^^^ - education abroad maillist In Society aims to utilise old "useless" computers for education () Greek and Latin Discussion Group (unidirectional) discussion of philosophically-grounded subjects. () Geo interactive geometry software discussion list () discussion for EZproxy library gateway software folks interested in developments and developing the "Gather, Create, Share" and "Personal Collection Systems" memes, and systems implementing either or both. (unidirectional) list for administrators of German school IT networks (non-public) is a Study Abroad Group, focussed at helping with dispelling rumors and other advice Literacy News (read-only) Schools in Israel Services and SOA Programming Hands-on Online Course (non-public) to Uproot Ragging from Education (CURE) mailing list (unidirectional) is a place for our readers, writers, moderators and artists to discuss matters concerning site development and governance, and otherwise do the work that makes this a community practicing the open source way. (non-public) Project Community () dyskusyjna kola naukowego przy Wydziale Fizyki i Astronomii UZ () of College and University Policy Administrators discussion list (unidirectional) Mawr Classical Review () for RPI Open Source Software class (non-public) is a moderated listserv for the posting of scholarship announcements related to the former Soviet Union es un grupo de profesionales de la educación y de informática, que sin fines de lucro, se interesa en el uso de la tecnología (y especialmente Squeak) como una herramienta para mejorar los procesos educativos. (unidirectional) of teaching sociology in college or high school. (unidirectional) - a Leitner flashcard tool written in Java (non-public) Carpentry main channel for discussion of direction and technology () discussion list for SAIL, the Scalable Architecture for Interactive Learning (unidirectional) developer mailing list () en open bron software in het onderwijs (non-public) electronic discussion for library-based World-Wide Web managers.'s main forum ()

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