^^^ Geometry Color Management System Mailing List. Discussion of development, bugs, and usage of Argyll and icclib. () an open toolkit for building and sharing virtual worlds () Colour Management () Data Parallel Primitives Library () Geo interactive geometry software () support group for FaceGen: 3-D face creation software. () (intuitive language of fluid spatial structures) code discussion () Elements discussion list for the i3dea lab on Image and 3D data processing at ASU (non-public) Photo Categorization software support list () extensible drawing editor -- general discussion discussions about Lensfun usage and development () list for general discussion of LessTif. for developers and users of the Lib3ds programming library (non-public) of libexif () discussion forum for libjpeg-turbo end users (tips and tricks, help, future enhancements.) () list for libmv, a library for reconstructing 3D from images. (unidirectional) support list for MayaVi data visualization program () mailing list for the MNG grafics compression standard (unidirectional), a text-mode windowing toolkit () list for the Network Transparent Widgets (NTW) project () related to the OCRopus open source OCR system. (non-public) discussion about OmniGraffle Graphics (3D graphics card with open specs) Project Mailing List (bidirectional) Graphics (3D graphics card with open specs) Project Announce List (read-only) of the OpenJGraph Java library to create and manipulate graphs and graph drawings development mailing list () free Gnome DTP software. about the pixman rendering library () for non-interactive production of plots and charts Lossy Image Transmission Project (PNP) () Desktop Publishing Developers' Mailing List () of the sodipodi vector drawing program ROI toolbox mailing list () grapher general user discussions () about the Veusz plotting package () discussion about Voreen - The Volume Rendering Engine (unidirectional) development discussion Development () 

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