^^^ Java Users' Group Member Discussion Linux Enthusiasts General Mailing List (non-public) Ale Enthusiasts Off Topic Chat List () Website development list. Margii Macintosh User Group (AMMUG) casa de los elfos (unidirectional) unmoderated list is for open discussions of interest to the San Francisco Bay Area Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) community. You need not be a BayCHI member to subscribe to this list (although we certainly encourage you to become a member). Yorkshire Linux and BSD User Group is a small group of people interested in operating systems and programming languages. () - Hackerspace Prague () langs, free compilers, debuggers, libs discussion in bulgarian () de usuarios C y C++ en Buenos Aires, Argentina () is the general discussion list for Canadian Association for Open Source () NC USA Linux Users Group Development Survivors Mailing List (non-public) CISCO Users Group mailinglist (read-only) Linux Users Group (CLUG) of Free Software users in Colombia Management Association of Phoenix. list for Swedish digital rights organisation DFRI () Parliament Free Software User Group () - Forum for Open Source Software and Information security is a user group / club started by the students of our university. Our aim is to inform people about Free software / Open source software, usage and benefits. (unidirectional) sysadmin discussion group () Software Users Group -- Cochin University of Science And Technology, Kochi, Kerala,India de coordinación del hackmeeting () china (read-only)'s Homebrew Hosting Club Announce List (read-only) Linux Users Group Mailing List (read-only) list for the Linux at LAX user's group Brasil (non-public) mailing list for lisp users in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. () discussion list for XQZone, MarkLogic Server, and XQuery (unidirectional) swedish mailinglist about mesh(WLAN)-networks; posting in english is ok. Linux Users Group - Main Mailing List, WV, Free Software Group () Technology Committee Mailing List du Printemps des Sciences par le Namurlug () GNU/Linux Users Group Discussion Mexico Linux Users Group spanish community in spanish language () is Indonesian Palm Usergroup schools LAN support list de Estudo da Ética e Filosofia de Sistemas Livres (Free Software Philosophy and Ethics) Interessierte und Mitglieder (non-public) Society OpenSource technologies discussion list, Hyderabad AP India Ruby Users Group () Administrators Group in Ireland () discussion list for SIUG, Swiss Internet User Group () anständige Diskussion-Plattform für Smashboard-Benutzer (non-public) - the University of Plymouth Computing Society Hurd Users Group Linux User Group of English Java User's Group mailing lists for promoting F/OSS at argentinian universities. () de estudiantes de Sistemas Operativos de la UTN FRBA. BSD Users Group - Australia Study Group's mailing list (non-public) Wireless Community (unidirectional) User Group of Zaragoza (Spain) 

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