83gmane.ietf.6loMailing list for the 6lo WG for Internet Area issues in IPv6 over constrained node networks. ()
1443gmane.ietf.6tischIETF 6tisch WG mailing list ()
3016gmane.ietf.aaaAuthentication, Authorization and Accounting (aaa)
2055gmane.ietf.abfabIETF ABFAB WG for Application Bridging, Federated Authentication Beyond (the web) ()
117gmane.ietf.aceAuthentication and Authorization for Constrained Environments ()
1020gmane.ietf.acmeIETF work on managing digital certificates, e.g., automating enrollment, issuance, and revocation ()
1217gmane.ietf.adslmibADSL MIB (adslmib) (non-public)
4gmane.ietf.aftAuthenticated Firewall Traversal (aft)
14gmane.ietf.agentxSNMP Agent Extensibility (agentx)
3216gmane.ietf.altoApplication-Layer Traffic Optimization ()
168gmane.ietf.ancpAccess Node Control Protocol (ancp) ()
85gmane.ietf.animaAutonomic Networking Integrated Model and Approach ()
89254gmane.ietf.announceAnnouncements for the Internet Engineering Task Force. (read-only)
1217gmane.ietf.anonsecDiscussion of anonymous security on the Internet
49gmane.ietf.apexApplication Exchange (apex)
15794gmane.ietf.apps-discussDiscussion of matters related to the applications area of IETF (non-public)
380gmane.ietf.apps-tlsApplications running over TLS
11gmane.ietf.autoconfAd-Hoc Network Autoconfiguration (autoconf) (non-public)
15712gmane.ietf.avtAudio/Video Transport (avt) (non-public)
385gmane.ietf.beepBlocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (beep)
1762gmane.ietf.bessThis list is for discussion of the definition, specification, and extension of network services based on BGP. ()
24gmane.ietf.bgmpBorder Gateway Multicast Protocol (bgmp)
836gmane.ietf.blissBasic Level of Interoperability for SIP Services (non-public)
3128gmane.ietf.bmwgBenchmarking Methodology (bmwg) (non-public)
491gmane.ietf.bridgeBridge MIB (bridge) (non-public)
76gmane.ietf.btnsIETF Better-Than-Nothing-Security Working Group (unauthenticated IPsec) ()
1190gmane.ietf.caldavA list to discuss and standardize calendar repository access using WebDAV.
10843gmane.ietf.calendarCalendaring and Scheduling
2703gmane.ietf.calsifyDiscussion list for revising the IETF's iCal specifications.
213gmane.ietf.captive-portalsCaptive-Portal identification ()
4gmane.ietf.carddavDisscussion of CardDAV, a proposed IETF application of WebDAV to vCard ()
206gmane.ietf.catCommon Authentication Technology (cat)
14840gmane.ietf.ccampCommon Control and Measurement Plane (ccamp) (non-public)
120gmane.ietf.cdiContent Distribution Internetworking (cdi) (non-public)
580gmane.ietf.certidRepresentation and verification of identity in certificates (non-public)
604gmane.ietf.charsetsRegistration review of various character sets (non-public)
139gmane.ietf.cicmDiscussion around Common Interface to Cryptographic Modules ()
85gmane.ietf.clearCompatible Low-level Email Authentication and Responsibility (CLEAR) (unidirectional)
334gmane.ietf.codecStandardization of Internet codec ()
5401gmane.ietf.coreConstrained RESTful Environments (core) (non-public)
87gmane.ietf.coseCBOR Object Signing and Encryption ()
88gmane.ietf.cosmogolAbout languages for state machines in RFCs, especially Cosmogol (non-public)
499gmane.ietf.csiIETF CSI - CGA and SEND Mantenance WG ()
96gmane.ietf.curdleCURves, Deprecating and a Little more Encryption WG ()
3203gmane.ietf.daneDNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) ()
