205gmane.linux.ubuntu.announceUbuntu Announcements (read-only)
13754gmane.linux.ubuntu.artworkDiscussion on Ubuntu artwork ()
20824gmane.linux.ubuntu.backportsThis mailing list is for discussions related to the Ubuntu Backports team and its projects. ()
4928gmane.linux.ubuntu.bugsquadDiscussion regarding how to report bugs, triage bugs and bug work flow for the Ubuntu linux distribution. ()
39188gmane.linux.ubuntu.develUbuntu Developer Discussion
19548gmane.linux.ubuntu.docUbuntu Documentation team coordination and discussion ()
1603gmane.linux.ubuntu.doc.cvsDiffs from commits to the Ubuntu Documentation Team repository (unidirectional) coordination of the german ubuntu LoCo team ()
849gmane.linux.ubuntu.hardened.generalUbuntu Linux Proactive Security deployment and development
1301gmane.linux.ubuntu.laptop.testingUbuntu Laptop Testing Team ()
7193gmane.linux.ubuntu.loco-contactsUbuntu local community team discussion ()
10485gmane.linux.ubuntu.lubuntu.userLXDE desktop version of Ubuntu discussion list ()
4323gmane.linux.ubuntu.marketingUbuntu marketing strategy and initiatives discussions ()
7799gmane.linux.ubuntu.motuUbuntu MOTU mailinglist - untechnical discussions about the ubuntu universe and multiverse ()
323gmane.linux.ubuntu.motu-mentorsList where aspiring motu's can request a mentor to show them the process of making packages for the Ubuntu Linux distribution ()
64gmane.linux.ubuntu.motu.scienceDevelopment and discussion of science applications in Ubuntu. (non-public)
277gmane.linux.ubuntu.mythUbuntu's MythTV and Mythbuntu Teams ()
575gmane.linux.ubuntu.newsInteresting news about Ubuntu for users and developers
258gmane.linux.ubuntu.power-usersUbuntu Power Users ()
5593gmane.linux.ubuntu.qaDiscussion focused on developing tools, policies, and practices for ensuring Ubuntu's quality as a GNU/Linux distribution. ()
3764gmane.linux.ubuntu.releaseUbuntu Release Team discussion ()
1778gmane.linux.ubuntu.rosettaRosetta is a web tool for translating any open source software into any language. Security Announcements
7199gmane.linux.ubuntu.serverTechnical discussion about the Ubutu-Server-Project ()
15485gmane.linux.ubuntu.sounderUbuntu community random chit-chat list
282990gmane.linux.ubuntu.userUbuntu Help and User Discussions
9075gmane.linux.ubuntu.xubuntu.userXubuntu Help and User Discussion ()

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