2103gmane.comp.gis.archesDiscussion about the Arches Cultural Heritage Management System. ()
25gmane.comp.gis.dspatial.develInformation and discussion for developers of DSpatial ()
2397gmane.comp.gis.freegisGeneral discussion about free GIS software and free Geo-Data.
43069gmane.comp.gis.gdal.develDiscussion for those using and improving GDAL (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library)
1673gmane.comp.gis.geonodeGeoNode software development mailing list (unidirectional)
5556gmane.comp.gis.geos.develGEOS (Geometry Engine - Open Source) Development List ()
748gmane.comp.gis.geotiffDiscussion of GeoTIFF, the libgeotiff support library and general issues of geospatial use of TIFF and GeoTIFF data.
11647gmane.comp.gis.geotools.develGeoTools developers' list (GeoTools is a framework to build GIS in Java) (non-public)
16284gmane.comp.gis.geotools2.userList for users of GeoTools 2, an open source GIS toolkit. ()
6148gmane.comp.gis.geowankingOpen source gis/gps/geolocation hacking ()
21788gmane.comp.gis.gfoss.italianItalian list on geographic free and open source software (non-public)
379gmane.comp.gis.jgrass.develJGRASS developers list. JGrass is a free, multi platform, open source GIS based on the famous GIS Grass, developed in Java. ()
17337gmane.comp.gis.jump.develmailing list on the developement of and with JUMP / OpenJUMP GIS and API ()
1210gmane.comp.gis.liblas.devellibrary for reading and writing geospatial data in ASPRS's LAS format ()
123gmane.comp.gis.loadstoneLoadstone GPS navigation program for mobile phones ()
423gmane.comp.gis.mapcssMapCSS stylesheet language - for implementers and stylesheet authors ()
29gmane.comp.gis.mappointDiscussion about MapPoint Technologies and MP2Kmag ()
1744gmane.comp.gis.mapproxy.userMapProxy User and Developer List ()
55177gmane.comp.gis.mapserver.userDiscussion of the Mapserver internet mapping software.
2525gmane.comp.gis.marble.develDeveloper mailing list for the Marble Project ()
85gmane.comp.gis.monav.develMoNav developer mailing list ()
18gmane.comp.gis.npemap.generalA project to map UK postal codes using out-of-copyright maps ()
1883gmane.comp.gis.okgisA public mailing list for the GIS community in the state of Oklahoma (unidirectional) Location Codes are a way of encoding location into a form that is easier to use than latitude and longitude. ()
475gmane.comp.gis.openaerialmap.generalOpenAerialMap General Discussion ()
5049gmane.comp.gis.opengeodbMailingliste zu ()
74977gmane.comp.gis.openstreetmapA list about all things ()
20gmane.comp.gis.osrsOpen source remote sensing
38958gmane.comp.gis.postgisPostGIS users (non-public)
6830gmane.comp.gis.proj-4.develspecific development discussions on the Cartographic Projections Library (PROJ.4)
2639gmane.comp.gis.qlandkartegt.userUser and developer list for the well known GIS application QLandkarte GT ()
1838gmane.comp.gis.roadmap.generalDiscussion on the RoadMap GPS car navigation system
130gmane.comp.gis.roadster.develTechnical and product design discussion about Roadster, an open-source mapping software (non-public)
5268gmane.comp.gis.therionTherion users mailing list. (unidirectional)
12gmane.comp.gis.thuban.generalOpen user and developer discussion for the nteractive geographic data viewer Thuban ()
2gmane.comp.gis.udig... is a free/open source program to manage GPS data. ()

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