1571gmane.ietf.dccpOfficial mailing list for the IETF working group on the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (non-public)
658gmane.ietf.deltavWeb Versioning and Configuration Management (deltav)
15849gmane.ietf.dhcDynamic Host Configuration (dhc) (non-public)
238gmane.ietf.diffservDifferentiated Services (diffserv) (non-public)
0gmane.ietf.disconn-smtpDisconnected use of SMTP
1299gmane.ietf.dismanDistributed Management (disman)
30gmane.ietf.distsecIETF distributed security BOF (WG?) ()
800gmane.ietf.dixDigital Identity Exchange (non-public)
17234gmane.ietf.dkimDiscusses IETF standardization efforts for Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM)
2636gmane.ietf.dmarcDomain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Compliance ()
1215gmane.ietf.dns-privacyThis list is for the discussion of the problem statement surrounding the addition of privacy to the DNS protocol ()
22986gmane.ietf.dnsextDNS Extensions (dnsext) (non-public)
15081gmane.ietf.dnsopDomain Name Server Operations (dnsop)
65gmane.ietf.dnssdExtensions for Scalable DNS Service Discovery ()
22gmane.ietf.dnssecDNS Security discussion within the DNSEXT working group
90gmane.ietf.dotsDDoS Open Threat Signaling ()
110gmane.ietf.dsfjdssdfsddiscussion of randomness in IETF protocols, for example related to updating RFC 4086 ()
4886gmane.ietf.eapExtensible Authentication Protocol (EAP), including planning items for the upcoming BOF. ()
15gmane.ietf.easycertEasy-to-Use Certificates
2634gmane.ietf.ediintElectronic Data Interchange-Internet Integration (ediint)
3gmane.ietf.ehipIETF discussion of methods to protect email senders and receivers from disclosure of email headers to observers ()
2175gmane.ietf.emuIETF working group for EAP Methods Update (EMU) (non-public)
166gmane.ietf.endymailIETF interest list for discussion about enhancing privacy-related properties of internet mail. ()
568gmane.ietf.entmibEntity MIB (entmib) (non-public)
4919gmane.ietf.enumTelephone Number Mapping (enum) (non-public)
328gmane.ietf.eosEvolution of SNMP (eos) (non-public)
6369gmane.ietf.faxInternet Fax (fax)
101gmane.ietf.fecframeList for IETF WG on an FEC protocol framework ()
3378gmane.ietf.forcesForwarding and Control Element Separation (forces)
1gmane.ietf.frnetmibFrame Relay Service MIB (frnetmib)
271gmane.ietf.ftpextExtensions to FTP (ftpext)
21gmane.ietf.fyiupUpdating FYI RFCs
12919gmane.ietf.gen-artGeneral Area Review Team (non-public)
75748gmane.ietf.generalIETF general discussion (non-public)
1462gmane.ietf.geoprivGeographic Location/Privacy (geopriv) (non-public)
0gmane.ietf.goldenDiscuss the IETF golden rules. (non-public)
771gmane.ietf.growGlobal Routing Operations (grow) ()
234gmane.ietf.gsmpGeneral Switch Management Protocol (gsmp) (non-public)
62gmane.ietf.hashOne-way Hash Function BoF (non-public)
279gmane.ietf.hipThe Host Identity Protocol (HIP) provides a method of separating the end-point identifier and locator roles of IP addresses. It introduces a new Host Identity (HI) name space, based on public keys, from which end-point identifiers are taken. ()
3707gmane.ietf.hipsecIETF Host Identity Protocol (HIP) mailing list ()
6631gmane.ietf.homenetIETF Home Networking WG list ()
1997gmane.ietf.http-authHTTP authentication (non-public)
28779gmane.ietf.http-wgIssues on HTTP RFC 2616, and proposed resolutions for inclusion in a future RFC2616bis ()
848gmane.ietf.hubmibEthernet Interfaces and Hub MIB (hubmib) (non-public)
