^^^ list for Advanced Squad Leader by Multi-Man Publishing Blackjack mailing list on Yahoo! () Board Game Design List is open to current and aspiring board game or card game designers. (non-public) list regarding the Laws of the card game Contract Bridge. Extended CVS log mailing list (read-only) list for the Crimson Fields strategy game (unidirectional) about Crokinole board game. mailing list for FreedroidRPG, an open-source isometric role playing game (non-public) about the Nintendo Wii. News, games, etc. Mailing List for Irish Roleplayers and Gamers (non-public) group is devoted to the MAZES & MINOTAURS roleplaying game. One of its chief purposes is to discuss and supervise the creation of the various modules and supplements planned for the game - but it is open to anyone interested in M&M. () for board game banter and fluff () list for Agora, a long running Nomic (self-modifing game) (non-public) Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Construction Engine (Development Discussion) (non-public) users list for the OpenBlox game engine. (non-public) group for Finnish board game enthusiasts. () forum for discussing the piecepack board game system. free to discuss anything related to this specific fork of the Quake 2 source code () of 18xx-style railroad games and coordination for San Francisco Bay Area 18xx players. () brick game users group mailing list (read-only) Utah GameNight announce list (read-only) gaming group that meets at Yahoo! cafeteria (in Sunnyvale, CA) () group for the Seattle-area boardgame community. User Mailing list () is an open discussion of sophisticated board and card games () discussion of the open source game Supertux. () about development of the Teeworlds game. () regarding the use and development of Te Tuhi Video Game System () list about the game Battle for Wesnoth (read-only) discussion for the game `Battle for Wesnoth' () discussion of the free multiplayer game Wormux () free software reimplementation of BioWare's Aurora engine (and derivatives) ()

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