78gmane.editors.lyx.announceAnnouncements concerning LyX, in particular new stable versions (read-only)
18757gmane.editors.lyx.cvsCVS checkin messages (read-only)
132928gmane.editors.lyx.develDiscussion of subjects relevant to the implementation, planning, hacking and improvement of LyX
8953gmane.editors.lyx.documentationFor discussing documentation, including fixes to docs, new documentation, or translations
256gmane.editors.lyx.elyxerTalk about eLyXer: features, announcements, requests ()
1916gmane.editors.lyx.frenchDiscussion list for the French users of the LyX program
74332gmane.editors.lyx.generalQuestions on how to get LyX working, how to use LyX and other question related to usage
276gmane.editors.lyx.japaneseJapanese discussion of lyx
151gmane.editors.lyx.spanishLyX discussion for Spanish users ()

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