3218gmane.ietf.hybiBiDirectional or Server-Initiated HTTP (hybi) (non-public)
32657gmane.ietf.i-d-announceDistribution of Internet-Draft announcements (read-only)
177gmane.ietf.i2nsfInterface to Network Security Functions WG ()
3336gmane.ietf.i2rsInterface to The Internet Routing System (IRS) ()
57gmane.ietf.idmrInter-Domain Multicast Routing (idmr)
1643gmane.ietf.idnInternationalized Domain Name (idn) (non-public)
203gmane.ietf.idn.policyDiscussion of registration policies for internationalized domain names
7880gmane.ietf.idnabisIDNA (Internationalized Domain Names) update (non-public)
12646gmane.ietf.idrInter-Domain Routing (idr)
195gmane.ietf.idwgIntrusion Detection Exchange Format (idwg)
373gmane.ietf.iepgThe IEPG is an informal gathering that meets on the Sunday prior to IETF meeting (unidirectional)
2376gmane.ietf.ieprepInternet Emergency Preparedness (ieprep) (non-public)
299gmane.ietf.iesg-agendasInformational distribution of IESG agendas (read-only)
47gmane.ietf.ifareIETF ifare WG - IPsec failover ()
33gmane.ietf.ifmibInterfaces MIB (ifmib) (non-public)
5404gmane.ietf.imaEmail Address Internationalization (IETF WG EAI) (non-public)
902gmane.ietf.imaaInternationalizing Mail Addresses in Applications
66gmane.ietf.imap-voiceVoice extensions for IMAP
330gmane.ietf.imap5imap5 -- Discussion on drastically slimming-down IMAP. ()
5607gmane.ietf.imapextInternet Message Access Protocol Extension (imapext)
795gmane.ietf.imppInstant Messaging and Presence Protocol (impp)
112gmane.ietf.independentRFC Editor independent submissions (outside of IETF, IAB, or IRTF) (non-public)
5097gmane.ietf.intInternet Area discussions (non-public)
21gmane.ietf.intservIntegrated Services (intserv)
1654gmane.ietf.ipcdnIP over Cable Data Network (ipcdn) (non-public)
5417gmane.ietf.ipfixIP Flow Information Export (ipfix)
114gmane.ietf.ipoIP over Optical (ipo)
904gmane.ietf.ipoibIP over InfiniBand (ipoib) (non-public)
127gmane.ietf.iporprIP over Resilient Packet Rings (iporpr) (non-public)
5060gmane.ietf.ippInternet Printing Protocol (ipp)
89gmane.ietf.ippmIP Performance Metrics WG ()
6000gmane.ietf.iprDiscussion list for IPR-related procedures of the IETF standards process. (non-public)
1423gmane.ietf.ipr.announceFor keeping updated on new IETF IPR disclosures (read-only)
6097gmane.ietf.ipsIP Storage (ips)
15584gmane.ietf.ipsecIP Security Maintenance and Extensions (ipsecme) (non-public)
158gmane.ietf.ipseckeyWorking group to specify IPSEC key resource record for DNS
181gmane.ietf.ipspIP Security Policy (ipsp)
19gmane.ietf.ipsraIP Security Remote Access (ipsra)
159gmane.ietf.iptelIP Telephony (iptel)
32277gmane.ietf.ipv6IPv6 Maintenance Working Group (6man)
4828gmane.ietf.isisIS-IS for IP Internets (isis)
10gmane.ietf.issllIntegrated Services over Specific Link Layers (issll)
132gmane.ietf.itraceICMP Traceback (itrace)
5gmane.ietf.jsfDiscussion of matters of mutual interest to Jabber Software Foundation and IETF
1038gmane.ietf.keyprovDiscussion of IETF symmetric key provisioning ()
317gmane.ietf.kinkKerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys (kink)
3891gmane.ietf.kittenIETF working group for Generic Security Service (non-public)
8750gmane.ietf.krb-wgKerberos WG (krb-wg)
348gmane.ietf.l1vpnIETF Layer 1 Virtual Private Networks (L1 VPN) Discussion List (non-public)
925gmane.ietf.l2tpextLayer Two Tunneling Protocol Extensions (l2tpext) (non-public)
1918gmane.ietf.l3vpnLayer 3 VPN (l3vpn) ()
11518gmane.ietf.languagesIETF Language tag discussions ()
