158gmane.mail.postfix.announceAnnouncements about the Postfix MTA (read-only)
3040gmane.mail.postfix.develFor people who design, implement or maintain Postfix MTA source code. (non-public)
3447gmane.mail.postfix.policydPolicyd is an anti-spam plugin for Postfix (written in C) that does Greylisting, Sender-(envelope, SASL or host / ip)-based throttling (on messages and/or volume per defined time unit), Recipient rate limiting, Spamtrap monitoring / blacklisting, HELO auto blacklisting and HELO randomization preventation. (non-public)
842gmane.mail.postfix.policyd-weightpostfix' policyd-weight discussion list (unidirectional)
2120gmane.mail.postfix.postgreyPostgrey (Postfix Greylisting daemon)
1493gmane.mail.postfix.sqlgreySQLgrey, postfix greylisting service
255396gmane.mail.postfix.userPostfix MTA user discussion (non-public)
155gmane.mail.postfix.vdaPostfix VDA

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