^^^ internet connections in New Zealand Over Ethernet tools Development mailing list - Real Time Flow Monitor (RTFM) for comprehensive IP network traffic auditing discussions about the Askemos agent execution environment automation discussion (non-public) is beanstalk-talk, the mailing list for developer and user discussion for beanstalkd and its client libraries. () of the BIRD Internet Routing Daemon () News Reader distributed network for global and local development of generic infrastructures incrementally developed by communities. () is a network monitoring/graphing tool using RRDT instant messaging client (ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, IRC) about the Pentabarf conference planning software (non-public) Users I/O Development Mailing List (non-public), a platform for secure, decentralized, user-to-user communication. () encrypting all network traffic using elliptic curve crypto () (aka dcgui-qt), Direct Connect (filesharing) client for QT () discussion on Directory administrator about Daniel Bernstein's DNS (non-public) announcements and moderated discussion that converts a PC into a high-performance Linux-based Internet server Mobile Ad-hoc Network Emulator (EMANE) user mailing list (unidirectional) and design issues that are broadly related to the end-to-end aspects of computer networking protocols and architecture Online User Exchange () list for development of GNU MediaGoblin, a federated media publishing system mail and news client about the FileZilla FTP client and server (read-only) of flow-tools software (non-public) of fping, the fast parallelized ping utility (unidirectional) server and KNX client - Free and GPL'd NX implementation based on's NX technology development list () for developers of the Gnutella2 p2p network/protocol Transport Layer Security Library Gopher protocol and software discussion discussion for the Linux/KDE firewall Guarddog Hamster mail and news server Decoding () discussions and using the IBR-DTN Bundle Protocol implementation (unidirectional) news server INN (unidirectional) List for the Bandwidth Testing Tool Iperf (unidirectional) development mailing list () mailing list for the ispCP community () (Just for Fun Network Management System) Users List discussion about kvpnc (non-public) about Leafnode, a USENET software package designed for small sites running any flavour of Unix (non-public) about lsh is a web-based DNS/DHCP management tool () reports for the GNU mana mail reader small HTTP server is a peer-to-peer distributed filestore network peering discussion MQ developers list () of the Myrinet interconnect and GM -- MetaNAV user discussions (Network Administration Visualized) () Web Survey (read-only) is intended to be a general purpose list for users of NetSaint. discussion about the NetTime Windows time synchronizer client/server of the multi-platform news server aggregator NewsPlex (unidirectional) discussion about newsx, an NNTP client for Unix. for newsx, an NNTP client for Unix. of the NFSen Netflow Sensor (unidirectional) discussion of ISC NMSG, a general purpose binary message encapsulation toolkit (non-public) Cleanfeed spam filter for NNTP servers mailing list for NNTPcache, a caching news server proxy - discussion of the NoCatAuth shared gateway authentication mechanism of the OpenPegasus implementation of the WBEM distributed management standard Technical Mailing-list (unidirectional) - Networking data plane acceleration API (unidirectional) developers () list for Poptop, an open source implementation of PPTP (Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol), used for setting up VPNs () file server protocol () list of utility to create tcp tunnels trough HTTPS proxies () list is for users that would like to help in the testing and development of the new Control Server and ZoneCD. DHPC client of updates to PuTTY, a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator. (read-only) monitors a router's (or device's) configuration Monitoring software - user list () Routing Research Group Users Mailing List () Developer's Mailing List () decentralized payment protocol development (), network operating system for software defined network () commit messages (non-public) is a new implementation of Nagios in AGLv3 written in Python () proxy/masquerading daemon () (a network latency measurement tool) users list about sn, the small NNTP server for leaf sites Switch development () SNMP4J Mailing List is for questions, feature requests, bug reports, and other comments on SNMP4J. (non-public) discussion of the Dante SOCKS proxy library development () of the spiped secure pipe daemon. () list is for all discussion, questions, and help for compiling, using, and enhancing tcpreplay and it's associated applications. source TIPC (Transparent IPC) protocol mailing list (non-public) management toolmakers newsreader discussion devel+user discussion list discussing use & development of ubh -- the usenet binary harvester TCP/IP protocol stack for microcontrollers uIP embedded TCP/IP stack () deployment by the people, for the people! () discuss Vinesauce here. Arrrr pee. () for cisco3000 VPN Concentrator - list bug reports and discussions with developers () development discussions () of WireGuard, fast, modern, secure VPN tunnel. () discussion of xinetd routing protocol (non-public) reports for the GNU Zebra router implementation list for zeroconf networking (unidirectional) Development Mailing List ()

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