3067gmane.ietf.ldapbisLDAP (v3) Revision (ldapbis)
1832gmane.ietf.ldapextLDAP Extension (ldapext) (non-public)
1879gmane.ietf.ldupLDAP Duplication/Replication/Update Protocols (ldup)
1884gmane.ietf.lemonadeEnhancements to Internet email to support diverse service enivronments (non-public)
3115gmane.ietf.lispLocator/ID Separation Protocol (lisp) (non-public)
155gmane.ietf.lsdLDAP Service Deployment
13492gmane.ietf.ltruLTRU Language Tag Registry Update working group (3066bis) (non-public)
88gmane.ietf.lurkLimited Use of Remote Keys ()
506gmane.ietf.lwigCommunications technology is being embedded into our environment. Different types of devices in our buildings, vehicles, equipment and other objects have a need to communicate. ()
1370gmane.ietf.magmaMulticast & Anycast Group Membership (magma) (non-public)
2250gmane.ietf.mailsigMessage Authentication Signature Standards (MASS) - message signing in email ()
18gmane.ietf.mallocMulticast-Address Allocation (malloc)
17096gmane.ietf.manetMobile Ad-hoc Networks (manet) (non-public)
1274gmane.ietf.marfMessaging Abuse Reporting Format (marf) (non-public)
4419gmane.ietf.mbonedMBONE Deployment (mboned)
0gmane.ietf.mdnsextIETF Working Group mDNS extensions ()
809gmane.ietf.medfreeNegotiating elements of content
6233gmane.ietf.megacoMedia Gateway Control (megaco) (non-public)
170gmane.ietf.message-headersMail address for announcement of new header field submissions ()
1997gmane.ietf.mextMobility EXTensions for IPv6 (mext) ()
1888gmane.ietf.midcomMiddlebox Communication (midcom) (non-public)
1087gmane.ietf.mifMany hosts have the ability to attach to multiple networks simultaneously. This can happen over multiple physical network interfaces, a combination of physical and virtual interfaces (VPNs or tunnels), or even indirectly through multiple default routers being on the same link. ()
139gmane.ietf.mileManaged Incident Lightweight Exchange, IODEF extensions and RID exchanges ()
46gmane.ietf.mime-directNew MIME directory content types
285gmane.ietf.mip4IP mobility support for IPv4 nodes (hosts and routers) is specified in RFC3344. RFC 3344 mobility allows a node to continue using its "permanent" home address as it moves around the Internet. (read-only)
12699gmane.ietf.mip6Mobility for IPv6 (mip6) (non-public)
3243gmane.ietf.mipshopMIPv6 Signaling and Handoff Optimization (mipshop) (unidirectional)
16050gmane.ietf.mmusicMultiparty Multimedia Session Control (mmusic) (non-public)
1376gmane.ietf.mobikeIETF MOBIKE WG mailing list ()
6193gmane.ietf.mobileipIP Routing for Wireless/Mobile Hosts (mobileip)
0gmane.ietf.mode-cfgDiscussion about the mode-cfg protocol for IKE ()
19965gmane.ietf.mplsMultiprotocol Label Switching (mpls)
41gmane.ietf.msdpMulticast Source Discovery Protocol (msdp)
259gmane.ietf.msgtrkMessage Tracking Protocol (msgtrk)
5269gmane.ietf.mta-filtersFiltering messages in MTAs
4765gmane.ietf.multi6Site Multihoming in IPv6 (multi6) (non-public)
386gmane.ietf.multimobIETF WorkingGroup discussing interactions between multicast and mobility ()
88gmane.ietf.multimobsec.apishim6, BTNS and HIP API related discussion mailing list (non-public)
5856gmane.ietf.mxcompDiscussion of the creation of a mechanism to identify authorized senders for email from a domain, as a complement to the use of the MX RR. (non-public)
18gmane.ietf.nasreqNetwork Access Server Requirements (nasreq) (non-public)
45gmane.ietf.natNetwork Address Translators (nat) (non-public)
