3406gmane.comp.web.server.aidaAIDA/Web is Web Application Server and Framework for building web apps (non-public)
5gmane.comp.web.server.firecat.userfirecat server-side JavaScript webserver users' list. ()
1033gmane.comp.web.server.perlbal.generalA mailing list for Danga Interactive's Perlbal load balancing software.
522gmane.comp.web.server.shttpd.generalSimple HTTPD help and discussion for users and developers ()
1575gmane.comp.web.server.tntnetTntnet is a Web application server for developing Web applications in C++ by embedding C++-code into HTML-pages. These pages are compiled and linked into a shared library at compiletime. ()
290gmane.comp.web.server.waterkenImplementation and use of web-calculus technology (non-public)
3932gmane.comp.web.server.yaws.generalDiscussion list for the Yaws web server, a high perfomance http 1.1 server written in Erlang.
68gmane.comp.web.serverstats.userUser discussion list for the serverstats developer tool ()

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