Students
3 Feb 18:31 2016Viviana Patti
*EVALITA 2016: Call for Tasks
3 Feb 16:03 2016Timm Lichte
*CfP: Cognitive Structures (September 15-17, 2016, Düsseldorf/Germany)
3 Feb 15:47 2016Roger Evans
*PhD studentship, Computational Lexicography/Biodiversity, University o
3 Feb 14:39 2016Brezina, Vaclav
*Free summer schools in Corpus linguistics and other digital methods: L
3 Feb 13:51 2016Laura Kallmeyer
*second announcement: postdoc position in computational linguistics at
3 Feb 12:59 2016Karin Verspoor
*Shared Task on Biomedical Machine Translation at ACL WMT'16 -- - 1st C
3 Feb 12:55 2016Jörg Tiedemann
*Call for participation: WMT 2016 Shared Task on Cross-lingual Pronoun
2 Feb 19:44 2016Federica Barbieri
*PhD Studentship in Digital Humanities at Swansea University
3 Feb 10:53 2016Rafael E. Banchs (I2R
3 Feb 09:44 2016Costas Gabrielatos
*CfP: CLS12. Corpus studies at the lexis-grammar interface
3 Feb 07:48 2016Florin Pop
*IEEE Cloud Computing SI: Cloud4ELE
3 Feb 05:11 2016Xu, Jiajin
*Release of a free Chinese learners interlanguage English corpus -- The
2 Feb 21:03 2016Katie Kindle
*2nd CFP: LREC2016 Workshop on Novel Incentives - Deadline Extension
2 Feb 16:46 2016Mark Dredze
*Johns Hopkins University: Postdoc Positions
2 Feb 12:00 2016Pedro Paulo Balage
*2nd CFP: PROPOR 2016 Student Research Workshop
2 Feb 10:22 2016Ramon Ziai
*ESSLLI 2016 Student Session: 2nd CfP
2 Feb 09:41 2016Anna Čermáková
*reminder OLINCO 2016 Thematic session Use of Parallel Corpora: Researc
1 Feb 23:47 2016Stefan Evert
*2nd Call for Participation: EmpiriST Shared Task
1 Feb 10:23 2016Mario Monteleone
*The NooJ 2016 International Conference - II Call for Papers
29 Jan 15:53 2016Lothar Lemnitzer
*JLCL 2015 - Issue 1
30 Jan 19:53 2016Fišer, Darja
*Call for Papers: Computer-Mediated Communication and Social Media Corp
1 Feb 18:33 2016Farid Meziane
*NLDB 2016
1 Feb 21:29 2016Mona Diab
**Fwd: NLDB 2016
1 Feb 17:53 2016De Felice, Rachele
*Summer School in English Corpus Linguistics - July 6-8 2016 - Survey o
1 Feb 13:18 2016Meritxell Gonzalez
*Fwd: FW: Semantic Web Software Developer position at Oxford University
1 Feb 13:05 2016Thierry Declerck
*[Deadline Extension] 2nd CfP: 5th Workshop on Linked Data in Linguisti
29 Jan 12:54 2016John McCrae
**[Deadline Extension] 2nd CfP: 5th Workshop on Linked Data in Linguisti
1 Feb 11:08 2016Ramon Ziai
*ESSLLI 2016 Student Session: 2nd CfP
1 Feb 11:53 2016Claudia Soria
*[EXTENSION] CfP: LREC2016 Workshop "Towards an Alliance for Digital La
1 Feb 11:18 2016Claire Nedellec
*BioNLP-ST'16: Bacteria Biotope Task - 1st Call for Participation
1 Feb 10:45 2016Greta Franzini
*Second CfP: Göttingen Dialog in Digital Humanities 2016
1 Feb 11:01 2016Ineke Schuurman
*2nd CFP: LREC 2016 workshop "Improving Social Inclusion using NLP: Too
1 Feb 09:44 2016savesd.workshop
*SAVE-SD 2016 Extension for position, poster, and demo papers
1 Feb 09:24 2016Michaela Agnes Mahlberg
*Corpus Statistics event at University of Birmingham
1 Feb 09:00 2016Jean-philippe Magué
*[ANNOUNCEMENT] Extended submission deadline for the Workshop on Data D
1 Feb 00:18 2016Elisabeth Burr
*2nd EADH Day 2016, Leipzig 7-8 March 2016 - support, deadlines, Call f
31 Jan 20:38 2016Elisabeth Burr
*DHd 2016 "Modellierung - Vernetzung - Visualisierung", Leipzig 07.-12.
31 Jan 01:05 2016Joel Tetreault
*3rd CFP: 11th Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Education
30 Jan 04:14 2016Florin Pop
*Call for Papers - CISIS-2016
29 Jan 15:50 2016Habernal, Ivan
*Call for Papers: Unshared Task at ACL 2016 Workshop on Argument Mining
29 Jan 11:25 2016Andreas Witt
*Job Opening at the Institute for the German Language
29 Jan 11:21 2016Sebastian Riedel
*Faculty Position at UCL
29 Jan 11:19 2016Roi Reichart
*trecliveqa2016 - call for participation
29 Jan 09:24 2016Sylviane Granger
*Research assistant post University of Louvain
28 Jan 17:46 2016Carita Paradis
*Postdoc position in computational linguistics
28 Jan 15:59 2016Lucia Specia
*Last call for tutorials - PROPOR16 (deadline Feb 1st)
28 Jan 15:47 2016Yannick Parmentier
*Job opening - MCF en TAL / Associate Professor in NLP, Orléans
28 Jan 15:19 2016Orasan, Constantin
*2nd CfP: 2nd Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Translation M
28 Jan 14:17 2016Massimo Poesio
*Reminder: Senior Research Officer position on natural language process
28 Jan 13:49 2016Plantié Michel
*WIMS'16 - EXTENDED DEADLINE, 29th february 2016 Call for Papers, 6th I