11092gmane.ietf.nat.behaveIETF WG list on making NATs behave properly
913gmane.ietf.nat66List for discussion of IPv6-to-IPv6 NAT ()
10106gmane.ietf.nemoNetwork Mobility (nemo) (non-public)
72gmane.ietf.netextIETF NetExt WG Mailing List ()
3807gmane.ietf.netmodNETCONF Data Modeling Language (NETMOD) Working Group list (unidirectional)
19gmane.ietf.nettestDefine standards for the purpose of scripting of network test equipment (non-public)
1273gmane.ietf.newtrkDiscussion list of the IETF's NEWTRK Working Group
15666gmane.ietf.nfsv4Network File System Version 4 (nfsv4) (non-public)
4gmane.ietf.nfvrgIETF NFV Research Group ()
875gmane.ietf.ngtransNext Generation Transition (ngtrans)
3645gmane.ietf.nntpIETF drafts related to NNTP (RFC 3977)
44gmane.ietf.nntpextNNTP Extensions (nntpext)
87gmane.ietf.notificationsMessage Notifications interest group discussion list (non-public)
7927gmane.ietf.nsisNext Steps in Signaling (nsis) (non-public)
4712gmane.ietf.nvo3Network Virtualization Over l3 (nvo3) ()
15391gmane.ietf.oauthOpen Authentication Protocol ()
21gmane.ietf.obscurityIETF communications obscurity and real-time communications ()
1gmane.ietf.oncrpcONC Remote Procedure Call (oncrpc)
8197gmane.ietf.openpgpAn Open Specification for Pretty Good Privacy (openpgp)
2270gmane.ietf.opesOpen Pluggable Edge Services (opes)
1333gmane.ietf.opsIETF Operations Area Generic subjects (non-public)
261gmane.ietf.ops-nmIETF Operations Network Management Area (non-public)
4350gmane.ietf.opsawgThe IETF Operations Area Working Group (non-public)
813gmane.ietf.opsecIETF Operational Security Capabilities for IP Network Infrastructure (opsec) Working Group Mailing List ()
4089gmane.ietf.ospfIETF Open Shortest Path First general discussion (non-public)
3111gmane.ietf.p2psipPeer-to-Peer Session Initiation Protocol (non-public)
883gmane.ietf.panaIETF Protocol for carrying Authentication for Network Access - general discussion (non-public)
1507gmane.ietf.pawsThis BoF will explore the various aspects of specifying a messaging interface betwen the devices and the database. ()
4323gmane.ietf.pceDiscussion list for Path Computation Element (PCE) - based architecture for computation of paths in MPLS and GMPLS (non-public)
1948gmane.ietf.perpassDiscussion of the privacy properties of IETF protocols and concrete ways in which those could be improved ()
243gmane.ietf.pesciProcess Evolution Study Committee of the IETF discussion (PESCI) (non-public)
60gmane.ietf.pfkeyIETF PFKEYv3 BOF list ()
190gmane.ietf.pflPKIX Freeware Library
306gmane.ietf.pilcPerformance Implications of Link Characteristics (pilc)
3787gmane.ietf.pimProtocol Independent Multicast (pim)
37gmane.ietf.pintPSTN and Internet Internetworking (pint)
605gmane.ietf.pki4ipsecIETF PKI4IPSEC WG mailing list
168gmane.ietf.plasmaThe PoLicy Augmented S/Mime (plasma) bof discussion list ()
72gmane.ietf.pmtudPath MTU Discovery Working group (non-public)
346gmane.ietf.policyPolicy Framework (policy) (non-public)
234gmane.ietf.pop3extExtensions to POP
44gmane.ietf.poshIETF discussion about PKIX Over Secure HTTP ()
1219gmane.ietf.pppextPoint-to-Point Protocol Extensions (pppext) (non-public)
2066gmane.ietf.ppvpnProvider Provisioned Virtual Private Networks (ppvpn)
1076gmane.ietf.precisPreparation and Comparison of Internationalized Strings (precis) (non-public)
0gmane.ietf.primPresence and Instant Messaging Protocol (prim)
402gmane.ietf.privacycross-area IETF privacy discussions ()
3278gmane.ietf.provregProvisioning Registry Protocol (provreg)
66gmane.ietf.ptomainePrefix Taxonomy Ongoing Measurement & Inter Network Experiment (ptomaine)
250gmane.ietf.public-identityPublic Identity Group of W3C ()
12735gmane.ietf.pwe3Pseudo Wire Emulation Edge to Edge (pwe3) (non-public)
2271gmane.ietf.rai.speermintIETF speermint Working Group (non-public)
255gmane.ietf.rapResource Allocation Protocol (rap) (non-public)
2023gmane.ietf.rddpRemote Direct Data Placement (non-public)
12770gmane.ietf.rfc822Discussion of RFC 2822 ()
1079gmane.ietf.rmonmibRemote Network Monitoring (rmonmib) (non-public)
1221gmane.ietf.rmtReliable Multicast Transport (rmt) (non-public)
4981gmane.ietf.rohcRobust Header Compression (rohc) (non-public)
1153gmane.ietf.rpsecIETF RPSEC WG (non-public)
776gmane.ietf.rserpoolReliable Server Pooling (rserpool) (non-public)
254gmane.ietf.rsvpResource Reservation Setup Protocol (rsvp)
527gmane.ietf.rtg-bfdRTG Area: Bidirectional Forwarding Detection DT ()
2032gmane.ietf.rtgwgRouting Area Working Group (rtgwg) ()
706gmane.ietf.rtpsecIETF Real Time Protocol Security ()
0gmane.ietf.runResponsible Use of the Network (run)
5853gmane.ietf.saagIETF Security Area Advisory Group
385gmane.ietf.sacmSecurity Automation and Continuous Monitoring (sacm) ()
657gmane.ietf.sacredSecurely Available Credentials (sacred)
15gmane.ietf.saviSource Address Validation Improvements ()
191gmane.ietf.schema-regRegistering protocol schema
56gmane.ietf.scmpSimple commerce messaging protocol (next)
2gmane.ietf.sdnIETF Mailinglist of SDN research group ()
1651gmane.ietf.seamobyContext Transfer, Handoff Candidate Discovery, and Dormant Mode Host Alerting (seamoby) (non-public)
131gmane.ietf.secmechIETF GSS-API, EAP and SASL Security mechanisms BOF (non-public)
6089gmane.ietf.secshSecure Shell (secsh)
3194gmane.ietf.sfcThis list is for discussion of aspects of Network Service Chaining (NSC) that impact upon the IETF's work, the applicability of IETF protocols to NSC, as well as new protocols and changes to IETF protocols that might be required. ()
526gmane.ietf.sflS/MIME v3 Freeware Library
86gmane.ietf.shutupIETF Discussion around SMTP Headers Unhealthy To User Privacy ()
7586gmane.ietf.sidrIETF SIDR WG (non-public)
10051gmane.ietf.sigtranSignaling Transport (sigtran) (non-public)
6573gmane.ietf.simpleDiscussion on SIP for Presence within the IETF. (non-public)
23149gmane.ietf.sipSession Initiation Protocol (sip) (non-public)
23840gmane.ietf.sip-implementorsSip Implementors
16480gmane.ietf.sippingSession Initiation Proposal Investigation (sipping) (non-public)
6768gmane.ietf.smimeS/MIME Mail Security (smime)
15gmane.ietf.smime-devS/MIME developers' discussion
182gmane.ietf.smime-examplesS/MIME examples
147gmane.ietf.smingNext Generation Structure of Management Information (sming) (non-public)
10797gmane.ietf.smtpExtensions to SMTP
141gmane.ietf.snmpconfConfiguration Management with SNMP (snmpconf)
647gmane.ietf.snmpv3SNMP Version 3 (snmpv3)
5764gmane.ietf.softwiresIETF Softwires Working Group Mailing List ()
1246gmane.ietf.springIETF spring working group discussion list ()
4gmane.ietf.sshmgmtSSH key management best current practices ()
0gmane.ietf.ssmIETF Source-Specific Multicast - general discussion (non-public)
22gmane.ietf.submitSMTP submission protocol
179gmane.ietf.sunset4IETF sunset4 working group discussion list ()
2896gmane.ietf.syslogSecurity Issues in Network Event Logging (syslog) (non-public)
604gmane.ietf.tapsDiscussions to identify the services provided by existing IETF transport protocols and congestion control mechanisms as well as network requirements of common APIs that applications use to communicate. ()
1060gmane.ietf.tcpincTCPINC working group mailing list ()
65gmane.ietf.tcpmTCP Maintenance and Minor Extensions WG ()
257gmane.ietf.techspecDiscussion list for IETF Technical Specifications (BOF at IETF64) (non-public)
961gmane.ietf.tewgInternet Traffic Engineering (tewg) (non-public)
3096gmane.ietf.therightkeyPKI/TLS improvement discussions ()
1489gmane.ietf.tictocMailing list for Timing over IP Connections and Transfer of Clock (TICTOC) ()
21239gmane.ietf.tlsTransport Layer Security (tls) (non-public)
87gmane.ietf.tn3270eTelnet TN3270 Enhancements (tn3270e)
113gmane.ietf.tokbindToken Binding (tokbind) WG ()
4073gmane.ietf.toolsAnnouncement and discussion of IETF related tools (non-public)
166gmane.ietf.tradeInternet Open Trading Protocol (trade)
128gmane.ietf.transPublic Notary Transparency WG ()
181gmane.ietf.trillTransparent Interconnection of Lots of Links () trust anchor BOF (non-public)
818gmane.ietf.tsv-areaIETF Transport Area Discussions ()
11557gmane.ietf.tsvwgTransport Area Working Group (tsvwg) (non-public)
2170gmane.ietf.typesReview of MIME tags
82gmane.ietf.udlrUniDirectional Link Routing (udlr)
1240gmane.ietf.uri-reviewReview of proposed URI schemes (non-public)
400gmane.ietf.urlReview of URL syntax
2182gmane.ietf.urnUniform Resource Names (urn)
26388gmane.ietf.usenet.formatThe IEFT Working Group for Usenet
5gmane.ietf.uswgUser Services (uswg)
1362gmane.ietf.utaMailing list for the Using TLS in Applications (uta) working group ()
30766gmane.ietf.v6opsguidelines for the operation of a shared IPv4/IPv6 Internet (non-public)
43gmane.ietf.vcalendarvCalendar implementation
191gmane.ietf.vcardvCard implementation
39gmane.ietf.vcard-xmlXML profile for vCard
687gmane.ietf.vcarddavvCard and CardDAV (vcarddav) (non-public) list for development of a high-quality royalty-free video codec for use on the Internet ()
630gmane.ietf.vmeetIETF remote participation meeting services discussion ()
372gmane.ietf.vnfpoolDiscussion of reliability issues of virtualized network functions (VNFs) ()
157gmane.ietf.vpimVoice Profile for Internet Mail (vpim)
1082gmane.ietf.vrrpVirtual Router Redundancy Protocol (vrrp)
405gmane.ietf.w3cIETF/W3C coordination ()
7386gmane.ietf.webdavWWW Distributed Authoring and Versioning (webdav)
41gmane.ietf.webiWeb Intermediaries (webi)
2044gmane.ietf.websecIEFT Web Application Security (excluding Authentication and Transport) ()
101gmane.ietf.weirdWeb Elucidation of Internet-Related Developments (weird)
261gmane.ietf.whoisExtensions to the whois protocol
4664gmane.ietf.woesIETF Web Object Encryption and Signing (woes) BOF discussion list ()
489gmane.ietf.wpkopsIETF discussions around Web PKI ()
9gmane.ietf.wrecWeb Replication and Caching (wrec)
31879gmane.ietf.x509Public-Key Infrastructure (X.509) (pkix)
2gmane.ietf.xauthDiscussion about the XAUTH protocol for IKE. ()
1161gmane.ietf.xml-mimeHandling XML objects in MIME
462gmane.ietf.xmldsigXML Digital Signatures (xmldsig)
3229gmane.ietf.xmppExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (xmpp)
543gmane.ietf.yamYet Another Mail (yam) ()
2894gmane.ietf.zeroconfZero Configuration Networking (zeroconf)

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